Picture Overload

Our family beach vacation has come to an end! Shelby & I made it back to Biloxi on Saturday evening, and we got to enjoy two full days with Daddy at home! {Derek actually had to go into the hospital for a couple of hours on Sunday morning, but he was home before Shelby even woke up..so it was essentially two full days!} Since our vacay is over, this is the very last vacation picture overload you will have to endure! ;)

This picture was taken at 5pm one day when we were going in to wake
Shelby up from her nap. Running around on the beach & swimming
every morning made for LONG afternoon naps!

Grammy let Shelby have her own bowl of vanilla
ice cream one night.

It was a big hit!

More boogie board imitations...

A big thank you to Grammy & Grampy for a wonderful three weeks! We had a such an amazing time and made memories to last us a lifetime! But sometimes the best part of vacation is coming home, and that has certainly held true for us! It is so nice to be back home with Derek in our regular routine. The first night we were home we put Shelby to bed at 7pm, and she didn't wake up until 10:30 the next morning! Apparently, our little girl missed her crib! ;)  And it was like Christmas morning here at our house when Shelby re-discovered all of her toys that she had been missing while we were out of town. It's been a busy couple of days since we've been back home--lots of laundry, unpacking, washing cars, catching up with Keesler Spouses Club stuff, phone calls, etc--but there's no place like home!


Photo Dump from Grammy's Camera....

Here are a few vacation photos that Grammy (my mom) has taken...enjoy!

Shelby LOVED watching us play frisbee!

And she loved taking the frisbee from person to person :) 

Whenever we played frisbee, Shelby did a LOT of running!
It sure tires her out good for naptime!

Emi found a bug in the pool and was going to just throw it out,
but Shelby was very interested in it!

Checking out the bug!

There was music playing at the restaurant, and Shelby made everyone clap along
with her. She kept yelling: "Mama, clap! Emi, clap! Rae-Rae (how she prounounces
Grammy & Grampy), clap!"  :)

Shelby waiting for Grampy to return with her bucket filled with water

Shelby loves when people write the ABC's in the sand!

Oh no! The ABC's being washed away by a wave!

After Shelby saw Emily ride a wave in on the boogie board, Shelby decided to imitate it ;)

More boogie board imitations :)

And even more boogie board imitations!

Auntie Em (my sister) is flying back to Atlanta today. Shelby hasn't quite figured out how to say "Auntie Em," but she started calling her "Emi" since we've been here in Ormond Beach. We have always called her "Emi," and it's just so darn cute to her Shelby say her name. ;)  We will miss you, Emi!


Grampy is Here!

My dad arrived in Ormond Beach late yesterday afternoon, and we celebrated by going to our favorite local pizza place here--Stavro's! Here are some pictures from our first full day with Grampy here today....

a little crab we spotted right next to us on the beach

as soon as Shelby got close to the crab, he scurried down into his hole...Shelby immediately
started yelling: "Bug down! Bug down!" ;)

trying to climb out of the pool on her own!

a classic Grampy photo :)

Puddle Jumpers are the best inventions ever for toddlers! Shelby can essentially
swim on her own with it! It's amazing!

Shelby discovered the rope in the pool today, and for some reason she is OBSESSED with
the balls on it. Obsessed as in she kept trying to kiss it/put her mouth on it. As you see,
Grampy was quite amused/grossed out by the situation!

I don't have a picture of this to post now {I have one on my phone that I might try to get up on the blog later}, but today for lunch we were all eating leftover pizza from Stavro's. Wouldn't you know that my child--the one who despises eating and is as picky as you could possibly imagine--willingly ate countless bites of Grampy's meat lover's pizza today for lunch?! {It's important to note that Shelby will only occasionally eat pizza, and even when she does she will only eat bites of the crust. She won't even touch bites with any cheese, sauce, etc. on it. So this is a huge change from her norm!} We have a running joke in our family that Derek & my dad love to get "the meat sweats," and apparently Shelby is no different.

On a completely separate note, Shelby turned 22 months old on Tuesday the 17th! I will wait to take her 22 month pictures until we get back to Biloxi at the end of the month , so her monthly blog post will be up sometime after that.