that's what she said

Ever since Brady came along it's been a bit harder to steal a few moments here & there to jot down the crazy/cute/sweet things the girls say, but these "that's what she said" posts are Shelby's very favorite to re-read over & over again in our blog books...so I'm going to try to get better about documenting them!

--While Hadley and I were getting out of the car at the library one day, we saw a little blue smart car. Whenever Hadley sees a blue car, she always has to make some comment about how much she loves the car or tell us that that is the car she is going to have one day when she grows up. Her reaction to the blue smart car: "I'm gonna have that car when my kids are dead." After inquiring, I learned that since that particular car only had 2 doors she could only have that car after her children had died. ;)

{Every Wednesday in Hadley's class is "Wear It Wednesday" where the students are encouraged to dress up according to their current theme in the classroom. This week was "Pets & Vets," so Hadley dressed up as a bunny!}

--Shelby was reading us interesting facts out of her Weird But True Gross book.
Shelby: Ten percent of kids report that they chew their toenails.
Hadley: Which is what I usually do.

{photo cred: Shelby's teachers}

--We recently met with a few girls who we were looking to hire as a babysitter, which led to lots of various conversations about babysitting at our house. I came downstairs one afternoon to hear the girls talking about being babysitters one day.
Hadley: I want to babysit your kids!
Shelby: And I'll babysit your kids when you're babysitting my kids!
Me: Well, Shelby if you keep your kids and babysit Hadley's at the same time, then the cousins could be together.
Me: {Sensing they weren't following what I was saying, I tried to elaborate.} Shelby, your kids will be cousins with Hadley's kids.
Hadley: {in the most emphatic voice ever} Shelby, I'm going to live far away from you when I grow up!
Shelby:  Why?!?!
Hadley: Because living far away is what cousins are.

Does that last story not totally rip your heart out?! We love our Air Force life, but it never gets easy being so far away from our family! What we wouldn't give to be able to raise our kids alongside their cousins with their grandparents, aunts, and uncles a part of their everyday lives.

{Hadley still has Chuck E. Cheese on the brain since we just went there for Shelby's birthday. Here she is proudly showing off her playdoh "ticket" in her hand and the Chuck E. Cheese "ticket eater" on the table. Her imagination is alive & well!}



On Sunday, our first-born baby turned SEVEN! We had the best time celebrating her over the weekend!!

{making a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing per the birthday girl's request!}

{working on a new craft project from BooBoo} 

{new book from the Goins Family} 

 {birthday donuts!}

 {Magic 8 Ball--of all the wonderful presents she got, this one got the best reaction by far!} 
{This snap circuit set has proven to be her favorite gift--she has spent hours & hours tinkering with it!} 

{Brady's first ride at Chuck E. Cheese! I did a terrible job documenting it, but Shelby wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese to play games on her birthday & to Panera for her birthday dinner--so that's just what we did! Shelby & I spent most of our time at Chuck E. Cheese playing Skee Ball together! She even hit the 10,000 point target once while we were there!!!}

 {birthday cake!}

{celebrating her birthday at school on Monday with chocolate chocolate chip muffins--chocolate is her love language for sure!}
And what's a birthday post without a quick trip down Memory Lane?!

{brand new Shelby}






Happy 7th Birthday, Shelby-girl!!! We love you so much!


Brady is Walking!

This post is pretty belated since Brady has been slowly starting to take steps here and there for a little over a month now, but it was always hard to get on video b/c he never wanted to walk on command. ;)  The first video below is from back at the beginning of August. This was very first time I'd ever seen him attempt to take steps, stumble/go down, and then actually get back up again to keep trying to take steps. Up until then, if he went down he would immediately revert to crawling.

And this next video below is from this past weekend at the park. As you can tell from the video, if he really wants to get somewhere his main mode of transportation is still crawling! But he's made a lot of progress walking in a month's time.

Things I love about Brady at this age: his high chair faces our back patio & he loves watching the hummingbirds come to the hummingbird feeder as he eats, he waves and says hi all the time but it sounds more like "hiya," he holds my phone up to his ear and says "hiya," he blows kisses, he starts dancing every time music starts playing, and he will come throw himself in my lap or throw himself on the carpet/on a pillow if he wants to start playing or wrestling. I took him to storytime with Hadley earlier this week, and it was the first time I let him sit on the floor {as opposed to me wearing him in the carrier or him sitting in the stroller} and he wanted to start crawling. I kept trying to pull him back, but he wasn't having any of that. So I thought I'd let him go to see where he would go/what he would do. He crawled all the way to the front of the storytime rug until he spotted Hadley and pulled himself up on her. Hadley was too engrossed in the story to really pay him any attention, so he started throwing himself in her lap. ;)  It was such a sweet moment to witness! He blew past all the kids and went right to his sister, sometimes I still think he's such a little baby--I didn't know that out of a crowd of kids he could find his people, but he sure could!

