7 Months!

This post is a bit delayed due to our travels...and the fact that I'm anal and cannot even fathom taking Shelby's monthly picture in a location other than the glider in her nursery, but that's another story for another day! So without further ado, Shelby's seven month post....
Here is what Miss Shelby is up to these days...
--still on a very good routine despite all of our travels this month..waking up at 6am, taking 2 naps a day that last 1.5-2.5 hours usually, and going to bed somewhere around 7pm
--still sleeping through the night :) :) :)
--still a very picky eater...the only things we have found that she consistently likes are fruit rice cereal (she won't tough the regular rice cereal anymore) and sweet potatoes
--so far she has tried squash, green beans, peas, carrots, applesauce, bananas, peaches, & pears
--no teeth yet, but we did try giving her a teething biscuit this month just to see what she would do with it. We didn't have high hopes b/c she's so picky with solids...but she LOVED it! She's very messy with it, but we learned it's a great way to distract Shelby & keep her happy/quiet for a few minutes if we are at a restaurant eating. :) We just have to make sure we have an abundance of wet wipes on hand to clean up the aftermath.
--doing great with tummy time and gets her arms and legs moving a lot when she's on her stomach. She's trying to move, but so far all she can do is rotate herself and scoot backwards. It's pretty cute to watch. ;)
--still not rolling over in either direction. But she gets the closest to rolling over when her diaper is being changed..she really likes to squirm on the changing table, so we have to watch her like a hawk!
--has learned how to ham it up for the camera..whenever we pull out our phone, camera, or the flip cam her eyes light up! She may only be seven months old, but she knows how to work the camera already!
--much better at sitting up! Now I can plop you down on the floor with a few toys around you and you can play by yourself for a few minutes at a time...such a big girl!!
--loving peek-a-boo!
--her happy face is still a wide-open mouth
--can make the /b/ and /g/ consonant sounds, but she's not much of a babbler yet. She is usually content to squeal and make lots of "aaahhh" sounds though :)
--she has learned a new trick of wiggling her whole body like a worm..it's the funniest thing!
Shelby is getting more and more fun every day! It's hard to believe we are now closer to her first birthday than we are to her birth day. Craziness!
We love you so much, baby girl!


Happy Belated Easter!

Happy Belated Easter from the Smiths!
Hope y'all had a fabulous Easter! Sorry for the silence on the blog as of late...Shelby and I have been traveling girls! We have logged a grand total of 1300 miles on the ole CR-V this month. And those 1300 miles have been with just me and her in the car. Yes, that's right..just me and my seven month baby girl in a rear-facing car seat. She was such a trooper, but oh boy did we have our moments. But we both survived! ;) Thankfully, Derek will be back home tonight {he's been gone for the past month doing an ICU rotation at a civilian hospital}, and Shelby and I are thrilled!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! :)


Top Five Friday!

Five things I am currently loving....
5. Playtex Ventaire bottles.
For a period of time, Shelby refused to take a bottle. After lots of practice {I am with Shelby 99.9% of the time, which means 99.9% of the time she can just nurse and doesn't need to be able to take a bottle...we wanted to make sure she was able to take a bottle, so I could be away from her for a short time if I needed to..or ahem, wanted to be away for a bit ;) } , we finally got her taking a bottle again..but it definitely wasn't as easy/enjoyable for Shelby as nursing was. Enter the Playtex Ventaire bottle. She can take 8 ounces in 5 minutes with this bottle due to the Ventaire system. Enough said.

4. Till Debt Do Us Part.

I am not a huge TV watcher {the only shows I currently watch are American Idol & Biggest Loser...along with the news in the morning and the occasional One Tree Hill or 90210 re-run on SoapNet}, but my hubby looooves him some History Channel, Discovery Channel, Fox News, and of course financial shows on CNBC. One show that we DVR and I actually really enjoy watching with him is Till Debt Do Us Part. It's about couples who are in significant debt, and a financial guru puts them through a series of "challenges" to get them back on track. It's kind of an educational reality show, if you will. And while we are fortunate enough to not have any debt {with the exception of our mortgage in VA}, this show has a lot of valuable lessons for everyone and it's a good reminder to us for why we want to stay debt-free.

3. SoapNet. As sad as it is to admit, I could watch re-runs of One Tree Hill and 90210 all day long and be perfectly content. While I do love this channel, I do not watch any of the soaps.

2. Wubbanub.
Shelby really likes Nuk pacifiers. They work great for her b/c she can manipulate the handle of the pacifier, and she can keep the pacifier in her mouth easier b/c it conforms to her face. But the Nukoften falls out of her mouth during naps or at night and she can't find it. We always put her to sleep with the Nuk in her mouth, and then we place the Wubbanub on her chest or next to her in her crib. The Wubbanub is easy for her to find and get her in mouth when she's sleepy. And it's pretty much the cutest thing ever to see her snuggled up with her Wubbie in her crib.

1. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownies.

