Roly Poly :)

The other day while Shelby was napping, I did a little tummy time with Hadley.

I had been feeling a bit guilty that I really hadn't done any tummy time with her in her 2 months of life thus far. It's just hard to be intentional about things like that when I'm so busy keeping up with Shelby! But Hadley totally blew me away b/c she rolled over from her tummy to her back three separate times! I was able to catch a little bit of it on video :)  She also rolled over a bunch yesterday, but Derek & Shelby still haven't seen it action yet.

It's hard to believe that in just a few short months, Hadley will be sitting up & interacting with us more & more. Shelby loves her baby sister so much, but I know she is itching for Hadley to play with her! Right now, Hadley is starting to grab things a lot. So whatever Shelby is playing with--whether it is her play kitchen dishes, instruments, cars, etc--she will bring one of whatever it is for Hadley to hold. And that is how they "play" together. On Shelby's last day of MMO, I told her she had 2 gifts in her backpack from her classmates to open up. She immediately replied: "Shelby will have one, and I will share one with Baby Hadley!" How sweet is that?! I am so excited to see their relationship develop over the coming months & years.

On a separate note, we have Miss Roly Poly's belated 2 month appointment this afternoon. So I'll be sure to post her stats from the appointment soon! Hope y'all are all having a great week!


Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus

To kick off our local library's summer reading program, they enlisted the help of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. I was excited to take Shelby to the kick-off event last week b/c this was her first experience with clowns, and I was anxious to see her reaction as we just recently bought circus tickets for July. She was very mesmerized by the whole show and was just taking it all in. Some of the jokes & silly things the clowns did were over her head, but when the other kids started laughing & getting excited Shelby just went right along with them..it was too funny! It was a fun little program, and it definitely has me excited for the circus later this summer!

Sweet little Hadley slept through all the fun!

The clowns & our children's librarian, Mrs. DeeDee

At the end of the show, they had stickers, coloring pages,
& clown noses for all the kiddos. Shelby was SO excited about the clown nose!

This was the best picture I could snag of Shelby with the
clowns..there was so much going on, it was hard to get her to sit still & pose!

One happy girl!


Hadley: 2 Months!

Happy 2 Months, Miss Hadley Mae!

On Sunday, May 19th you turned 2 months old.
Look at how much you've grown in just 2 short months!

We don't know your exact weight/height b/c we don't have your 2 month appointment until the 30th, but our very unofficial weight taken at home was 14.5 pounds..but that sounds like way too much for a 2 month old to me, so we'll see! A lot of your 3 month clothes are already getting too small, and we are starting to break out some 3-6  & month stuff. Crazy! You have quite the belly on you already. ;)

You are smiling & cooing a lot these days! You started doing this at 5ish weeks when we were in Disney World, and it's just the sweetest thing. Shelby always gets so excited when she sees you smile: "She's smiling, Mommy! She's smiling!" Shelby couldn't possibly love you anymore than she does!

You do NOT like your carseat! You do a LOT of crying in the car. But you LOVE your bouncy seat & swing. Aside from not liking your carseat, you really are the most laid back, content, easy going little baby. You never mind at all if I have to plop you down in the middle of the kitchen floor to tend to your big sister...you put up with lots of smothering/hugs & kisses from Shelby...you just go with the flow. You are such a sweet addition to our family!

We had lots more firsts with you this month: first trip to Disney World & Chuck E. Cheese, first time sleeping through the night (!!!), first smile & coos, first birthday party you attended, and I'm sure there's lots more! You are such a trooper and just go with the flow of your busy, on-the-go life with your big sister!

You are a great nurser, and for that I am so very grateful! With Shelby, I was trying to figure out the whole nursing thing with a baby who screamed & arched her back every time I tried to feed her due to acid reflux. Those first couple months of nursing Shelby were not easy at all, but I'm so glad we stuck with it. And I'm even more glad that this time around, it's been a piece of cake! You latched right on from Day 1, and it's been smooth sailing ever since!

As far as sleeping goes, you sleep MUCH better at night than you do for naps. And I'll take that any day of the week. :)  You usually go right down for naps, but always seem to wake up at 30-45 minute mark and have trouble getting yourself back to sleep. {Shelby had this problem too, so I'm hopeful it will work itself out in time like it did for Shelby.} But sometimes we get lucky, and you nap for 2 hours! It's really hit or miss. But thankfully, nights are better! You're a little harder to put down at night {usually b/c you're so overtired from the lack of good naps during the daytime}, but once we get you down..you are good as gold! You usually sleep for one long stretch (6+ hours), nurse, and go right back to sleep for a few more hours. This is such a blessing! Shelby was often had a hard time getting back to sleep after those middle of the night feeding, so I really appreciate how easy it is with Hadley! And a big milestone in the sleeping department: on May 20th {when you were officially 2 months & 1 day old}, you slept through the night for the first time!!!! And it was GLORIOUS. You went to bed at 9 or 9:30 {we are just starting to work on moving your bedtime up earlier in the evening, but it's hard to do the bedtime routine for a toddler and a newborn simultaneously} and slept until 7am! You might have slept longer, but I checked on you about 15 times between 6 and 7am to make sure you were still breathing. ;)  After you nursed, you were back in your crib by 7:30. We finally had to go in and wake you up at 10am so we could make it to Bear Cub Club..ha! You've slept through the night one other time since then, and we're very hopeful it will continue!

For comparison's sake, here are a few pictures of Shelby at 2 months old. People tell us ALL THE TIME how much you two girlies look alike, and we couldn't agree more! We also get stopped ALL THE TIME with people commenting on how lucky we are to have not one but two red-headed beauties. I never liked the color of my hair growing up, but I'm so thankful that you both got such gorgeous red hair & I hope you both always know how beautiful you are--inside & out!


