Greetings from Disney World!

Hello from Disney World..hence the silence on the ole blog this past week! ;)

{Shelby's first time meeting Mickey Mouse!}

Disney World with a toddler & a newborn in tow is exhausting to say the least, but we are having an amazing time & making so many priceless memories! I can't wait to share the rest of our pictures!


Hadley: One Month Old!

 Happy One Month Birthday, Miss Hadley!

It's hard to believe, but a month has already come & gone! Hadley Mae turned one month old on Friday, April 19th. Time to start the monthly blog posts! But first, we'll start off with a few of Hadley's "Just Born" photos that were taken on March 29th when she was 1.5wks old.

Now we'll fast forward to the 1 month photos that were taken today, April 22nd, when Hadley was officially 1 month & 3 days old. She's definitely added a few rolls over the past month! ;)

What a month it has been! We have enjoyed getting to know you this month & getting to experience so many firsts with you! Your first time meeting your grandparents, your first Easter, your first bath, your first walk in the stroller, your first time having an explosive diaper, and the list goes on! Speaking of diapers, you have already graduated from newborn to size one diapers! As for clothes, your newborn clothes are getting a little snug but you are still wearing mostly newborn stuff as well 0-3 month.

Left-Hadley, 1.5wks
Right-Hadley, 1 month
Left-Hadley, 1 month
Middle-Shelby, 1 month
Right-Shelby, 2 months
I think Hadley is definitely chubbier than Shelby was at 1 month
& I think Hadley looks a lot like Shelby did at 2 months!

Hadley--you love bath time, being swaddled, looking at lights, being held, and you love when Shelby sings to you. :)  You do not like when Shelby's hair tickles your face {which happens a LOT because she is always smothering you..ha!}. You are a great nurser so far & you're a much better sleeper than Shelby was at this age! Since you're still so little, your sleep is far from consistent yet. But we are starting to see some patterns emerging. We can usually get at least one 3-4 stretch of sleep at night, which is glorious! Naps are definitely more of a struggle with you than nighttime sleep, but some days I can get you to take a 2 hour nap at the same time Shelby naps. Those are good days for this tired Mama. ;)  Today you were a great napper though...perhaps we are turning a corner! Fingers crossed! ;)

And here is Shelby at one month, and her one month post is {HERE}.

And just for fun, here are a few pics of Miss Hadley's first bath on April 18th..just one day shy of her one month birthday. 

And for comparison's sake, here are pics of Shelby's first bath....they definitely look a lot alike!!

Happy One Month, sweet girl! We can't wait to see what the next month will bring! We love you so much!


Life with a Toddler & Newborn--The First Four Weeks

I have been meaning to write this post ever since we brought Hadley home so I can remember what life was like with a brand new baby & a 2.5 year old. And now Hadley is one month old today, and I'm just now getting around to posting it! I guess that in and of itself tells you what life has been like for us lately. ;)  Ha! Anyhow, here we go...

For the first two weeks after Hadley was born, life with a toddler & a newborn in the house was  relatively easy. But that had a LOT to do with the fact that Derek was home on paternity leave& my mom was staying with us...and the fact that Hadley was such an easy-going, content, and sleepy newborn...basically the polar opposite of her big sister. ;) For the first three months of Shelby's life, she pretty much only slept if she was in our arms. Hadley, on the other hand, would sleep anywhere and everywhere for the first two week...she would even sleep right through Shelby smothering her in hugs & kisses. ;)

The things that struck me the most in those first few days of Hadley's life were how much she slept {we actually had to wake her up for feedings--I never could have imagined doing that with Shelby!}& how much Shelby loved her.

Then fast forward to weeks 3 & 4, and that's when things got interesting. Ha! Before Hadley was born, I knew the transition from one to two little ones would be difficult but it's one of things that you can't really prepare yourself for. Unfortunately, right around the same time Derek went back to work {on night float..ugh} & my mom left to head home. I went from having lots of help to suddenly being on my own. And that also happens to be right around the time when Hadley's newborn sleepiness was starting to wear off, and she was having a lot more wakeful times. I thought the hardest part of parenting two small children would be the times when they both needed me simultaneously; while that has been difficult, the hardest part for me has been the guilt. Oh my word, the guilt. I constantly felt {and still do feel} guilty. Guilty that I have to leave Shelby to play by herself while I rock Hadley to sleep for naps. Guilty that I'm not holding Hadley enough when I'm tending to Shelby's needs. Guilty that I can't do as many arts & crafts projects with Shelby b/c I almost always have a baby in my arms. Guilt, guilt, guilt. Another really challenging part of mothering two small children is the fatigue. Sure, I was tired when Shelby was a newborn. But it was just me & her, so it was easier to handle. Now when I'm exhausted, I have to care for a newborn and have patience with a toddler...and having patience with a toddler can be hard to do on a good day, and it's nearly impossible to do on little sleep. Because I'm so utterly sleep-deprived and exhausted on some days, I find myself snapping at Shelby for things that would normally be no big deal. Then I feel guilty for snapping at her. It's a vicious cycle really.

During our first outing as just the 3 of us girls to Chick-fil-a when Hadley was 3 weeks old, the guilt overwhelmed me & I sat there and cried in the booth while I ate my chicken sandwich. I was feeling guilty for lugging Hadley all over town for Shelby's activities b/c when Shelby was a baby we always had her home in her crib for naps. But even more so, I was feeling guilty about Shelby. Hadley was crying when we sat down to eat, so I had to hold her while Shelby ate. So by the time Shelby was done eating & ready to play, I hadn't even gotten a chance to eat yet. So for the first time ever, I let Shelby go into the play area by herself. It killed me to let her go in there alone, but I had just gotten Hadley asleep in my arms and I still needed to eat my food. So I sat and watched Shelby play through the window while I ate & held Hadley. Shelby was playing with 2 other little girls that were a little older than her, and as I watched her play I started to cry. I'm still not sure exactly what brought me to tears, but I was just overwhelmed with emotions--proud of Shelby's bravery to go in there without me, proud of Shelby for holding her own with the "big kids," guilty for not being in there with her. When I was finally done eating & had Hadley settled back down in her carseat, I went into the play area. Shelby looked at me proudly and said: "Look at all my friends, Mama!" She was seriously having the time of her life, and I was holding back more tears as I realized how grown up my first baby is.

