What's Up Wednesday!

I'm on a roll--two months in a row with my What's Up Wednesday posts!! I'm linking up with The Larson Lingo, Mix & Match Mama, & Sheaffer Told Me To today to let you know what's up with us! :)

What we're eating this week...
My sister is in town this week (hooray!!), so we don't have our usual week of meals planned out. Today we took Auntie Em to the High Roller after picking Shelby up from school & had Panera on the way home.

What I'm reminiscing about...

With Hadley's fourth birthday less than a month away, we've been thinking about that a lot lately! How she is almost four?! When I think of Shelby's fourth birthday, she seemed so "big" to us at that point. But Hadley still seems so little to us in comparison--will it always feel that way b/c she isn't the oldest kiddo? Below is a picture from Hadley's first birthday! Hard to believe there will be FOUR candles on the cupcake this year!


What I'm loving....
After four years in Biloxi & two years in San Antonio, I think we forgot what having seasons felt like!! We're currently enjoying our first real spring in six years, and it is delightful!!! We've been taking advantage of the pleasant temps & playing outside more! We even had our very first roly poly sightings since we've moved to Las Vegas--it was pretty exciting!!


What we've been up to....
Enjoying our time with Auntie Em!!

What I'm dreading...
Hmmm, nothing really!

What I'm working on...
Not so much what I have been working on, but Derek has recently decided to take on the role of travel agent for our family & he has been busy planning trips for us! We just booked our hotels for Spring Break & Memorial Day weekend! We'll be going to San Diego for a few days over Shelby's Spring Break in April & then to Tucson over Memorial Day to visit Bret & Jenny-we're so, so excited!!

What I'm excited about...
All of our upcoming trips!! :)  It's so fun having things to look forward to!

What I'm watching/reading....
I just finished Here's to Us by Elin Hildebrand, and I just started reading A Hundred Summers.

We also watched two new-to-us movies recently--13 Hours (so intense and hard to watch, but so good!) & Trolls with the girls.

What I'm listening to...
Speaking of Trolls, we recently discovered the Trolls soundtrack was available on Amazon Prime, so we've been enjoying listening to that!!

What I'm wearing...

For my birthday, I got new slippers & rain boots from Nordstrom. I'm thoroughly enjoying them both!!!

What I'm doing this weekend...
We'll be saying our goodbyes to Emi on Friday (waaaaahh!), but other than that I don't know what we'll be up to this weekend. Hopefully something fun! :)

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Hadley's 4th birthday!!

What else is new...
Not much else is new! 


Valentine's Day 2017

This pic popped up on TimeHop for both Angela & me on Valentine's Day. Those cheeks! The pigtails! The tutu! I just can't even. It's so cliché, but WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!

We were both reminiscing about that Valentine's Day a short five years ago. It was such a blessing to be in the same phase of young motherhood with our friends at Keesler. We can both remember so vividly planning that Valentine's Day playdate with our friends so we'd have something Valentine-ish to do with our little ones that day. After our playdate, we all walked home, fed our kiddos lunch, and put them down for naps. Ahh, the days of only having one kid!!! We blinked, and now Angela & I are both COVERED UP in Valentine parties.

Shelby's school was hosting Muffins for Moms on the morning of Valentine's Day. Shelby opted to forgo the school event & have a Mommy-daughter breakfast date at our fave donut shop! We were so thankful that Derek was able to take the morning off to make this happen!!

The moms were all invited to spend the first 30 minutes of the day in their kiddos' classrooms. I think this was my favorite part of Valentine's Day! I volunteer in Shelby's classroom every week so I get to see her interact in her class on a regular basis, but this was extra-special. Her teacher had a fun math game set up for the kids to play with their moms, and then when we finished Shelby read to me for a few minutes. My friend Crystal snapped this picture of us without me realizing it, and I'm so glad she did! It was such a fun morning with my Shelby-girl!

Then it was time to take this girl to her VERY FIRST Valentine Exchange at preschool! She was super pumped about it!!!

