First Day of School 2017

Today was the first day of school for us!! Shelby is starting first grade & Hadley is starting Pre-K, and I couldn't be more excited to have them both at the same school!!! They both start at the same time each morning, but Hadley will get picked up at 10:30 & Shelby will be picked up at 2:11. Also, Hadley will only go Mon-Thurs.


As of now, Brady is still taking two naps/day. So after dropping the girls off this morning, I came home & put him down for his morning nap. In case you didn't pick up on this significance of this--I HAVE TWO HOURS TO MYSELF RIGHT NOW!!!!! Hence the reason this blog post is getting up in real time, ha! I'm also super excited for later in the year when Brady drops his morning nap b/c then I'll get one-on-one time with him while Hadley is at Pre-K, and I'll be able to run errands or do stuff with just one kid! And it will be so nice to have Hadley home on Fridays, so she can still go to the museum or splash pad or just have a lazy day at home with us. And I'm super excited that Hadley's school day is over before Shelby's first grade lunchtime, so we can join Big Sister for lunch from time to time! If you didn't notice, I'm just all kinds of excited!

From when I was little and going to school myself to my teaching days to my days as a mama, I have always loved the start of a new school year! And this year is no different! Last year everything felt a little more overwhelming than exciting with both of the girls starting at new schools, and we were in a new town with a new baby and a new job for Derek. Fast forward to today, and it was such a good feeling dropping the girls off today at a school we know and love where people were greeting our babies by name with big hugs. I think it's going to be a great year for all of us!


Summer Wrap-Up!

Summer is officially winding down here, so I wanted to make sure I got the rest of our summer pics up on the blog before I was inundated with back-to-school pics!

 {Hadley trying on Shelby's old Cinderella costume for size}
{hiking at Mount Charleston} 

{post hiking on Mount Charleston} 

{our friends gave us an insane number of peaches from their peach tree, so Hadley helped us make some peach salsa!} 

{showing off new backpacks stuffed with school supplies for the backpack drive at church}

 {thinking he's big stuff at the children's museum!}
{Doing big work!! AKA pushing the wheelbarrow of coal at the museum}

{look at that sweet baby in shoes!} 

 {then he decided our stroller needed pushing, too!}
 {water exhibit at the children's museum}
{three clean babies in dinosaur jammies!} 

{turned around for one second & found him like this!} 

The next three pictures are some of my absolute faves! The library is seriously one of our family's favorite places & one of our most frequent destinations. One kiddo is reading, one is puzzling, and one is playing!

{We met some friends at the splash pad one afternoon, and these three had so much fun playing in the sand together! It's so weird to see Brady in the mix with the big kids now!} 

{Target fun} 

{Brady is really into pushing the shopping cart around lately, but the real reason I included this pic is b/c when I saw it all I could think was that it was a spitting image of Derek's baby pictures!}

And the surest sign that summer is nearing an end--meeting the girls' new teachers! Our school hosted a little "Meet and Greet" event on Friday afternoon, and we're all even more excited for school to begin now! Shelby's first grade teacher is the same teacher that she went to for her reading group last year in Kindergarten, so she over the moon to be in her class! Her teacher actually team teaches with another teacher, so I think it will be fun a new experience for Shelby! Their classroom is nothing short of amazing! And coming from a former teacher, I can't even begin to imagine how much time & effort went into it! They actually had to switch classrooms over the summer, so they were starting from scratch--I seriously couldn't believe the transformation! It was waaaaay too crazy to get many pictures on Friday, but hopefully I'll get some on the first day when Daddy will be with us & I'll have more hands, ha! And we are so excited that Hadley will be attending Pre-K at the same school as Shelby this year! I absolutely adore Hadley's lead teacher! Right now, there are only 12 or 13 kids on the roster for her class with 2 teachers + 2 aides!!

{Hadley's classroom}

{Hadley's classroom}

{Shelby's classroom}

{Shelby's with her new first grade teacher!}
Summer 2017 was good to us, but we're ready for a new school year!!


Summer Days

Since I've been busy recapping our summer vacay on the blog, all of my day-to-day pics have been piling up on my phone!

{summertime calls for arts & crafts!}

{summertime calls for lots of reading, too!}

{so proud she climbed this ladder for the first time!}
We took a trip to Gilcrease Orchard early one Saturday morning & picked Gala apples & peaches!


{per the girls' requests, I attempted to teach myself how to French braid this summer...it's a work in progress!}

{trip to Menchie's!}

{Early morning Panera run for the win! This picture was taken right after Hadley declared Brady was her husband. Hadley has said this before, and Shelby has squashed any notion of it by matter-of-factly stating "you can't marry your brother." But on this day, for whatever reason, Hadley decided she didn't care what Shelby had to say about the situation--Brady was her husband! Ever since then, Hadley likes to call him her husband or her groom, ha!}

{We renewed our membership to the children's museum this summer, and clearly Hadley was pretty happy with that decision!}

We went to Target one afternoon for a couple of things, and we seriously had the best time. I couldn't figure out why we were enjoying ourselves so much until I realized it was the first time we'd gone to Target since before our trip...so it had probably been a good six weeks since our last Target run!

{The school supplies in the dollar spot section were giving me ALL THE FEELS. I had color coordinated bins like this for my tables in my classroom my first year of teaching. I wanted six different specific stores, and Derek & I probably went to million different stores trying to hunt them down. We never could find color #6, so Derek ended up spray painting one of the containers for me. There is really no point to this story, but seeing the school supplies in stores every year when summertime starts to wind down gets me every.single.time.}

{Hadley was coveting the blue hangers in the worst way.}

{opening a belated birthday present from BooBoo}

{musical card for the win!}

{Hadley was tickled to be wearing one of Shelby's old dresses for the first time!}

{Living the life--Macaroni & cheese on his nose and a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie in hand}

{Waiting area at the Peds Clinic//Brady seriously hit the big sister jackpot with Shelby & Hadley}

{belated 12 month shots followed by a dum-dum}

{our crazy train invading Daddy's office!}

{This baby has us wrapped around his little finger..whatever he wants, he gets! Mama's water bottle? It's yours, kid!}

{Hadley used her own money to purchase a new lip gloss like Auntie Em's from Target..she was pretty pleased with herself!}

I've still got more pics, but that's enough for one day :)  I'll get those ole blog caught up eventually!!