Our Week

We had a good week! The weeks are flying by it seems. Halloween is almost here, then we've got visitors lined up for November, a trip to Disney Land, more visitors in early December, then Christmas! Eek! Anyhow, here are a few pictures from our week. Enjoy!

Sitting outside listing to the pool's waterfall and enjoying a good book while the girls were at school and Brady napped, felt like a luxurious vacation while it lasted!!!

On Tuesdays & Thursdays when Hadley is at preschool, I get about 45 minutes to myself while Brady naps before we leave to pick Hadley up. Up until this week, I would run around like a crazy person while he napped trying to get things done. Then I realized, this is the ONLY time I get to myself right now. So I've decided to do a few quick chores and then enjoy myself for a bit either reading or blogging.

This girl is obsessed with doing "homework" these days!

Who can resist a picture of a sleeping baby?! Certainly not me!
Preschool is this girl's jam, she's totally rocking it! Here is Hadley this past Thursday when I picked her up. She was all smiles talking a mile a minute telling me all about the firefighters who came to visit them that day.

This is what Thursday afternoons look like around here. Do these girls look tired or what?! By Thursdays, these girls are worn out from the long week!

Nursing the baby + playing hair salon with the three year old...motherhood makes you good at multi-tasking! ;) 

Hadley and I baked pumpkin chocolate chip muffins on Friday morning while Brady napped!! It felt good to finally be baking again...things are slowly starting to feel more normal for us!
Waiting to pick up Shelby from Kindergarten! This is Hadley's patch of dirt. She sits in this exact spot every single day while we wait for Shelby and plays in the dirt. It makes her so happy!!

And here's what Friday afternoons look like. ;)  They did however muster up enough energy for us to go to the park with friends for an hour or so on Friday afternoon. For the past 3 weeks or so, we've gone to the park on Friday afternoons with neighborhood/school friends. It's been a nice routine!

Saturday morning + chocolate milk = Happy girls!

We ventured downtown to ride the High Roller...the girls LOVED it!!

Family selfie on the High Roller

There was a cupcake shop near the base of the High Roller, so of course we had to bring some home!

Our trip downtown wore this baby out! ;)

While Brady napped, we created this masterpiece! We've been looking for something to go above the dresser in our master bedroom, but nothing seemed quite right. Derek suggested we do an "Action Jackson" painting like Shelby did at Marvelously Made last year. So that's what we did!!
In action!

The finished product..I love how it turned out! And it's so much more meaningful to have something hanging in our room created by the girls! 

We had all three kiddos in bed by 7:30 on Saturday night, and then Derek & I enjoyed Mexican food on the couch together!!! Such a treat that again made us feel like we're getting back to our old selves! Today brought church, a trip to the nursery, yardwork, and grilling out! Our yard was in pretty bad shape when we moved in, and we weren't able to give it as much as attention as we wanted to b/c we were so focused on unpacking/the interior of the house at first then we were caught up with a newborn. Now that life is calming down, the yard has been getting a lot of TLC!

We had such a good little weekend together!!! We're looking forward to this week--Hadley's Halloween party at preschool, Trunk or Treat at Shelby's school, & a three day weekend for Shelby thanks to Nevada Day on Friday...still not sure what Nevada Day is though, ha! ;)  Biloxi had school closures for Mardi Gras, San Anotnio had closures for the Battle of the Flowers during Fiesta, and now Nevada Day...who knew?!


Mount Charleston + Fall Fest

This past weekend we ventured up to Mount Charleston for the first time! We had a great time, but it was crazy windy!! When we got out of the car, Shelby started screaming "Sissy! Hold on to your bow!" ;)  They were both clutching their hair bows with a death grip b/c they were so afraid they were going to blow away, ha! So, we left the hair bows safely in our car and then toured the Visitor's Center and explored some of the trails near the base of the mountain. We're already looking forward to going back again soon! It took us exactly 40 minutes to get from our driveway to the Visitors Center at the base of the mountain.

The only picture with hair bows ;)

Exploring Mount Charleston clearly took it out of them ;)  This was Hadley's reaction to not being able to hold a bag when we were getting in the car. Overreaction much?!

Shortly after the above overreaction, this was what we found in the backseat. The girls never sleep in the car, so clearly Hadley was worn out!!!

We stopped off at Panera for dinner on the way home, and all was right with the world again!

On Sunday, the girls got to wear costumes to church and we attended Fall Fest after the service. We tried out several new churches over the past couple of months. We kept waiting to find a church that we visited that felt like the one, but that feeling never really came. We found two churches that we liked, but didn't really love. Of the two that we liked, one was pretty far away and the other is literally like only 5 minutes down the road. So we've gone to the nearby church for the past couple of Sundays. It doesn't feel like "our church" yet to me, but the girls seem to really enjoy their little classes that they attend so that makes me happy. Anyhow, here's a few pictures from Fall Fest!

The girls sporting their Jasmine & Rajah costumes from last year. Their costumes for this year are still on backorder (ugh), but thankfully they were just as excited to wear last year's costumes again!

Face paint at Fall Fest!

Hope you're having a great week!!


Brady: 3 Months!

October 5th marked three months with this sweet face!!
Love how he had his little arm propped up on the pillow...looks like he knows how to relax already!!

Brady continues to be the sweetest & most laid-back baby, and we are all just smitten with him. The girls have recently begun to bicker over his attention--it is simultaneously annoying and the sweetest thing ever.