The things that stand out in my mind the most from weeks 3 & 4 are how hard it was to find time for a shower {and I thought it was hard to shower when it was just Shelby..ha!}, the guilt guilt guilt,  how wonderful it feels when they both nap at the same time in the afternoon {that didn't/doesn't happen every day, but a couple days each week their naps overlapped by about 2 hours..leaving me with two hours to MYSELF! I never knew how good that would feel!!}  Something else that has surprised me about having a toddler & a newborn was how Shelby has handled me nursing. I had read on lots of other blogs how people had "nursing baskets" to keep their toddler entertained/out of trouble while the mom is nursing. I had contemplated creating a nursing basket for Shelby, but this has been such a non-issue for us. Hadley is usually happy/content while nursing, so Shelby and I can have conversations, I can read to her, etc. The most challenging thing for us is naps. It's too hard to keep Shelby quiet while I'm rocking Hadley to sleep, so I usually have to leave her downstairs by herself to play while I take Hadley upstairs for nap. It usually takes me about 10 minutes to get Hadley down, but it feels like an eternity when I've left Shelby alone. The first couple days when it was just us girls, Shelby handled this "independent play" really well. But now, the novelty of it all is starting to wear off for Shelby. Today as I was rocking Hadley to sleep for one of her naps, I looked over and Shelby had creeped up the stairs and was just sitting there staring at me longingly without saying a word b/c she knew she had to be quiet. It seriously about broke my heart. I know she needs to be able to play by herself, but the both of us are still getting adjusted to the fact that I can no longer give her my undivided attention. Some days are better than others, but today was just a hard day b/c Hadley hasn't been able to nap for longer than 30 minutes at a time so it feels like I'm constantly rocking Hadley to sleep which means Shelby is feeling neglected for a big chunk of the day.

Having a newborn & a toddler is definitely hard work, but these sweet girls make it worth it all. I can't wait to see their relationship grow in the days, months, & years to come!


National ACP 2013 in San Francisco

So even though the government is acting like they are cutting back, they still found the money to send me and two other residents to San Francisco for three days in order to play medical Jeopardy for 30minutes. Here's a summary of my trip....
 First off, a little proof that I actually went to the conference before I show the rest of the touristy pictures of San Fran. (That's a lot of doctors)
 Fisherman's Wharf...one of the main tourist places
 Cable car running down the street
 No fog this trip...clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge
 The sea lions moved to Pier 39 after the 1989 earthquake
 View of Alcatraz from the boat
 Walking down the main hall of Alcatraz's prison
Alcatraz has lots of flower gardens on it with a view of the Golden Gate bridge

It was tough to leave Sarah with both Hadley and Shelby, but luckily Grammy drove down to pick up my slack...Thanks Grammy. It was a fun trip, but I'm glad to be home with by girls. Next week....Disney World!


Tuesday Tidbits!

--First and foremost, DEREK IS HOME! Yay! And the even better news is that last night was his last night of night float at the hospital, so starting tomorrow we'll have some semblance of normalcy around here again. Since mid-March, we've added a new baby to our family, had lots of visitors coming & going, Derek working nights, and Derek out of town. So almost a month later, things will finally start to settle down! Thank goodness!
--Well, things will settle down for a little bit at least. ;)  Because next week, we are going to Disney World! :)  I just ordered matching Disney shirts for the girls to wear next week..so excited!
--Hopefully I'll get Derek to do a post about his time in San Francisco sometime this week. :)
--Shelby is very into bugs, and she LOVES it when Derek finds ladybugs for her. I love these pictures of her with the ladybug on her arm. :)

--Newsflash: having a newborn & a toddler in the house is HARD work. And I'm worn out. I seriously can't thank my parents enough for coming to aid when Derek was TDY last week. I don't know what I would have done without their help.
--Last week, I had my very first outing by myself with both girls in tow. We went to Chick-Fil-A to eat lunch & let Shelby play for a bit. Hadley cried the whole way to Chick-Fil-A. I was a frazzled mess trying to order our lunch b/c Hadley was still crying & Shelby thought we should either be playing or eating instead of standing in line like schmucks (in other words, she was whining). Just as I was about to lose my cool, I turned around to see Shelby rocking Hadley's carseat back & forth while singing "Rockabye Baby" to her. I seriously love that girl, and that is definitely a moment I won't forget. She is already the best big sister to Hadley.
--Hadley will be one month old on Friday..how is that possible?!
--The other day I needed to change both Shelby & Hadley's diapers at the same time, so I had them lay down side by side on the floor. They were both cracking me up b/c the TV was on behind them, and both girls were straining their necks to watch. ;)

Happy Tuesday to you! :)


Favorite Newborn Photos....

If you watched the slideshow of our newborn photos that I posted {HERE}, you've probably already seen most of these photos. But I wanted to post them here too, so they will be printed in our blog book. :)  Here are a few of my favorites from our newborn photo session....enjoy! :)

Love this picture b/c you can see Hadley's hair color so well :)

Here is a {LINK} to all of our newborn photos taken by Many Moons Photography. To our family--if there are any pictures you like, you can order from this website or you can let me know and chances are I have the picture on a CD & can email it to you. :)