Hadley is FIVE!!!
Goodness, it's so true what they say--the days are long, but my oh my the years are short. How has it been five years since we brought "Baby Hadley" home from the hospital?! We had a fun weekend celebrating this sweet & sassy girl of ours! On Saturday, we baked Hadley's birthday cake, she opened up two birthday packages she received in the mail, and then I took her on our annual birthday trip to Barnes & Noble!

On Sunday, we had our traditional birthday donuts for breakfast, rode bikes, went to church, during Brady's nap I painted the girls' nails and while they dried the girls had their beloved "TT" {tablet time}, and we wrapped up our weekend with Jason's Deli & Build-a-Bear!


Today {Monday} was Hadley's actual birthday. She had a fun day celebrating with mini chocolate chip muffins for snack with her classmates at Pre-K, and Monday just so happens to be Show & Tell day..so she got to show off her new Build-a-Bear, too! Hadley picked to go to McDonald's for lunch, and even though Brady refused to eat any of the food there it felt like a huge milestone b/c he could actually play in the play area!!! The two of them had so much fun running around the play area together.

We finished off her birthday tonight with her favorite Kraft mac & cheese for dinner, presents, and cake!

And since it's Hadley's 5th birthday, here's five things I want to remember about her at this age:
1. I don't think there's any possible way I could ever forget this, but her favorite color is blue. She had a blue cake, a big blue balloon, blue wrapping paper for her presents, she picked a blue bunny at Build-a-Bear...give her all the blue!
2. She loves dress-up, make-up, and carrying all her treasures in a purse that BooBoo gave her for Christmas.
3. Everything is a treasure to a Hadley. She'll find a sparkly piece of trash on our walk home from school, and she has to have it. She got a prize from the dentist that came in a little plastic container, and the little container is one of her most beloved possessions now. Either she has a great outlook on life and can literally be content with the little things in life, or she'll be on an episode of Hoarders one day. ;)
4. She is the best big sister to Brady. She plays chase with him like no one's business and can make him laugh more than anyone else. She is also so incredibly tolerant of him and his toddler antics. Hadley loves to sit in my lap and listen to a story. But Brady is convinced that my lap is solely reserved for him. Brady can be across the room happily playing independently, but if he sees Hadley sitting in my lap he'll come running over to rectify the situation. Hadley never even bats an eye, she just always moves out of lap to make room for him.
5. The quickest way to Hadley's heart is through baking, physical touch {she adores having her hair played with or someone rubbing her back or arm}, reading aloud to her, or snuggles while watching a move.
We love you, Hadley Mae!!!


Top Five Friday!

My blogging has been rather sporadic lately. Derek {one of my most loyal blog readers} keeps checking in on the blog to see if I've posted, and I told him I just didn't really have too much to say. It's just been same ole, same ole. But I feel like those are the kind of things I'll want to read about in my blog books one day, so even what seems ordinary & mundane is worthy of posting. As Annie Dillard says: "The way we spend our days is, of course, the way we spend our lives."

5. Hadley's new tutu

I've been trying to preemptively relinquish a bit of control with the girls' clothes and let the girls pick out their new spring wardrobe from the Hanna Andersson catalog for themselves. Up until now, I've always picked out all the girls' clothes & gotten them mostly matching items. They have never complained about what I've gotten them or expressed disdain for not being allowed to pick out their own stuff {they never knew any different & it was just easier this way}, but I figured they would be wanting more of a say in their clothes sooner rather than later..so why not?! Needless to say, this was a big deal to them, and I think they both picked out great pieces for themselves! Hadley adores this tutu, and every other thing she picked was blue--surprise, surprise!

