Wordless Wednesday

I interrupt the Ten Day You Challenge to bring you this edition of Wordless Wednesday. Why? The reason is two-fold. First off, this baby is just so darn cute and you need to see her sweet smile. And secondly, attempting to do ten posts for ten consecutive days was about to wear.me.out.
Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with the next installment of the Ten Day You Challenge {seven wants}...but no promises! ;) Happy Wednesday!


Eight Fears

Here we are on Day Three of the Ten Day You Challenge, and today's topic is fears...not such a fun topic, but here we go....
8. Bugs, spiders, and anything else that is creepy and crawly. If I see a bug and it somehow gets away before I have the chance to properly do away with it, it's all I can think about. I do not like them!!

7. Moving out of driving distance from GA. I love that we can just hop in the car and drive home when we want to. There is a high probability that we will be living in San Antonio in a few years, and I am already worried about the fact that every time we want/need to go home we will have to book a flight or spend two days driving. :/

6. Out-living my parents. We had a close call last year, and I just can't imagine life without them.

5. Natural disasters. As soon as we moved to the Gulf Coast, I suddenly had to think about Mother Nature and tropical weather. My first experience with this was when I had my first OBGYN appointment after arriving to Biloxi. They handed me a form explaining what to do in the event of being close to my due date and/or going into labor during tropical weather. Way to freak out a pregnant lady!! When Derek & I were both gone last month, we had to leave the house prepared for a hurricane since we are in the midst of the season..it was just kind of a weird, scary thought. A lot of the structures that survived Katrina have markers on their property that show how high the water rose during the storm...it's amazing to see. I truly cannot imagine having gone through that and literally losing everything.

4. The unknown, or things that are out of my control. I am a total type A person who likes to have a plan..so if things are out of my control, I feel anxious and helpless.

3. Being at home alone for long periods of time. I have always lived in "safe" neighborhoods, but when Derek would be TDY when we lived in VA..I would always worry. I would have to check the doors about a million times before I could go to bed at night. I love living on base b/c it makes me feel so much more at ease.

2. Never being able to consistently get a good night's sleep again. Until recently, I never had any trouble sleeping whatsoever. I could fall asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow and would very rarely wake up in the middle of the night. Once Shelby came along, I had a little bit of trouble falling asleep at night b/c I would worry she might awaken, etc. Then fast-forward to when Shelby was about 5.5 months old..she started sleeping through the night like a champ, and I was so excited to have uninterrupted sleep again! Right around the same time this happened, I started a new prescription that {unbeknown to me} had an uncommon side effect of insomnia...which I definitely experienced. Ugh..it was miserable. My baby was finally sleeping through the night, and I was barely getting 1 or 2 hours of sleep each night. As soon as we realized the culprit of my insomnia, I quickly got off the medication. But my sleep habits have never really returned to normal since then..who knows why?? Okay that was a lot of rambling to basically just say, oh how I wish I could be as good of a sleeper as Miss Shelby...that girl loves her some sleep!

1. And last but not least, I fear losing my hubby or my baby girl. They are my whole world. I would be lost without them.

Sheesh, this was not a fun post to write at.all. So to lighten the mood at bit, here's something that's sure to put a smile on your face!!
Love these two to pieces.


Nine Loves!

Today is Day Two of the Ten Day You Challenge {click HERE if you missed Day One to catch up}, and today's topic is Nine Loves. So here are nine things that my heart happy....

9. OPI nail polish. I don't know what I love more--the fun colors, or the cute names of the colors! What a fun job it would be to come up with all of the crazy names!

8. The color pink. I'll never forget one of my students asking me last year when I was preggo: "Mrs. Smith, is your baby's favorite color gonna be pink too?" I told her I sure hoped so ;)

7. Five year-olds. I absolutely love Kindergarteners...it is such a fun age.

6. Shelby's sweet smile.

5. Looking forward to things.

4. The changing of the seasons.

3. Mail. Fun mail, that is!

2. Unwinding with my hubby at the end of the day. Derek has been on night float for the past couple of weeks, which means he heads off to work right around the time Miss Shelby goes to bed each night and then returns home in the morning around our normal breakfast time to catch some shut-eye. With him working every night, I have realized how much I cherish our boring little nightly routine. I am not a huge TV watcher, but Derek loves him some History Channel. So every night, we usually lay on the couch, watch TV, and just enjoy our time together. It's nothing exciting or extravagant by any means, but it's nice to just have that quiet time together at the end of each day. I can't wait to have it back again!