And as I mentioned in my last post, Brady is officially done nursing at bedtime! It was such an easy transition! I have a {solo!!} trip planned to go home in February to visit my sister & her new baby{!!!}, so the long-term goal will be to have Brady completely weaned by then. But for right now, it's just easier to nurse him throughout the day.

And here's a few Brady pictures just because:

{is he not the most beautiful baby in the whole world?!}


 {at the library}
{stirring up something good!} 

{talking on his sister's toy cell phone}


Grammy's Visit

We were so fortunate to have my mom here for nearly two weeks! We sadly said our goodbyes to her this past Saturday, but thankfully we weren't too sad b/c both my mom AND dad will be here in just a few short weeks!! We're already anxiously awaiting their arrival & our first trip to Zion National Park with them!!

One of my favorite parts about my mom visiting is that she doesn't expect or want us to do touristy stuff with her every day or take her on lots of excursions, she genuinely just wants to jump in & do regular day-to-day life with us! And it's such a treat! My mom & I took turns hanging at home with Brady during his morning nap so the other could volunteer in Shelby's class, we all went up to eat lunch with Shelby one day at school, and she was able to walk with us to school each morning & afternoon for drop-off & pick-up. With family that lives so far away, we don't take these moments for granted!

On my mom's first full day here, all Hadley wanted was for me to keep Brady out of the way so she could have Grammy's undivided attention. While my mom was here, I'm pretty sure she read about 1,378 books to Hadley & let Hadley put make-up on my mom's face! Things that only a Grammy would do!

 {A little blurry, but I had to include it! My mom spent the morning volunteering for Shelby's class & then picked up Hadley from her class and walked her home.}

{My mom, Hadley, Brady, and I went up to eat lunch with Shelby's class on her first Friday here} 

{park fun with Grammy!}

And my mom was so nice to keep our crazies one evening so Derek & I could go to Top Golf for a date night! We'd been to the Top Golf in San Antonio, but this was our first time going in Las Vegas! We went right around 6ish and had dinner while we played. It was the perfect time to go--not crowded, not too hot, and we got to see it get dark & watch as the strip lit up! It was really fun!

For the first 13 months of Brady's life, I nursed him every single night before bed. We are still nursing, but he was never nursing that much before bed anymore. So as my mom's visit got closer, we made it our goal to eliminate Brady's bedtime nursing session so we could have a night out when my mom was here. Brady is now only nursing 3x/day (first thing in the morning, after his morning nap, and after his afternoon nap), and we've been giving him a little straw cup of whole milk to drink at dinner and/or bedtime. It was the smoothest, easiest transition ever! For the first time in Brady's short life, other people were suddenly able to put him to bed--hallelujah!! While it may not seem like it to you, this date night was a huge milestone for us!

Mama--thank you for the countless dishes you washed, the loads of laundry you folded {even Shelby commented on how neat Grammy's folding is, ha! Shelby told me Grammy must have had lots of practice ;) }, the endless sass from Hadley that you put up with, the books you read, the diapers you changed, and most of all for just being here. We love you & can't wait to see you again SOON!!


Labor Day Weekend 2017: Our First Houseboat Adventure!

For Labor Day, we booked a houseboat on Lake Mead! Aside from a baby who just couldn't sleep on the boat, we had a great time! Leading up to our excursion, Derek kept saying this would be an "adventure," and it certainly was!!

When we first boarded on Saturday morning, Derek & my mom worked together to get all of our stuff hauled on to the boat while I kept an eye on the kiddos. The girls had the BEST time running around the boat & checking out every little nook & cranny! They loved the beds & how they were up high, and there were two storage cabinets toward the back of the boat that were big enough for them to climb into..they were having so much fun! And side note: somehow my mom managed to not be in one single picture from our weekend on boat, but I promise she was there!

{pretending to drive while we were still docked} 

 {driving for real this time!}
 {Derek climbed up to the top of some rocks to get this shot of our boat in Bearing Cove--this was our home away from home for the weekend! What a view!!!!}
 {morning hike with the boat in the background}

{one of the best parts about the spot we stayed in was that every day we saw a few big horned sheep come down to the water to drink in the mornings & afternoons}

 {water slide off the back of the house boat..so fun!!}

 {Hadley caught a fish like 2 seconds after we got her pole in the water!}

{Derek caught a catfish!} 

{snuggled up for an afternoon movie} 

{Brady's turn to "drive!"} 

{All weekend Hadley kept asking if we were "still tied up," so we had to make sure she was front & center as Derek untied the ropes before we headed back to the marina} 

{Shelby's turn to drive!} 

{Hadley's turn!} 

{Back at the marina! And please note Hadley's bear in her "carrier"}
Brady & Hadley were both fast asleep within minutes after getting into our car on Monday afternoon! It was a fun, but exhausting weekend! My favorite memories from the trip were playing cards with the girls well past their bedtime on our first night under the stars, eating smores on the boat, seeing the big horned sheep each morning & afternoon, all of our uninterrupted time together! Travelling with kids is never easy, but it's always worth it! As happy as we were to go on our houseboat adventure, it was so good to get home to a good shower & our comfy beds! We all slept so good on Monday night!