12:00-2:30 was madness for us! I picked up Hadley from preschool at 12, and we walked in the door at 12:24. We had exactly 36 minutes for me to nurse Brady, get lunch made, eat lunch, and get to Shelby's class for her party starting at 1:00. Thankfully, we made it without any trouble & lots of fun was had!

Valentine's Day wore poor Brady out! When we got home from Shelby's party, he took a 3 hour nap!! And if I'm being honest, it wore me out too! Ha!

And since there aren't any pictures of sweet Brady in this post, I'll leave you with this video of him belling laughing the other night before bed. We randomly discovered that he thinks the /s/ sound is hysterical, ha!


Life Lately

I was clearing out pictures on my phone, so here's a few snapshots of our life lately...enjoy! :)

First up, the girls' New Year's resolutions they made at school that I totally forgot to share! I couldn't possibly love their resolutions more!


Below is a note that Shelby left me one morning before she left for school. I particularly loved that she signed the note with her first and last name. ;)

We recently started our spring garden! But in the days leading up to the planting, we just let the girls have at the dirt...they loved every minute of it! I let Hadley play out there one morning by herself while Shelby was at school & Brady was napping...it was delightful! I even snuck in a little reading time while she played! :)

Hadley went to the dentist for the first time last June before we moved. It didn't go so well. ;)  Thankfully, she was all smiles this time around!

We got to school to pick up Shelby early one afternoon & her class was outside for recess. The sisters snuck a quick kiss through the fence before Shelby went back to playing with her friends.

Below is reason #372 of why kids don't need lots of expensive toys. I took the girls to play outside on Friday after school. Nothing held their attention for too long--they were bouncing around from riding their scooters and playing with bubbles & chalk. But then they start playing with dirt in the cracks of the driveway, and they had a whole elaborate storyline going on with the dirt. I literally had to drag them away from the cracks to come in for dinner.

I can't even with the cuteness of these two. The girls love climbing in Brady's crib with him!!

Hadley made herself a pallet on the floor to do her reading. ;)

And last but not least, Derek's finished product!!


100 Days

Shelby celebrated the 100th day of Kindergarten earlier this week. Each Kindergartener got to decorate a shirt with 100 of something for a 100th day fashion show. Shelby had very specific ideas for her shirt & was so excited to execute her plan.

We went all out & did 100th day nails, too!

I totally forgot to take a picture of Shelby for the 100th day, but thankfully I remembered on our walk to school! So we snapped a couple pictures on our neighbor's driveway ;)

It was a bit of a milestone day for all of us! I feel like adjusting to the "school years" was a bigger deal for the whole family than I gave it credit for! Settling into the longer days, all of the papers coming home, new social dynamics--it's a lot! On the morning of Shelby's 100th day, I kept thinking "this is the 100th time I've packed your lunch box!" or "this is the 100th morning we've walked you to school." We made it--100 days of Kindergarten! And Shelby has loved every minute of it!


House Tour, Part 2 + Brady's New Trick

Welcome back to our House Tour! Here's a peek at the upstairs floor of our home starting off with Miss Hadley's room. :)

Hadley's "big girl room" kind of got thrown together quickly when we moved here--I was 40 weeks pregnant, it was 115 degrees outside, and we were in the midst of unpacking + putting the rest of the house together. But I love how it turned out! Hadley's bedding + curtains are from the PillowFort line at Target. I thought the little H pillow cover was a frivolous purchase at the time, but it is Hadley's favorite thing about her bed. Her bed is from Ikea, her toy shelf (originally purchased at Target) is from Shelby's old room in MS/TX, and the book shelf (originally purchased at Target) is from Hadley's nursery & we painted it white to match the bed.

We had to get creative with lighting in the bedrooms of this house. Only the master bedroom has overhead lighting--so weird! Hence the multi-colored floor lamp (from Amazon) pictured below in the corner of Hadley's room.

Next up is Shelby's room! Shelby got our old master bedroom furniture when we moved here. We painted the furniture white, and she kept her same bedding/décor from her room in MS/TX. Thankfully, Overstock still carried her curtains so we were able to just order 2 more panels to accommodate the additional windows!

