Brady: Six Months Old!

Brady is six months old--that's HALF A YEAR OLD, people!! How is that possible?! In so many ways, I feel like we JUST brought him home from the hospital. But in other ways, it feels like he was born a lifetime ago. Because I was just plain exhausted from moving and unpacking at ten months pregnant + crazy hormonal, my memories of Brady's first weeks are so fuzzy in my memory making it feel like it happened a million years ago as opposed to just six short months ago. The passing of time is so funny that way. Regardless, we have a six month old in our house! Brady is a baby on the move and just as sweet as can be. He is without a doubt the most content baby of our three kiddos and he is just so, so loved by all four of us. The girls usually go to bed around 6:45-7 every night, but Brady doesn't go to bed until 7:30-8ish--so Derek and I get some special Brady time every night, and I love every minute of it. Derek & I can talk uninterrupted for a few minutes about our day while we dote on Brady. We usually let him crawl around our bedroom, and we both gush about how unbelievably cute & sweet he is. There was a time we weren't sure if we were cut out for three kids, but good grief...we are so immensely thankful for this sweet boy. I can't imagine our family without him! Being his mama is such a blessing.

At six months old, we're deep into bed-led weaning. There's not a whole lot of eating going on just yet, but there's plenty of exploration of tastes & flavors! Whenever we're eating a meal or the girls are having a snack, Brady's in his chair "eating" whatever we're eating!

First strawberry

First taste of Daddy's French Toast

Brady's first taste of pancakes

Brady continues to be a great nurser and a good sleeper. He still usually gets up once a night to nurse, but he goes right back to sleep on his own after he eats. He still puts himself to sleep for bedtime/naps (!!!!) and takes three good naps a day--unless his big sisters' schedules get in the way of his sleep schedule. ;)  Sometimes we jokingly say it's a rough life being the third kid b/c Brady's schedule is dictated by his siblings, but in other ways it's so much better being the third! With Shelby, we worried and obsessed over every single detail of her little life b/c she was the guinea pig for us in this whole parenting gig. But with Brady, we're so much more laid back and we can enjoy him more b/c we're not worrying!

Brady's not full-on crawling yet, but he can get around pretty good!! He's also sitting up now for brief periods & can get from the crawling position to sitting up on his own. Because the girls hit their gross motor milestones so late, Brady's mobility never ceases to amaze us.

As you can see in some of these pictures, Brady has bandaids on his chubby little thighs. We had his six month check-up this past week, and he took his shots like a champ!! He weighed in at 18 pounds & 6 ounces (61st percentile--we've never been so low on the growth chart!) and measured 27.56 inches (81st percentile).

We love you more than we ever thought possible, Brady!!!


Lessons Learned in Las Vegas

So, we've lived here for almost 7 months. Just typing that out seems absolutely crazy. We just got here, how could it possibly have been seven months?! We've slowly been finding our way here and learning a thing or two along the way. I wrote {THIS} post about things we learned in SA, so I thought it was time I did another post for Las Vegas!

Las Vegas people are dog people. I've never seen anything like it. It's such a sharp contrast from what we experienced in San Antonio. In SA, the vast majority of our neighbors had dogs & all of these dogs were kept outside in fenced in yards 24/7. I kid you not--it would be freezing or thundering or a million degrees out, and those poor dogs were just sitting in their backyards. In the two years we lived in SA, I literally only saw one of our neighbors walk his dog. I could never understand why any of our other neighbors had dogs if all they did was leave them in their backyards?! We spent many a nights after first moving to SA lying awake b/c dogs were incessantly barking. That NEVER happens here!! Dogs are treated like royalty in Summerlin. The sidewalks & parks are covered every morning and evening with people out walking their dogs before the heat of the day. Before Las Vegas, I'd never seen dog strollers before...but that is totally a thing here!!! It is totally normal to see people shopping with their dog in tow in Target or the grocery store. We even saw a little doggie in Cold Stone the last time we had ice cream!

We miss humidity. I can't believe I just said that, but it's true!!! We always knew that Las Vegas was known for its "dry heat." We were very much looking forward to the lack of humidity in Vegas after living in Georgia, Biloxi, & San Antonio! And I'll admit, we really love the climate here!!! Without humidity, even the crazy hot days really aren't that bad at all! But our skin misses the humidity something fierce. We are buying Aquaphor in bulk now for crying out loud!!!

"In home preschools" are a big deal here. Before moving to Las Vegas, I'd never even heard of this! It seems so strange to us!

Las Vegas has a huge retiree population. There are sooooo many elderly people in Las Vegas. Before moving here, we never knew there was a huge population of people who move here for retirement. Every time I go out for the lunch with the girls to McDonald's or Panera, we always run into a different group of elderly men or ladies out for a monthly luncheon. It's so funny!

Believe it or not, but Las Vegas is family-friendly! Parks are AMAZING here! All of the parks in Summerlin are maintained really nicely, and they almost all have a security guard type person patrolling the parks during park hours. While Las Vegas may be known as Sin City, it is waaaaay more family-friendly than we ever could have hoped for!

Earthquakes! We experienced our first earthquake here!!! A couple of weeks ago, we had a little earthquake (2.8)in the middle of the night. It woke Derek up, and he immediately knew it was an earthquake. He said it caused me to stir a bit, but I have no recollection of it happening. ;)  So weird to think we live in a place that has earthquakes!

Las Vegas people are not bow people. I know I've mentioned this before at least once on the blog, but people do not do hair bows out here. ;)  Before moving here, we constantly had people commenting on the color of the girls' hair. But now we get comments on their bows more frequently than we do the color of their hair.


Fun with Grammy & Grampy

My parents stayed with us through the afternoon of the 28th, so we managed to squeeze some more fun in with them after all of the Christmas festivities.

Derek & my dad took the girls to Red Rock the day after Christmas. The girls LOVE going here to climb!!

My dad has an app on his phone that shows current elevation, so he was showing off how high they'd climbed by that point--4,351 ft.

On my parents' last day here, we all went up to the Red Rock resort/casino to go bowling & get ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. Afterward, my dad and Derek took all 3 kiddos home so my mom & I could do a little shopping. It was such a fun day!

I think Shelby had the most fun of any us at bowling. She was so into it and was cheering each of us as we had our turns. Here she is below--apparently pretty pumped with her performance based on the pic! ;)


Sweet Brady in the carrier, as always :)  He's such a trooper and always goes with the flow!

We had such a wonderful Christmas with my parents here!! We're so thankful they were able to came!!