Shelby & The Easter Bunny, Round Two

What a difference a year makes!
Here was Shelby meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time last year...

And here is Shelby's second encounter with the Easter Bunny!

Last year we paid a good 30 bucks to have Shelby's picture taken at the mall with the Easter Bunny. This year, we took advantage of the Easter Bunny at the BX on base and only had to pay $10 for two 5x7's...not too bad! I made the mistake of trying to warm Shelby up to the Easter Bunny this year while she was still in my arms...she was all smiles for the first minute or two. But by the time I moved away and they pulled out the camera, the newness of the Easter Bunny was quickly wearing off and the smiles had faded. They got a couple pictures of her looking at the camera, but she had a nervous/deer in headlights look on her face. This picture of Shelby checking out the Easter Bunny was the best we could get. :)

I still think of Shelby as a "baby," but looking at these pictures makes me realize how much she has grown and changed in the last year! She's not really a baby anymore--she is turning into a little girl!


New Wheels, New Crocs, & A New Seat!

Derek's new truck!
{2010 Toyota Tacoma Quad Cab}
{Shelby checking out the backseat of Daddy's new truck!}

Shelby & I are both very excited about the new truck--there is enough room for a certain little girl's carseat & since it has an automatic transmission Mommy can actually drive it now, too!

We ordered Shelby some Crocs last week, and we have been eagerly awaiting their arrival! We figured they would be the perfect shoes for summer. We are already planning to try them out this weekend while we let Shelby run through the sprinkler for the first time! :) This picture was taken right before bedtime & Shelby already had her PJ's on, but we just had to see what she looked like in her new kicks!

A friend of ours was getting rid of their kiddos' booster seat, and we were the lucky recipients of it! It's a perfect fit for her. We tried it out for the first time at dinner tonight. As you can see from the picture below, Shelby still isn't a big fan of meal time. But she did thoroughly enjoy stacking her blocks in her new seat and taking a bite of food every now and again. ;)


Our Baby is Back!

After spending a week in GA, my parents drove Shelby back to Biloxi on Friday. We were so happy to have our baby girl back home again! My parents stayed for the weekend to visit with us, and we had so much fun..and did a lot of eating, too! Ha! We did lots of playing outside, Derek & my dad went golfing twice, we made a trip to the Kroc Center, made homemade pizza, grilled out, went out for ice cream, and just enjoyed being together! It was a fun weekend, and we were sad to see them go this morning. Here are a few pictures from our weekend...

{Shelby's current obsession..stacking!}

{fun at the Kroc Center!}

{getting into Mommy's wallet & diaper bag after naptime}


As happy as we are to have Shelby back, we are SO thankful to my parents for letting us have a week to ourselves. It was so nice to just be the two of us again for a little while, and it's amazing how much you can get done without a toddler! We managed to get Derek a new truck, ordered new couches for our living room, took 3 boxes of stuff to Good Will to donate, cleaned our house from top to bottom, organized our pantry, ran errands, packed away Shelby's outgrown clothes, and the list goes on! But we also managed to sleep in, go shopping for fun, and enjoy quiet dinners out. It truly was a wonderful week. But the best part was it left us rejuvenated and ready to get back to our normal routine with a wild and crazy 18 month old! I am looking forward to a quiet week at home with my little family of three.


Wordless Wednesday: Shelby's in GA!

We sure are missing our baby girl, but she is having a blast with our family in GA!


Our Hearts are in Georgia

After a quick trip to my parents' house this weekend, we packed up and headed back to Biloxi sans Shelby. We had been looking forward to this for weeks. We'd been yearning for a couple days free of the responsibilities that come with having an 18 month old, longing for a few days to regain our sanity and sleep in, and excited for the opportunity to check a few things off of our "things that are not easy to do while simultaneously entertaining a toddler" list. But now that the time has come, all we can think about is how we left our hearts behind in Georgia.

We have left Shelby with my parents before, but it's always been when we've gone out for a date night or traveled somewhere. This is the first time we've been at home without her, and it is a little harder than we'd anticipated! As we were unloading our bags back in Biloxi, Derek accidentally bumped into Shelby's music table...and the mere sound of it tugged at our heart strings! Then as we were going upstairs for bed the first night without her, we stopped by Shelby's bedroom as we do every night. But this time, there was no sleeping baby to oooh and aaah over...just an empty crib. Before we had Shelby, everyone always told us that once she gets here we wouldn't be able to remember what we ever did before having kids. I can still remember thinking those people were crazy! But now, 18 months later...we finally know what they mean. Our world is simply not the same without Shelby in it.