1. Saturdays in Athens between the hedges. Only one more week until Georgia football!


Ten Day You Challenge

I came across the "Ten Day You Challenge" on Stephanie's blog earlier this week, and since it seemed fun and I didn't have anything else planned for the ole blog..I figured, why not?!
So brace yourself, you're probably going to hear more about me over the next ten posts than you ever cared to..ha! I know, I know..you can barely contain your excitement, right?! Well, here goes nothing..

10. For as long as I can remember, I always envisioned myself as a stay-at-home-mama. I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to live my dream and spend these precious days with Shelby...but I miss teaching more than I ever thought I would.

9. Making new friends is hard for me. I absolutely love being an Air Force wife, and making new friends comes along with the territory..but it is just plain hard for me. I am very shy/reserved when meeting new people and often scared to put myself out there and try new things. I hope & pray that Shelby will have her Daddy's outgoing and fun-loving personality as she gets older so that she will be able to make new friends easily with each move we have to make over the years.

8. I am embarrassed by the number of times I check my email, blogs, and Facebook each day. It's disgusting.

7. Before having a baby, I had all of these ideas and theories about parenting. Then, Miss Shelby arrived and all of that went out the window! Having a baby is a really humbling experience.

6. In high school, I waited in line at midnight for an NSync CD with three of my favorite people. And I still have all of my NSync CDs in my car to this day. I'm not ashamed.

5. Every night before I go to bed, I make a to-do list for the next day. There are few things in life that give me the great sense of accomplishment that I feel when I’m crossing something off my list.

4. I am a compulsive worrier. I worry about everything. If I’m not currently worrying about something, I’ll probably over-analyze until I find something to worry about.

3. I have a lot of insecurities when it comes to my new role as a mommy. I know it's not healthy to compare Shelby to other babies and I try not to..but every now and again, I catch myself doing it. I see other babies far younger than Shelby developing their mobility and worry that I am the reason it took her so long to get moving...I should have done more of this, less of that..you get the idea. I worry she's not getting enough socialization with other kiddos because I'm keeping her home..I wonder if I should do more {or less} Mommy & Me classes..it's never-ending. It is amazing privilege, honor, and blessing to have a child of our own, but the responsibility of it all still overwhelms me at times. I guess I just proved #4 to be very, very true..haha.

2. I am not really a phone person. I would much rather communicate via e-mail, text, or in person. :) The only exceptions to this rule are my mom {who I have always talked to on the phone at least once a day--if not more--ever since I moved away from home} and a few good friends who I unfortunately live far away from now. So if I ever have an extended phone conversation with you, consider yourself lucky..ha! ;)

1. I still keep my childhood blankie & bear in my bed to this day. :)
So I know these weren't exactly big, juicy secrets...but at least they were ten things you probably didn't know about me before! ;) Next up...nine loves! Stay tuned!


{Belated} Vacay Recap & Picture Dump

As I've mentioned before, Derek was in Seattle for the month of July. Shelby & I were bummed that he would be gone, but the TDY couldn't have come at a better time as July is usually the month that my family vacations every summer at a condo in Ormond Beach, Florida. So instead of being lonely and missing Derek in Biloxi, Shelby & I got to spend the month with my family at the beach..doesn't get any better than that! I posted some of our vacation pictures back in July, but here are a few {in random order} that never made it to the blog...
{beach fun!}
{early morning snuggles with Auntie Em}
{watching the afternoon storm clouds roll in with Grampy}
{we were oh so thankful that there is a good range on our baby monitor, so were able to enjoy some pool time sans baby during naps!}
{first time trying eggs & toast for breakfast..it was a hit!}
I have always looked forward to our vacations in Ormond Beach, but after I moved away from home in 2007 the trips to the beach took on a whole new meaning for me. July was the one time of the year when I got uninterrupted quality time with my family. Yes, we would come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but the holidays are always a busy time of year. Whenever we go home, we are always going a mile a minute trying to squeeze as much as we can into our short visit. But when we go to Ormond Beach, everything is laid back, and we just get to be together. This summer was extra special though. Not only did I get time with my family, but Shelby got to spend that time with her grandparents and aunt.
Being away from family is the hardest part of the military life {in my opinion}, so I am very thankful for our time in Ormond Beach. It was a great vacation, and we made lots of memories!