Shelby's gallery wall is pretty much the exact same as it was in her old room in TX. The canvas above her bookshelf is something she made when she moved into her big girl room before Hadley was born. I put letter stickers on the canvas & then she finger painted over them. Once the paint was dry, we pulled the stickers off so the letters were still white. It says "Trust in the Lord with all your heart."

Since Shelby's bedroom is technically the bonus room of the house, there were a couple weird aspects of the room we had to figure out how to handle. Those two windows pictured below overlook the downstairs floor of the house, so we put blinds over them to provide privacy and make it seem more bedroom-ish. The other weird thing was there wasn't a closet, so we purchased the white wardrobe closet below from Ikea to give Shelby a bedroom closet. The one upside to Shelby's room being the bonus room was it already had the wiring for overhead lighting, and we happened to purchase her a fan/overhead light in SA that we moved with us to this house! So that worked out perfectly. :)

At the end of year celebrations at Marvelously Made, they decorate the walls with photo ribbons of each child. Those are Shelby's two ribbons from her two years at MM displayed on the side of her closet as well as her poster they made for her after her final year. The poster reads:

Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. In all the years that have passed, there has never been another child like you. Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers, the way you move. You have the capacity for anything. {Pablo Casals}
You write long stories with Ms. Elizabeth.
You enjoy making potions.
You are often singing & making up songs.
You read along with Ms. Jennifer at Gathering Time.
You love painting.
Yes, Shelby, you are Marvelously Made.
It's been about 8 months since Shelby received that poster, and it still tugs at my heartstrings when I think about it. What a blessing that school was to us. How many children are lucky enough to get to go a truly child-honoring school where the teachers love & genuinely get each & every kid? The photo ribbons & poster are such a special keepsake!

Next up is the master bedroom. We completely redid our bedroom when we moved. Our bedroom furniture/décor had been the exact same since we got married in 2007, so we decided we were due for an update! Our dresser + nightstands came from Ikea, and our bed shockingly came from Amazon! I was a little apprehensive about making such a big purchase without seeing it in person, but we absolutely love the bed!

Excuse the cords at the foot of our bed--we're still fully enjoying our electric blanket. :) 

You can see a door to the right of our dresser in the picture below--the door is to our balcony that overlooks the pool. You can also see the girls' "Action Jackson" masterpiece above our dresser, which I posted about {HERE} back in October. I love having something we created together hanging in our room, and it perfectly tied in with our color scheme!

Next up is Brady's nursery! Brady was napping while I was snapping pictures of the other bedrooms. When I finished up all of the other photos, I turned on Brady's monitor to see if he was waking up yet so I could take pictures in his room. I was quite taken aback when I turned on the monitor & found him leaning over the edge of his crib!!!! I booked it to his room as quickly as I could, and this was the face that greeted me when I threw open the door:

He was pretty pleased with himself. ;) We'd had it on our to-do list to lower Brady's crib since he had just started sitting up in there, but we hadn't done it quite yet. But pulling up to his knees for the first time & hanging his head over the edge of his crib rails got his crib lowered IMMEDIATELY!

Okay, back to Brady's nursery. :)  His furniture & floor lamp (thank goodness we already had that so we didn't have to have another lighting fiasco to figure out!) is the same that we used for the girls from Pottery Barn Kids, and we got him new bedding from PBK. I love the alphabet canvas we have hanging over his changing table. This was a must-have for me. I had a alphabet canvas for the girls hanging over the changing table in their nurseries, and we looked at it while we sang them the ABC's countless times while changing their diapers. The one I ordered for the girl I got on Etsy, but that seller had since closed her shop. Thankfully, my friend Lindsey has a good friend who started painting wooden signs. I messaged her our color scheme, and she came up with the design! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!!

We were able to reuse the green baskets from Babies R Us on the changing table from the girls' nurseries, but we added a couple new green ones (again, thank goodness for retailers that keep items in stock year after year!!!) along with the striped PillowFort baskets & curtains from Target.

And one more look at this crazy baby thinking he can pull up his own right after turning 7 months old--who does he think he is?!?! He sure is cute though! :)

And lastly, the kids' bathroom upstairs. We hang the memory verses the girls learn in church on the twine strung across their mirror.

I'll be back with the last installment of our House Tour soon! :)