But while this week will be a bit hard on us, we know it is such a good thing for all three of us. {Actually, all five of us b/c I'm pretty sure Grammy & Grampy are enjoying their extra Shelby time!} It's such a blessing for Derek and I to have some time together as just the two of us and to be able to have conversations without interruptions. It feels so good to be able to get a few things done around the house that have been on our to-do list for far too long. And come Friday, we will be more than ready to have our baby back! But we know she's having way too much to even miss us! ;) Thanks for taking such good care of our Shelby-girl, Grammy & Grampy!


Happy St. Patty's Day!

We had a wonderful St. Patty's Day here in GA at my parents' house. The highlights were playing outside in the beautiful warm weather....

...and meeting my sweet friend's precious new baby girl.

What a fun day! :) Hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day, too!


Shelby's Easter Basket

Last year I debated over getting Shelby a monogrammed Easter basket from Pottery Barn Kids, but I haven't had a lot of good luck with PB and monogramming. So I searched on Etsy, but I couldn't find anything that I really liked for a reasonable price. In the end, I just got a plain basket for her from Michael's which worked out just fine. I thought about monogramming the liner that came with basket, but the liner wasn't big enough..so a monogram wouldn't fit on there. So we just used it as it was. {HERE} is Shelby last year with her Easter basket....hard to believe how much she's changed since then!
Fast forward to this year, and I got the PBK catalog in the mail again with those ridiculously cute Easter baskets! After perusing through the catalog, I realized that they sell the baskets & liners separately, and the PBK liner would actually fit the basket we already had from Michael's. I knew from previous experience with PB that if I was unsatisfied with the monogramming they would issue me a refund...so I gave it a whirl. And I'm so glad I did b/c I love how it turned out! :)

{please ignore all the junk on my table in these photos!}

{the picture below is of the back of the basket...I was pleasantly surprised there was detail on the back of liner b/c that wasn't pictured in the catalog}

And here is our almost 18 month old little girl showing off her new Easter basket :)


Wordless Wednesday: Shelby knows the letters in her name!

Shelby got her name puzzle for her first birthday from her BooBoo & Pop-Pop. She has always LOVED playing with it! Just recently I started noticing that she was putting the letters in {almost} the right spot. Then just the other day, I randomly asked her where the B was and she pointed right to it...and then proceeded to point to all of the other letters correctly, too! Who knows how long she's known the letters in her name, but we sure are proud. :) And we'd like to take the credit for her genius-ness, but all credit goes to the puzzle!


Weekend Recap...with a side of nostalgia :)

We had a rainy, dreary day on Friday and again today, but thankfully the weekend was nice! Windy, but nice...although it always seems to be windy here, so that's nothing new. Since it was nice, we let Shelby play outside a good bit. I don't think I ever realized until this weekend what a huge blessing it is to have a fenced-in yard with a toddler. Derek and I were able to sit and relax on the patio while Shelby ran around like crazy, and we didn't have to worry at all about her running off in the road or getting into something that she shouldn't. As Derek and I were sitting there chit-chatting and watching our sweet little girl run around, I just stopped and looked at him and said: "This is the life." Years ago, when I had dreamed of what our life might look like "one day"...this was it. It was a wonderful Kairos moment.

But in the spirit of keeping it real, we went inside after playing and Shelby proceeded to throw every.single.piece of food off of her tray during lunch. She's lucky she's cute! :)

Other highlights of the weekend included a trip to Dairy Queen {which is notable b/c we just recently discovered there was a DQ in D'Iberville..we will be making up for lost time in the coming weeks!} & Target, a family walk, making pulled pork sandwiches for the first time together, and laziness. :)

Derek was home for all of Shelby's waking hours this weekend, but he did have to work Saturday night. While he was at work, I was tackling a few projects at home. I wanted to watch something on TV while I worked, but nothing was really on. I went to pick out a DVD to watch and came across our wedding video and for some unknown reason I felt totally compelled to watch it..by myself..on a Saturday night. I know you're jealous of the exciting life I lead. ;) I don't think I had watched the video since our first anniversary, so it felt like I was watching it for the first time and it totally stunted my productivity...but it was seriously so much fun to watch it again! And it made me excited for the day when we can show the video to Shelby and tell her all about our wedding day. This isn't our wedding video, but it's a little slideshow of photos that our wedding photographer put together for us and I don't think its ever made its way to the blog before...so here is a {LINK} to it for your viewing pleasure :)

Happy Monday to you!


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday to you! Here in the Smith house, we usually never have any clue what day it is. The life of a stay-at-home mama is pretty much the same every day of the week and since Derek doesn't work a typical Monday-Friday job, the days tend to run together on us. ;) But this month, we're keeping track a little better since Derek gets weekends off...yay! Last weekend he actually had a three day weekend, and it was the perfect mixture of relaxation & productivity! Here are a couple of shots of Miss Shelby with her Daddy last weekend at the Kroc Center, which has an awesome indoor pool & splash pad.

Here's to more family fun this weekend! :)