Happy Eleven Months, Shelby!
We will be celebrating your FIRST BIRTHDAY in just a few short weeks!
We call you "our big girl" all the time because that is truly what you are becoming before our very eyes, and we are just so proud of you!
This next picture isn't the best, but it's a great shot of your toofers! :)Here's your collage of monthly photos from birth until now...
{click on photo to enlarge}And without further ado...
Here is what Miss Shelby is up to these days....
--still sleeping great at night! You usually go to bed around 7:30pm and wake up at 8am. Mommy & Daddy are really enjoying you sleeping in a bit later in the mornings. :)
--your mobility really took off this month! You're still doing your "Air Force crawl" to move around. You like to get up on all fours and rock back & forth, but when you're ready to move you plop your belly back down on the floor to do your version of crawling. We're not sure if your big ole belly is too heavy to lift off the ground, or if you're just content with your mode of mobility...but we have a feeling you will not be doing the "traditional" baby crawl. You march to the beat of your own drum! :)
--you have learned how to go from sitting on your bottom to your "Air Force crawl" position..it is still a very slow and methodical transition from sitting to crawling, but you are doing it and we are SO proud of you!
--you can't go from crawling to sitting yet, but we're sure you'll figure it out soon!
--loving to play on Mommy & Daddy's bed. You think it's so funny to just roll back and forth across the bed! You still don't roll over very often, but whenever you're on our bed you do it about a gazillion times!
--you still aren't pulling up on anything just yet. We try to put your favorite toys on top of something high to entice you to pull up, but you are still just very apprehensive about new things. You get scared and then frustrated you can't do it. We're working on it though!
--your naps are finally getting to be a bit shorter! This is how I know you're really getting to be a big girl! Shelby used to nap for 3 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the afternoon...she loves her sleep! But now that she's getting older, her wakeful periods are starting to lengthen and both of her naps are about 1.5-2 hours.
--holding your own bottle! Your Daddy taught you how to do this :)
--your favorite tricks are: waving, blowing kisses, & making "Indian sounds" with Mommy & Daddy. We are also still using baby sign language with you. We regularly use these signs with you: water, milk, yes, no, and more.
--you are a very easy baby and Mommy & Daddy still haven't had to baby proof anything. You usually only crawl to your toys and then you just stop and play there. Knock on wood, you really haven't gotten into anything you're not supposed to yet! But I'm sure that will change soon! ;)
--getting more adventurous with table food! You at least try everything we give you, unless of course it has a strange texture you don't like! ;) Things we have discovered you like this month: the meatballs from our spaghetti, but not the spaghetti noodles; sausage off of our pizza; the crust of my sandwich bread...lots of random things! :)
And this is when you got bored with our photo shoot and starting playing with your toes and the cushion of your glider. ;)
By this time next month, we will have a one year old on our hands! We love you, Shelby!


Top Five Friday!

A random collection of a few of my most recent favorite things, in no particular order...

5. Portable DVD player for the car.
We weren't sure if Shelby was old enough yet or had enough of an attention span at this age to warrant spending the money on one of these, but let me just tell you it is worth its weight in gold! The reason we decided to just go ahead and bite the bullet on this was when we had our two 560-mile trips in July. Again, we weren't sure if the DVD player would really help distract Shelby all that much in the car or not, but we figured it'd be worth the try..and as it turns out, it was WELL worth it! Girlfriend loves her some Brainy Baby DVD's. I will often turn on a movie for her on the way to Target or something, and I will have to turn it off before I start unbuckling her or else she won't want to get out of her car seat! Ha!

In case you are in the market for a portable DVD player, we highly recommend this one! We ordered ours off of Amazon, and this is the model: Coby TFDVD7052 7-Inch Portable Tablet DVD/CD/MP3 Player (Black).

4. Safe Haven.
I love all of Nicholas Sparks's books, and this one is no exception. I would definitely recommend it.
Next up on my reading list is The Help, which is on sale this week at Target for only $10...and I got an extra 5% off of that with my Red Card..which brings me to #3...