4. Banana jokes

Everyday I write a joke on Shelby's banana {the punchline is on the opposite side} and stick it in her lunchbox. She absolutely loves this! Although, it does cause her a bit of turmoil. ;)  She loves the jokes, but so does everyone else that sits with her at lunch. ;)  When Hadley & I go to eat lunch with Shelby at school, all of her classmates are fighting over who gets to sit next to us and are talking our ears off whereas Shelby just wants to sit down and get busy eating her lunch. So it comes as no surprise to me that she gets a bit annoyed at the other kids waning to hear her joke of the day or wanting to tell her their own jokes after they hear her joke. She switches up who she sits next to at lunch every now & again always trying to find a "just right" person to sit next to at lunch--someone who will talk to her, but not too much. ;)

3. Springtime in Las Vegas

I remember last year being so genuinely surprised at how long spring weather lasted here in Las Vegas. Prior to living here, it felt like we were always in climates that just went from cold to hot & humid. But here, spring is nice & long--it's truly delightful! The climate here is one of my most favorite things about living in Las Vegas!

2. Afternoons with Hadley

I plan to do a Day in the Life post here in the next couple of weeks b/c this is one of those things that I don't want to forget about our daily routine right now. Each morning, Brady & I pick Hadley up from Pre-K at 10:30 then we come home for an early lunch. Brady usually goes down for his nap between 11:30-12:00. Then, it's just me and Hadley together for the afternoon until we pick up Shelby at 2:11. If I'm being 100% honest, sometimes these afternoons can seem long b/c she wants me to play with her the entire time. ;)  But then I remind myself that I only have two more months of these afternoons left with her before summertime hits & then Kindergarten begins. How can that possibly be?!?! Two of our favorite pastimes during Brady's nap are "treat & stories" {I will usually read a couple picture books aloud to her while she eats a small sweet treat} and baking together.

1. Brady's Spaghetti Face

Happy Friday to you!!!!


that's what she said

I went to start a post of some of the crazy things the girls have said lately, and I realized I still had one saved in my drafts that never got published...so we'll start with a few oldies from a couple months back:

--After reading Shelby her bedtime stories, I gave in & had "dark time" with her. She adores when we turn the lights off in her room, and we lay with her and talk in the dark. I was telling her what a delight she was and how much fun I had with her that day. She started rubbing my face and said: "I'll keep thinking of you every day when you're dead."

--For whatever reason, Shelby is very intrigued by the topic of death. {Thankfully this phase has since passed!} We were reading a book about a nine year old boy.
Shelby: Well, I'm not nine yet.
Me: You'll be nine in just four more years. Can you believe that?
Shelby: I wonder how old I'll be when I die!

--Three other comments revolving around mortality from Shelby before the phase passed:
I hope this isn't the last day of your life. OMG!!!
I hope I live long enough to be a mom.
Two reasons I love air: we breathe it, and it keeps raindrops from killing us. ?!?!?!

--Derek & I were discussing biographies with Shelby and how some people write autobiographies about their own lives. She quickly jumped in and told us that we'd have to write her biography for her b/c she can't remember her whole life. ;)

--As we're driving down the highway, I suddenly hear Shelby shout out: "Hey, lady! Get back down!" I assumed she something out her window, but I really had no clue what she was talking about. Naturally, I replied: "What?" She promptly told me: "The speed limit sign said 60, and you're going WAY over that!" It's super fun that she can see the speedometer from her carseat. ;)

And now for a few more recent ones...

--Hadley was sucking on a dum-dum one day & having some deep thoughts. ;)  This is kind of like a treat and a refreshment.

--I saw Brady trying to get one of his cars that appeared to be out of his reach, so I asked Hadley to help him. Almost as soon as she went to help him, he managed to reach the car. Well, he's a hero. He can get his own toys now!