Shelby's Last Day of MMO

It's hard to believe, but Shelby's first year of "school" has already come and gone! Shelby had her last day of Mother's Morning Out on Thursday, May 23rd. Here are some pictures I took of her in the morning before we left for "school."

Saying cheese with breakfast still in her mouth ;)

Hugs for Mrs. Leslie after Shelby's last day
Shelby posing after school with her teachers, Mrs. Leslie & Mrs. Karen
Shelby's 1st day of MMO on the left & her last day on the right.
I love that both pictures were taken right in front of door knob, so you can easily
see how much she's grown this year! And her hair has really grown, too!!

Mother's Morning Out has been such a wonderful first school experience for Shelby thanks to her awesome teachers! We are so thankful that Shelby will have the opportunity to attend preschool at the same church with the same two teachers next year...such a blessing! I'm just not sure I'll be ready to give Shelby up for 2 mornings a week! But for now, we are ready for some summer fun! :)


Disney World, Part 5: Flash Back

Okay...just one more Disney post! ;) 

Derek's mom scrounged up a few pictures of Derek at Disney World when he was 20 months old. I thought these were so fun to look at to compare Shelby's first trip to Disney World with her Daddy's first trip to Disney about 26 years ago!

Derek meeting Minnie at a character breakfast.

Derek & Pluto at the breakfast!
We were amazed at how little Minnie & Pluto have changed over the years!

Derek, BooBoo, & Maleah...and some character?! I guess a few of the characters
have come and gone b/c we have no clue who that is! ;)

Derek in front of the Monorail

Again..Derek, Maleah, & some character :)

Derek & Maleah in front of Cinderella's Castle

On a separate note, Hadley turned 2 months old on Sunday the 19th! I'll try to get her 2 month post up sometime in the next couple of days. Hope y'all are all having a great week! :)


Wordless Wednesday: Cell Phone Photo Dump!

Daddy & Hadley napping on the couch :)

Hadley napping in her carseat at Chick-Fil-A

Shelby LOVES train tables these days! This picture
was taken at Barnes & Noble.

Shelby has been asking almost every day to go to the splash pad in our neighborhood
b/c she can see it from her bedroom window. Well, we got us all dressed & ready for some
fun in the water...and wouldn't you know that Shelby didn't want to get sprayed by any
of the fountains. ;)  So back home to our water table we went :)

Playing with a bubble wand from Auntie Em.

Chunky Monkey :)

Love that sweet smile!
Not the best picture..but Shelby & Adam were having the best time playing
with sticks together on the playground!

Love this picture! Shelby was loving the snuggle time with Daddy & Hadley
before bedtime one evening :)

We went to one of Shelby's friend's birthday parties over the weekend,
and they had rented this cute little train. Shelby LOVED it!

Shelby enjoyed riding on the cart on our trip to Lowe's to get flowers!

Shelby is sporting her new Sesame Street bandaids.
This was her first real "spill" that required a bandaid...
she was such a trooper!

Shelby loving/smothering {you be the judge!} on her baby sister.

A lazy day at home :)

We went to the library this morning, and I let Shelby
try the computers in the children's area for the first time.
I was blown away that she could totally hold her own!
The computers there are all touch screen, which is so nice for toddlers.


Recovery: C-Section vs. VBAC

This post is probably TMI for most readers, but I just wanted to record my post-delivery thoughts here on the blog for my memory's sake.

For Hadley's delivery, I was given the choice to have a repeat C-section or attempt a VBAC, and we opted to try for the VBAC for a variety of reasons. All of the doctors who helped counsel us in making this decision reiterated that the recovery process would likely be so much better with a VBAC than I had with my C-section for Shelby ..ha! Seriously, if I would have known what this recovery would be like...I'm not so sure I would have gone for the VBAC after all ;)  It has been a slow return to normal for me. Due to the fact that I hemorrhaged & lost a good deal of blood, I was pretty weak/tired for a couple weeks after delivery. In addition to that, I had considerable pain associated with Hadley tearing me/the stitches and then I was dealing with the bleeding on top of that. Here we are 8 weeks later, and I am STILL bleeding..I am so over it! Thankfully, the pain has finally completely subsided. But I was taking pain pills for far longer after my VBAC than I did after the C-section. I even had to take a few while in Disney World b/c the increased activity/time on my feet definitely increased my pain level. Something else that was different for me with the VBAC was swelling. I didn't have any swelling after Shelby was born {although my ankles did swell up a bit from time to time during the pregnancy}, but I had terrible swelling in my feet & ankles for about 1-2 wks after Hadley was born {but I never had any swelling during her pregnancy...weird!}.

I had my {belated} 6 week post-partum check-up last week, and I am pleased to report that my healing process has gone perfectly! And I am one pound less my pre-pregnancy weight. :)  Although I wish I could say that meant my clothes were fitting appropriately, but they're just not quite yet. {Read: I still have to wear my maternity jeans or a belly band with my jeans..ugh.} Hopefully I'll be back in all my regular clothes soon though! For now I am just living in cotton tees & skirts. :)

With all of that being said, I would say without a doubt that I preferred my C-section to the VBAC delivery. But I'm still glad I did the VBAC b/c now I can say I have experienced both. But when and if we are ready to try for Baby #3, I think it's going to be hard for me not to go with a repeat C-section {unless of course I actually go into labor on my own for a change!} when I know how much easier that recovery was on me. ;) Not to mention the long labor that came along with th VBAC, and Shelby was out in no time at all! Ha! But we'll see!

And just because, here are a few recent pictures of Miss Hadley...