Disneyland 2018 {Days 1 & 2}

For the past two years when I have gone to print out my annual blog book, my blog has been kicked back b/c it has exceeded the maximum number of photos allowed for one book. Womp, womp. So my plan was try to scale back on the number of photos this year so I would be able to fit all of my posts back into one book. Welp, these Disneyland posts aren't going to be helping me achieve that goal whatsoever. Oh, well! There will only be so many Disney trips when our kids will be this little, and I want to remember these moments!

We were originally going to go to Disneyland over our Spring Break, but ITT {which is where we can get deeply discounted Disney tickets through the military} was blacked out over those dates. So we decided to go over MLK weekend instead! We had a fantastic trip with the most wonderful weather ever {it was 86 degrees when we arrived on Saturday afternoon!!}. And we said countless times all weekend that we couldn't believe what a champ Brady was! If there was a best baby at Disneyland award, Brady would have won it ten times over! We'd be walking down Main Street with Brady in the stroller, and he'd just be waving at everyone we passed by like he was in a parade! We were at the parks when they opened and stayed until dinner time, and Brady napped in the stroller and was happy as could be despite the incredibly long days and lack of sleep. We assumed that since he is at such a busy age, keeping him stroller-bound or holding him in our laps for rides would be dicey at best..boy were we wrong! He loved all the people-watching and sights and sounds of the rides! One of my favorite two Brady memories from this trip are when he saw King Triton on the Ariel ride and started shouting "ho ho ho" b/c he looked like Santa! ;)  My other favorite memory was when we saw Snow White, the girls went up to visit with her and she tried to engage Brady but he just stared at her and shook his head no. So she tried to back off a little and settle for a wave or blowing a kiss, but no matter what she did or said in his direction he just kept shaking his head no in the emphatic manner he could. It was hysterical! The girls couldn't get enough of the princesses, and Brady wanted nothing to do with them! ;)

We drove to LA on Saturday and got checked into our hotel before heading over to Downtown Disney for the afternoon. We did a little shopping, ate at Rainforest Café {our table was right in front of a huge aquarium, which was a lot of fun!}, and of course got dessert! Eating too many sweets & treats at Disney is a MUST for our family!

We spent our first full day at Disneyland at the original park.  We got to see Snow White & Mickey as soon as we walked into the park, so we knew it was going to be a good day!!

Our first rides of the day were Big Thunder Mountain Railroad & the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Shelby used to be all about the big thrill rides at Disney, but this year she kept asking me if the rides were "almost over" about half-way through them and telling us they were "hard on her stomach." So after that, we mostly stuck to more family-friendly rides which worked out better anyhow b/c Brady was able to tag along instead of being stuck in the stroller!

{Big Thunder Mountain Railroad}

{It's A Small World}

One of the highlights of our trip was when we were walking through the park, we heard a rude voice behind us shouting "Outta my way, people!" only to discover it was the one & only Gaston!

{waiting in line & still smiling!}

{submarine ride}

{Astro Orbiters, this was the first ride Shelby ever rode by herself! At Disney, seven year olds can ride independently as long as they meet the height requirements} 

We rode the Alice in Wonderland ride for the first time on this trip, and the girls were stoked b/c it is a four (or a small five-six) person ride with 2 in the front and 2 in the back...so they got to ride in front on their own!

The girls were thrilled to be able to see so many princesses on this trip. Hadley was most excited to see Cinderella & Ariel. Hadley loves all things blue b/c of her blue eyes hence the reason she loves Cinderella so much. Hadley proudly told Cinderella that she was her favorite princess & then proceeded to tell Ariel that she was her "second favorite princess!" ;)  Thankfully, Ariel wasn't too offended, ha! It reminded me of when we went to Disney World when Shelby was 3.5 and told Jasmine about how pretty Cinderella was! ;)

That wraps up Day #1 and #2! I'll be back soon with way too many pictures of Day #3 & #4!


Brady: Eighteen Months!

As hard as it is to believe, our little baby is now 18 months old! Half way to two--how can that possibly be?!?! We so often think of him as a helpless little baby, and it takes me by surprise from time to time when he's totally "getting" things that I didn't know he was capable of. When we get ready to go somewhere and I tell the girls to put on jackets and shoes, Brady used to just follow us around standing under our feet. Now he's suddenly getting his own shoes out of the closet and attempting to put them on or holding his arms up for me to put his jacket on. Just yesterday we were getting ready to eat lunch and I told Hadley to come wash up, and all of a sudden Brady was running past me and hopped up on the stool in front of our sink and put his hands out under the faucet. How is he old enough for this stuff?!


New tricks/favorite pastimes of Brady's: playing peek-a-boo, giving hugs and kisses on command, says "ho ho ho" if he hears anyone mention Santa's name, starting to say a few words here and there {"ball" and "cheeto" are his top two most frequently used words}, moves our kitchen stools & chairs around so he can climb to reach things he wants {which he's not supposed to be doing!}, and calls for the Dawgs like a champ!! Favorite toys include whatever his sisters currently have in their hands, books, & CARS! He is a great little eater and super independent. He loves to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast & then tilt the bowl up and drink all of the milk out. The girls don't do this, so I have no idea how he picked up this skill but he's quite proficient at it! For being only 18 months old, he rarely spills while doing it!

{Brady saying "Cheeeeeeese!"}

We had Brady's 18 month check-up today, and he weighed in at 24 pounds & 8 ounces putting him in the 30th percentile. Brady measured a little over 33 inches, which is the 73rd percentile. So tall and skinny I guess?! It's still so weird to have the doctor tell us what a tiny little thing our baby is when the girls were always in the 99th percentile! I have to remind myself that at this point, the girls would have only been walking for a month or two..but Brady is running, kicking, climbing, and BUSY all day long and has been that way for quite some time now! It's hard to put on weight when you're so active all the time!

The only other big milestone to report is that just shy of 18 months marked the end of Brady nursing. I nursed him about twice as long as the girls, but his weaning process was I think the most natural and easiest of the three.

Brady is just the absolute sweetest baby and best little brother you ever did see! It's so fun now that he's starting to talk/learn new skills and to see how excited the girls get over his successes! This age can be so hard and frustrating at times with tantrums--they're old enough now to have strong opinions but don't yet have the adequate communication skills to convey that, which is frustrating for everyone. But it's such a sweet age, too! We love you, Brady!!!


Christmas Card Pictures 2017

Back in October, we had family pictures taken for our Christmas card. I just placed a big Mpix order last week & got the new pictures put in frames last night {hooray!}, and it reminded me that I'd never shared our family pictures here on the blog!

I can't put my fingers on a copy of our Christmas card right now {it's packed away with our Christmas stuff, and I don't have the motivation to go digging for it!}, but these were the pictures included on the card. Oh, and we put our annual Santa picture on the back b/c it was just too good to not use ;)