3. Target's Red Card.
I don't know why I didn't sign up for this sooner considering how much I shop at good ole Tar-jay, but I finally got a Red Card this summer..and I'm loving it! In case you're unfamiliar with their card, it's a Target credit card {I think you can also get it as a debit card too, but we did the credit card} and whenever you use it at Target you get an extra 5% off your total purchase every.single.time. Even if your stuff is on sale or clearance..it's great! It makes me feel just a little bit less guilty about how much I go to Target. ;)

2. A new "big girl" car seat for Miss Shelby!
Since Shelby is just a month shy of her big first birthday, we got Miss Shelby a new car seat. She won't start using until after her birthday, but we are just SO excited to have her be facing the front in just a few short weeks!!
Of course, Derek had to do all of his obligatory research on Consumer Reports {which he loves to do} and he discovered this was the best-rated car seat that could grow with Shelby over the years. Usually, for our "big" baby purchases, we bought {or registered for} things in neutral colors that we could re-use in the future whether we had a boy or a girl down the road. But since Shelby will be able to use this car seat up to 100 pounds, we figured it was okay to go ahead and get a "girly" pattern b/c she is going to be spending lots of time in this car seat over the coming years!

Again, in case you are currently looking for a new car seat, this is the Graco Nautilis 3-in-1 Multi-Use Car seat {in the Raya pattern}. If you shop on Amazon or other websites, there are TONS of color options available, but they can be a pit pricey. Wal-Mart doesn't have a huge selection of colors/patterns, but they have by far the best prices on this particular type of car seat. Wal-Mart is where we got ours. :)

1. Turquoise & Caicos.
I'm usually an OPI kinda gal, but I was looking for something in the teal color family when I was at CVS recently and their selection of OPI was pretty limited...so I decided to give Essie a try. This color currently adorns my finger nails & my toes, and I'm loving it. :) Such a bright, cheery color!

What are your Friday faves?!


Where did our baby go???

Yesterday, we packed up Shelby's bouncy seat and swing and put them away in our storage closet. And then we lowered her crib. She's not pulling up just yet, but we figured it was better to lower the crib before it became an issue. How did our itty bitty baby go from this....

....to this?

Time has flown by. As much as I miss her being so itty bitty {I can barely remember her being so small! But maybe that's b/c she was in the 100th percentile by 2 months..ha!}, I am not one of those moms that is sad to see her baby growing up..at least not yet! Ha! I am so excited with each passing day because she is learning and interacting with us more and more. We are loving this age and stage of her life, but we honestly can't wait for what's next!


Weekend Recap

We had fun & full weekend here at the Smith house! Derek actually had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off this weekend, and it was the first time we were able to spend a whole day together--much less three whole days!--since the three of us got back home. So we really enjoyed ourselves!

--We started our weekend off with a trip to Bop's {a local frozen custard place} on Thursday evening...and I'm pretty sure Shelby enjoyed it just as much as we did! ;)

--Friday was a lazy day at home, and then we headed over to our neighbors' house for a promotion party that evening. We had a wonderful evening eating yummy food & spending time with friends! And in honor of the party, Shelby sported a barrette in her hair for the first time ever...it was a big moment! :)
Shelby has never been to a "party" where there were a bunch of people, loud voices, etc. so weren't really sure how she would handle it...especially since we're still at the age where new faces make her a little nervous and unexpected loud noises leave her trembling. But we quickly learned that our baby girl is a PARTY ANIMAL! She was l.o.v.i.n.g. all of the attention! When we were getting ready to head home and were making our rounds to say goodbye to everyone, she was waving at every single person at the party. It was the cutest thing!
--Saturday morning, we headed to Lowe's to pick up some new flowers and a few other things for our yard. After being gone for a month, our flower beds & yard were in serious need of some TLC. So after we got home from Lowe's and put Miss Shelby down for a nap, we braved the one-hundred-something-degree-heat index-and-insane-humidty and worked in the yard.
--We rewarded ourselves for all of our hard work by taking a trip to Target and going out to eat Saturday night. :)
--Sunday brought a trip to the commissary, a little photo shoot {in the hopes of getting a suitable photo for someone's birthday party invitation! :)}, grilling out for dinner, and making yummy homemade chocolate chip cookie dough for dessert! Yep, that's right...we didn't bake any cookies, just ate the delicious dough! Ha!

It was a wonderful family weekend for us! Hope you had a great weekend, too! :)