--When asked what they want to be when they grow up, Shelby & Hadley will both answer with a laundry list of jobs. They both 100% believe they'll be about to have about 10-15 jobs one day. On one particular day after bath, Shelby rattled off about ten different future careers which included substitute teacher. When I asked her why she wanted to be a substitute teacher instead of a regular teacher this was her response: Well, I don't want to see the same kids every day because that would be boring, and I don't want to go to all the meetings. OMG!!! I couldn't get over her reasoning! Isn't she a little young to already be annoyed by meetings?! I think she's heard Dada & Grampy talk about their views on meetings a time or two. ;)

--Shelby & I recently started a little journal where we write letters back and forth to each other. Usually it takes me a few days to get a note written to Shelby, but she almost always writes hers to me immediately after receiving the journal. She typically writes to me in the mornings b/c she is an early riser and spends a lot of time in her room reading before the rest of the house is up & moving. After I returned the journal to Shelby for her turn to write, she told me: I just want to give you an alert that it might take a while for me to write back to you b/c I'm so busy reading my new cooking book. I loved that she was giving me an "alert." ;)

And lastly, here are a few things Shelby has written lately that I wanted to save/remember. The first is something that Shelby actually wrapped and gave to us for Christmas. It reads: "I will do 15 jobs for you. (They can be ANYTHING!)  + 5 free beach trips"  We made some kind of comment about being amazed at how she was going to be able to pay for five beach trips for us. She promptly corrected us: No, I'm not paying for the beach trips! I just meant I'm giving you five free beach trips with me. You don't even have to ask me to go with you, I'll just go for free!

These next two pictures are of the schedule Shelby wrote out for Derek to follow while I was out of town last month. After I got home, the schedule was still out on the counter. Derek told me was embarrassed by the number of times he had to check the schedule to make sure he was still on track. ;)

And last but not least, Shelby came home from school with this gem this past week. I think it's a peek into her love languages!


February Fun

I have no idea how in the world it could possibly be March 1st already, but I figured since it is I better go ahead & get all of my February pics up on the ole blog before I get too far behind! So here comes a big picture dump! First up are a few pics of when we hiked Ice Box Canyon at Red Rock a few weeks ago in glorious spring temperatures! 


This next picture below is of Hadley after she got home from a friend's fairy princess birthday party. It's a shame she didn't have any fun at all! ;)  Can't believe we'll be celebrating Hadley's FIFTH birthday this month!!!

The picture of Brady below may look like nothing, but it is monumental! We have suddenly reached the age where Brady can play on the driveway with the girls and actually stay on the driveway..as in he doesn't run out into the road every 2.5 seconds! It's the little things!

Derek's Uncle Billy {who he actually lived with for the first 9 months or so of medical school until we closed on our condo in VA} was wrapping up a seven-week cross-country trip and was headed back to Idaho earlier this month. We were lucky enough to be the very last stop on his trek before he made it home! This was our kiddos' first time meeting Uncle Billy, and as you can tell from the blurry smiley pictures they loved every second of his visit!!

After a couple of sick days at home, these two girlies were PUMPED to be headed back to school to pass out Valentines to their classmates!

On this particular night before bed, Brady snuggled into Shelby's lap for her to read him a story. As soon as she finished the book, he walked back to the shelf to pick out another book and came right back to Shelby's lap. He probably did this six or seven times in a row! I was melting with how sweet they looked together!


As evidenced in the next few pictures below, Brady's signature "cheese" smile is with his tongue sticking out. Couldn't you just eat him up?!?!

And this last set of pictures are all of the ones I received via text from Derek when he was on "Daddy Duty" during my trip to GA! I loved getting a peek into their days while I was gone--there was definitely no shortage of fun! Derek is such a hands-on Dad that I didn't have to worry for one second while I was away. The only thing Derek was at all concerned about was getting the girls' hair fixed for school, so we did Ponytail 101 before I left in preparation! ;)  The girls always lay their clothes out for school the night before, so they would text me a picture of their planned outfits to ensure it "matched."

{trip to the library}

{watching the Olympics with Daddy & apparently jumping off the couch?!}

{showing off Daddy's first ponytail attempt for school!}

{ponytail #2 complete!}