If I am anything, I am an ice cream and brownie connoisseur. These brownies are to.die.for. And when paired with Edy's Double Vanilla ice cream (yes..Double Vanilla...regular Vanilla or French Vanilla simply does not compare), you will be in heaven. Trust me.

Do you have any Friday favorites?!
Happy Weekend to you! :)


Wordless Wednesday

{Thank you for the new dress, BooBoo & PopPop!}

Happy Wednesday, Friends! :)


Mail Call

I love mail. I love getting mail {fun mail that is} and sending mail. I love sending birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc. to friends and family. I love sending "just because" cards or a note to let someone know I am thinking of them. I am a firm believer in the old-school handwritten thank you note. Cards are definitely my love language.

I had a dream the other night that we received an invitation to the royal wedding in the mail. Unfortunately, when I went to the mailbox I had nothing exciting waiting for me. But Shelby did! She got a beautiful new spring dress from her grandparents. But she was more interested in the envelope it came in.

I told you this girl has a paper fetish!

Here's to a great Monday! :)


Paper Fetish

I have discovered that my child has a bit of a paper fetish. She loves going to the doctor now b/c she has discovered how fun it is to play with the paper they cover the patient chair in. She loves trying to hold the pages of the books when we're reading...so I'm not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to have her hold a "happy birthday" sign today to wish my dad a happy birthday.
This is the very first picture I got...
{I like how it looks like Shelby is signing "Happy Birthday" in this one. But in reality, her excited/happy face is a wide-open mouth. Who knows why?!}

And then the destruction began.

{She's thinking, "Hey Mom! Give me back that paper!"}

So the photo session obviously did not go as planned. ;) But it's the thought that counts, right?!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!! :) We love you!


Future Blogger/Drama Queen

I haven't done such a good job at keeping up with the ole blog so far this month...but maybe I can enlist the help of this little girl...
I think we may have a future blogger on our hands here ;)
Shelby is loving her little laptop!

But what she is not loving so much these days is solids...and therefore, Mommy is not loving it so much either. It's just not a fun time for us right now..it's more of a struggle! She has definitely reached the age where she can now voice her opinion! Once she got the hang of the spoon, she was loving her rice cereal. Then, we broke out the sweet potatoes..and she loved them! Next up on the menu was carrots. The carrots did not go over so well, and she was quite dramatic about it. (She was making fake gagging sounds. I say fake b/c this is the child who has already mastered the fake cough..now she's got the fake gag down. Dramatic.) Then came the squash...another fail.

I think maybe this big bad world of solids was just too much for her too quickly. Before, she would get excited as soon as I plopped her down in her high chair. Then when she spotted the spoon, she would start lunging towards it. Now? She won't even her mouth for the spoon..no matter what is on it. It used to always be yummy rice cereal on that spoon, but now this little girl is on to me. She quickly learned that rice cereal might not be on that spoon, and she doesn't want to risk tasting anything she doesn't like!

We are still attempting to eat rice cereal once a day & a vegetable once a day. But it's getting frustrating..for both of us. (Not to mention, we had to switch her daily vitamin drops from Tri-Vi-Sol to Poly-Vi-Sol now that she's getting older and needs more iron in her diet...and she hates them, too. Ugh. She just spits it out everywhere..and the best part is, they stain. Double ugh.) So my new game plan is to mix her vitamin drops with apple juice (I already tried disguising it by mixing it in with a bottle, but she still didn't like it), add a little applesauce to her rice cereal (my mom said she did this with my sister & me and had success..so we're trying it!), and making another attempt at veggies--next up is peas and green beans! If she doesn't like those, we're skipping to fruits! (Our pediatrician recommended giving veggies first b/c sometimes if babies eat sweet fruits first, they won't like the veggies. So I wanted to get her to like veggies first before introducing fruits...oh, well!) We'll see how it goes....

Okay, thank you for indulging me in this little rant about solids. ;) Happy almost Friday to you!


Happy April!

Happy April, Everyone!
Can y'all believe April is already here?! I feel like March just got here, but somehow here we are on the first of April. Craziness. In honor of the start of April and Easter being right around the corner (although, it's totally throwing me off how late Easter is this year!), I will share with you a picture of cutest, sweetest* little Easter Bunny you ever did see...
I bet you thought the Easter Bunny was supposed to hide the eggs. Or maybe you thought the Easter Bunny might like to eat the yummy treats hidden inside the eggs. Not this bunny. Nope. She just eats the eggs. Or, at least she tried to! ;)

I hope April has gotten off to a great start for you. Happy April, and Happy Weekend! :)

*Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "sweetest" to describe this particular Easter Bunny. Cute? Most definitely. Sweet? Well, it depends. Usually, she's sweet as pie..but lately, she's just been fussy with a capital F. It doesn't matter if she just woke up from a nice, long nap or if she has a full tummy or if she's in one of her two all-time favorite places (the bathtub or the swing..where else?!), she is fussy. Fingers crossed this is just a little phase she's going through (we haven't seen any white pop up on her gums just yet, so we don't think we can blame it on teething) and that it will pass quickly!