If Hadley's smile looks fake here, it's because it is. She was beyond mad that we let Shelby hold Brady for the picture and not her. Heaven forbid!! She only agreed to smile for the picture if she got to hold Brady after the pic ;)

Most notable milestones this past month: becoming a pro at sitting in his Bumbo seat, beginning to roll over!! (he's rolled over once from back to front and rolled over a handful of times from front to back, but nothing consistent yet), transitioning out of a full swaddle, and putting himself to sleep!!!!!! That last one is HUGE, people--huge! A baby who can fall asleep on his own is literally LIFE-CHANGING when you've got two other kids who need your attention. Up until 3 months, we were rocking him to sleep. Sometimes he would fall right asleep when we rocked him, other times it would take 30 minutes of rocking and he might wake up as soon as we put him down in the crib. Then it got to the point where he wouldn't even let us rock him, I think he started figuring out what happened after the rocking so he was fighting sleep hardcore. So we decided to try laying him down in his crib awake, and IT WORKED! Sure, he fusses for a few minutes before falling asleep...but I cannot describe how truly revolutionary it is for my day-to-day life to be able to sing one lullaby and lay him down in his crib knowing he can get himself to sleep on his own.

Hanging out in the Bumbo in the bathroom while big sisters take a bath :)

Love this one! And his hair looks so red from the back here!

One of his last times in a full swaddle!

New "transition swaddle" blanket

Brady's current favorites include: being outside, sleeping on me in the carrier, his big sisters, looking at himself in the mirror, and playing on his little activity mat. At 3 months old, he's seeming less like a newborn and more like a full-fledged pudgy little baby! It's so fun watching his little personality develop and really feeling like we know him now. We love you, Brady!!


Flashback Friday: Last Days in San Antonio

I went to pull up a draft of a blog post I was working on the other day and found a post titled "Last Days in San Antonio" sitting in my drafts folder from June that never got published....oops! Between a cross-country move & a newborn, a few things fell through the cracks this summer! ;)   Snail mail is my love language, but I could probably count on one hand the amount of cards that I've actually sent since the first of June. It's bad, people!!!! Anyhow, all of that to say, it really should haven't surprised me to find this post unpublished! Better late than never, so here we go!

We disassembled our sandbox in San Antonio for the movers to pack up the wood pieces. We're currently using the sandbox as our garden here in Las Vegas--a post on that to come soon (if I remember, ha!) The girls had a blast playing with the sand on our back porch in San Antonio. It was a win-win b/c they had fun + it kept them out of the way of the movers working inside.

Another effort to keep them out of the movers' way...watching a movie together in Hadley's room :)

Look at all those boxes!
Seeing these pictures of our old house makes me so homesick for San Antonio!

In another effort to keep them out of the way of the movers, I sent Derek & the girls up to pool...only for them to find out the pool was closed for cleaning. Playing with the hose in the backyard for the win!

Sidewalk chalk on our back porch railing

Hadley's sleeping quarters during our "camping out" days in SA...looking back, I still can't believe how well she did sleeping throughout our crazy summer! She went from sleeping in a crib to a crib with the rails lowered...then to a sleeping bag on an air mattress then to a hotel..then back to a sleeping bag on an air mattress in the new house..then to a twin bed! All without any trouble...what a trooper!!!

Shelby's sleeping quarters

This was what the master bedroom looked like during our "camping out" days in SA after the movers had come & gone ;)

I snagged these next pictures from FB that Angela posted from when we said our goodbyes to the Goins family. I'm going to post her words in the captions below the photos. I'm going to refrain from making my own personal comments about these photos so I don't start crying. ;)
This was a goodbye I didn't even know how to say. How do you say goodbye to the person who has walked through motherhood daily with you since your oldest kids were babies, who listened to every worry & doubt you had, who made sure you had company the months your husband was gone, who kept your kids without hesitation, who rushed to the hospital to sit in your hospital room with your boys (and her girls) while you had an emergency c-section for your twins?
We met 5 years ago ...when our husbands were residents and we were just figuring out how to do this motherhood thing. We've seen our husbands through residency and fellowship, lived in 2 states together, and raised our 6 babies side by side. In Air Force time this is an eternity and I'm so thankful we got as much time as we did. I am without question a better person and mother because of her example. Our kids are the sweetest best friends you've ever seen. I am so excited for their next adventure but will miss them more than I can say.
Sarah Schumacher Smith thanks for being "my person". Now drive those 18 hours as fast as you can and keep that baby boy in until you get there!

Shelby-girl I could not have asked for a better first best friend for my Adam. You have the sweetest soul and I will be forever grateful you two were brought together. You have both grown into some awesome kids! Have fun in Vegas! We love you!

It is so surreal looking through these pictures. In so many ways, it feels like this was yesterday. But then in other ways, it feels like an eternity has passed!!! Perspective & the passing of a time is a funny thing that way. As much as we initially dreaded the idea of moving to Las Vegas, I will say it has been much better than we could have anticipated! I'm sure Las Vegas doesn't strike many people as family-friendly, but it really is!! But no matter how much we grow to love Las Vegas, San Antonio will always hold a special place in our hearts--just like Biloxi & Northern VA do. Four months after saying our goodbyes to SA, I will say the things we miss the most are the Goins Family, Marvelously Made, THE PANERA DRIVE-THRU (why oh why can't all Paneras have a drive thru?!?!), and just the feeling of being "home." So much for not crying, ha! ;)