Gobble, Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving from Hadley & Joe the Turkey!!!
{photo taken at Bearizona in Williams, AZ}



I don't know about you, but I absolutely love the Timehop app & Facebook "memories" where pictures pop up from that same day in previous years. This one in particular jumped out at me this week. Here are the girls on November 15th back in 2013 in their matching turkey shirts:

Did you catch the caption I put with the picture back in 2013? About how much we were enjoying the matchy-matchy outfits but not being sure how long it would last? Well, fast forward to November 15th of 2017, and you can see the answer to that question for yourself:

It's pretty clear that matchy-matchy outfits are still going strong in this house, ha! As soon as that picture from 2013 popped up on my phone, and I saw the girls sitting on the couch in matching dresses I couldn't snap their picture fast enough! It's so true what "they" say--the days are long, but the years are short.


Donuts with Dad

This morning was our school's annual Donuts with Dad event. This year was extra fun b/c now Hadley gets to be in on the action, too!

And the best part of the whole morning was Derek texting me from school to tell me that there were only two other dads in uniform there, and that Hadley mistook one of those dads in uniform for Derek and spanked him! To provide some context, the girls both love to lovingly/in a teasing manner hit/spank Derek at home. {Why do "inside" family things/habits/rituals sound so bizarre when described to other people?!} Apparently, Hadley was running past this other dad in uniform on the playground and just gave him a swift smack across the bottom as she went by. I mean, you just can't make this stuff up!!!


Bye-Bye, Training Wheels!

Our Shelby-girl learned how to ride her bike without training wheels this weekend!!! I still can't believe she did it! The girls really haven't really ridden their bikes much at all since Santa brought them new scooters last Christmas, so weaning Shelby from training wheels was far from the forefront of our minds. We just decided to take the training wheels off a couple of weeks ago, and then we'd briefly practiced with her twice since then. Yesterday morning, I suggested we walk over to the parking lot of the girls' school to let her give it a whirl where it was flat and open. We hadn't been there more than two minutes when this happened:

Then we walked back over later that afternoon to give it another whirl after Brady's nap, and she was practically a pro!! It all just clicked for her!!!

It was a big day in our house!!! 


Life Lately

This past week was kind of wonky for us to say the least. The girls were out of school on Monday for Parent/Teacher conferences, and schools were closed again on Friday for Veterans Day. Throw in the time change with Daylight Savings ending and two late nights for Derek dealing with flu vaccines, and we were just all out of whack around here. This little meme summed up my feelings about the time change pretty accurately.

The girls are so good, and even if they wake up early they just stay in their beds and read. Brady, on the other hand, now thinks 4:15 is an acceptable time to start his day..which really came as a huge surprise to us b/c prior to the time change he was waking up between 5:30 and 6ish. So why 4:15, what gives?! All I know is that by the time I got home from dropping the girls off at school and put Brady down for his morning nap, it felt like it should be lunchtime already!!!

Other than being tired as all get out, life has been good! It's hard to believe this is the girls' last week of school, and then they'll be off for the week of Thanksgiving! Here's a few pictures from the past week or so.


{The girls were working hard on digging holes, and much to their dismay Brady thought the holes were built just for him, ha!} 

{The one upside to a 4:15am wakeup call is Derek had ample time to make us a nice breakfast before he left for work for the day.}


Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here's to hoping this next week is more restful at our house!


Zion National Park

While my parents were here, we headed to Zion National Park! We were thisclose to throwing in the towel on this trip b/c of sick kiddos, but we made it happen! The weather was perfect, and the fall colors were so pretty! I'm posting way too pictures all out of order, but here they are anyways!

{view of Zion National Park from our hotel}

{Weeping Rock}

{Weeping Rock}

{Weeping Rock}

 {This is what family pictures look with 3 kids!}


 {hotel shenanigans}

 {love this one of Hadley pushing Brady & Shelby looking up in awe}



Derek is totally viewing us being stationed at Nellis as our ticket to tour all of the National Parks in this part of the country! ;)  When we first heard Las Vegas was a prospect for our PCS, our initial thoughts were far from optimistic. Las Vegas doesn't come off as family-friendly at first glance, but it so is!!!!! We LOVE our community, and there are so many amazing things to do and see within a short drive! We keep a running list of National Parks/sights we want to visit while we're here on our Wunderlist app, and Zion had been at the top of our list for a while so we were super excited to get to go and see it! Our next adventure will be to the Grand Canyon later this month!!


Halloween 2017

Even though our kiddos weren't feeling 100% {Brady was on the tail end of croup & Shelby was recovering from a stomach bug a few days prior}, it was a really fun Halloween with Grammy & Grampy here with us!

The day before Halloween we painted some of our little pumpkins to get us in the Halloween spirit. The girls always love doing this, and it was extra special to have Grammy in on the fun!

I feel like in so many parts of the country, Halloween isn't really done in schools. They do "fall festivals" or "book character dress up day" on Halloween so kids can get away with dressing up on Halloween without it really being Halloween. We were pretty shocked last year to discover that Halloween is HUGE in schools here. At our elementary school, the lunchroom is "spookified" for the entire month of October, the PTO holds a huge Trunk or Treat event, Halloween parties are held in classrooms, the school has a costume parade on Halloween Day...they go ALL OUT! It's so fun for the kids, but as a former teacher..I don't know, it's still just so weird to us how big it is here. Shelby actually had a good friend in her class last year whose parents were from Africa, and they didn't celebrate Halloween for religious reasons. Our community has a larger international population than many places simply because this is Las Vegas, so I'm sure there are probably other kids in the school who don't celebrate Halloween. I guess I'm just surprised that in the year 2017 when schools can't even say "Christmas" anymore that Halloween is still going strong here! Anyhow, sorry for my rambling! Here is Hadley all decked out in her costume for school on the morning of Halloween.{Shelby stayed home from school b/c she wasn't quite 100% yet, and I didn't want her to be eating junk all day at her class party.}

{Ready to walk to school with Grampy!}

We carved pumpkins and made homemade pizza for an early dinner on Halloween, then it was time to trick or treat!!!!

Halloween 2017 was a good one!!