Life Lately

Sorry things have been a bit quiet on the blog lately. I figured it was time to play a little catch-up!

Hadley dressed up as a pig for Wear It Wednesday during their study of the farm! 

Crazy Hair Day!! 

Dark & grainy, but how cute is this sweet boy?! 

Hadley dressed up as a banana during their study of healthy foods :)

Brady is a fan of Cheetos :) 

This past weekend we took a trip to see the Seven Magic Mountains, which is an outdoor art exhibit just outside of Las Vegas. It was super windy when we went as you can tell in some of the pictures. When we lived in Biloxi, I remember thinking it had to be the windiest place ever...but there is NOTHING like Las Vegas wind storms!

First look from the parking lot off the highway.

 A windy attempt at a family selfie :)
The Seven Magic Mountains is about five minutes away from a lion sanctuary, so we decided to go check that out afterwards. Las Vegas doesn't have a zoo, but there are a handful of the most random places where you can see animals that we've visited. We've been to an old western town near Red Rock with a petting zoo, a nature sanctuary with exotic birds and other random animals, small aquariums & lion exhibits in casinos on the strip, and now this place. We have never before seen lions this up close and active, it was pretty crazy!

Watching the lion be fed by hand. The trainer even let the lion lick the meat juice off her gloved palm afterward!! 

And two more pictures for good measure that perfectly capture Hadley & Brady. Hadley loves to get cozy with her books, and Brady always has at least one of those little cars in his hands at all times. He is pure sweetness, except when he's teething or I walk out of sight. ;)

We are gearing up for a fun weekend. The girls' school is hosting their huge annual Trunk or Treat event on Friday night, and then we are making a day trip to St. George, Utah to check out a few cool places there!

Happy Hump Day to you!!


Running Laps

In each house we've lived in since having kids, we've had a "lap" course around the downstairs floor of the house where the kids ran and ran and ran in circles. We started doing this when Shelby was little in Biloxi, Hadley joined in the fun in our house in San Antonio, and the girls have still enjoyed doing it in our current house here in Las Vegas. Tonight, after dinner, Brady had his inaugural lap-running. Brady was randomly walking around the downstairs as we were cleaning up the kitchen, and I kept thinking he was drunk or lost or something going around in circles. I think I said something to the effect of "What is he doing?" and Derek shouted out: "HE'S DOING LAPS!" So of course the girls had to join him, and it was the first time we've had all 3 kiddos running laps together. It was a big night in our house, people!


Checking In

First of all, we are all safe & sound here in Las Vegas! Several people have texted or called to check in with us, and we were all sound asleep in our beds last night when Derek's phone started blowing up from the base recall. Because of the recall, we were {somewhat} aware of what was going on but didn't learn of the magnitude until we woke up this morning. The world can be such a scary place sometimes, but there is so much good happening in Las Vegas today. I love this quote from Mister Rogers: When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

With what it's in the news today, everything else seems so trivial. But here's some regular pictures of cute kids to cheer you up. :)

{This picture was taken on Shelby's belated birthday trip to Barnes & Noble where we split a cookie before perusing the children's section. This is always such a special birthday treat!}

{This cute little outfit was a hand-me-down from the Goins twins, so I was trying to snap a pic of Brady wearing it for Angela to see. Unfortunately, getting a picture of Brady actually looking at the camera {forget even smiling!} is practically impossible. I resorted to selfies, but even that wasn't working! This picture was a total accident, but I love the way he's looking at me in this one..love this sweet boy!}

{Brady's new thing is to lay down whenever he's looking at books, ha! Here he is making himself at home at the library last week.}

{Hadley dressed up as a farmer for "Wear It Wednesday"}

{this is still her happy place}

Happy Monday to you!


that's what she said

Ever since Brady came along it's been a bit harder to steal a few moments here & there to jot down the crazy/cute/sweet things the girls say, but these "that's what she said" posts are Shelby's very favorite to re-read over & over again in our blog books...so I'm going to try to get better about documenting them!

--While Hadley and I were getting out of the car at the library one day, we saw a little blue smart car. Whenever Hadley sees a blue car, she always has to make some comment about how much she loves the car or tell us that that is the car she is going to have one day when she grows up. Her reaction to the blue smart car: "I'm gonna have that car when my kids are dead." After inquiring, I learned that since that particular car only had 2 doors she could only have that car after her children had died. ;)

{Every Wednesday in Hadley's class is "Wear It Wednesday" where the students are encouraged to dress up according to their current theme in the classroom. This week was "Pets & Vets," so Hadley dressed up as a bunny!}

--Shelby was reading us interesting facts out of her Weird But True Gross book.
Shelby: Ten percent of kids report that they chew their toenails.
Hadley: Which is what I usually do.

{photo cred: Shelby's teachers}

--We recently met with a few girls who we were looking to hire as a babysitter, which led to lots of various conversations about babysitting at our house. I came downstairs one afternoon to hear the girls talking about being babysitters one day.
Hadley: I want to babysit your kids!
Shelby: And I'll babysit your kids when you're babysitting my kids!
Me: Well, Shelby if you keep your kids and babysit Hadley's at the same time, then the cousins could be together.
Me: {Sensing they weren't following what I was saying, I tried to elaborate.} Shelby, your kids will be cousins with Hadley's kids.
Hadley: {in the most emphatic voice ever} Shelby, I'm going to live far away from you when I grow up!
Shelby:  Why?!?!
Hadley: Because living far away is what cousins are.

Does that last story not totally rip your heart out?! We love our Air Force life, but it never gets easy being so far away from our family! What we wouldn't give to be able to raise our kids alongside their cousins with their grandparents, aunts, and uncles a part of their everyday lives.

{Hadley still has Chuck E. Cheese on the brain since we just went there for Shelby's birthday. Here she is proudly showing off her playdoh "ticket" in her hand and the Chuck E. Cheese "ticket eater" on the table. Her imagination is alive & well!}



On Sunday, our first-born baby turned SEVEN! We had the best time celebrating her over the weekend!!

{making a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing per the birthday girl's request!}

{working on a new craft project from BooBoo} 

{new book from the Goins Family} 

 {birthday donuts!}

 {Magic 8 Ball--of all the wonderful presents she got, this one got the best reaction by far!} 
{This snap circuit set has proven to be her favorite gift--she has spent hours & hours tinkering with it!} 

{Brady's first ride at Chuck E. Cheese! I did a terrible job documenting it, but Shelby wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese to play games on her birthday & to Panera for her birthday dinner--so that's just what we did! Shelby & I spent most of our time at Chuck E. Cheese playing Skee Ball together! She even hit the 10,000 point target once while we were there!!!}

 {birthday cake!}

{celebrating her birthday at school on Monday with chocolate chocolate chip muffins--chocolate is her love language for sure!}
And what's a birthday post without a quick trip down Memory Lane?!

{brand new Shelby}






Happy 7th Birthday, Shelby-girl!!! We love you so much!