Six Years

It many ways, it feels like it was just yesterday that we said "I do." But then in other ways, I can't even remember a life before our marriage. So much has happened since we said our wedding vows--2 moves, graduation from medical school AND residency, 2 babies, and so much more. It hasn't always been easy, but it's been more wonderful than I ever could have imagined! I love you, Derek! Thank you for being the man of my dreams and the most wonderful father to our precious girls!


Hadley: 3 Months Old!

Happy {belated} 3 Months, Baby Hadley!
{I wonder at what age we'll finally stop calling you Baby Hadley?!}

On June 19th, you turned 3 months old. You continue to amaze us with your sweet sweet demeanor & laid-back personality. You put up with a LOT from your big sister b/c she likes to love on you all.the.time. but you just take in stride. When she is playing across the room, you love to just watch her every move. You two are already becoming the best of friends. Nothing warms our hearts more than when Shelby is talking to you, and you start cooing back at her...it's the sweetest thing!

Here's what Miss Hadley is up to these days....
--You still aren't a fan of the carseat, but you don't scream in the car nearly as much as you used to. Progress!
--You love bathtime!
--You are really loving your activity mat these days! It's so fun to see you starting to grab & kick at your toys now! Shelby always loves to lay on your activity mat with you, and one day you were both on it when I started hearing Shelby yelling: "Ow! Ow! Mommy! Ow!" I rushed over to see what was going on, and sure enough Shelby was getting hurt--Shelby was in Hadley's path of playing with her toys, and she kept on accidentally hitting & kicking Shelby as she was reaching for her toys. It was too funny! I'm sure that this was just the first of many times where there will be hitting & kicking going on between the two of you...but at least this time was totally innocent. :)
--We got your belated 2 month shots recently, and you did great! Only cried for a second, and thankfully no noticeable fussiness or discomfort as a result! You did sleep more soundly than usual after your shots, so that was a nice treat for Mommy. :)
--Your stats at your belated 2 month dr appt (on May 30th when you were 2 months & 11 days old): 15 pounds exactly (99th percentile) and 24.4 inches long (96th percentile). For comparison's sake, Shelby was 13 pounds & 2 ounces at 2 months. Even at just 13 pounds, Shelby was considered 99th percentile; the doctor told us Hadley is actually "off the charts," even though it was recorded as 99th percentile in her chart. I guess there's no such thing as 100th percentile?! Ha! And at 2 months, Shelby was in the 95th percentile at 23.5in. So we've got two big girls on our hands! ;)
--We put you in one of Shelby's old dresses that was a size 9mo. I only put that dress on you b/c it matched the colors that Shelby & I were wearing for Derek's graduation. I didn't expect the dress to fit you, but it did! Most of Shelby's 6 month clothes are Christmas themed (even though she was only 3 mo old at Christmastime! Ha!) and/or more appropriate for cooler weather, and her 9 month stuff is all summery. So it works out perfectly that Hadley is a big ole baby b/c she's now wearing all of Shelby's 9 month dresses & outfits!
--Sleep? What's that? ;) We were doing really well with nighttime sleep up until about a week or two ago. You were going to bed around 8 or 8:30, waking up around 2-3 and 6ish to nurse, and sleeping until 8:30 or 9. Then this past week or so has kind of been all over the place. You definitely sleep better at night than you do for naps, so we're thankful for that! Hopefully we'll see some progress in the sleep department soon. :) But until then, it's hard to be too mad at you b/c you are seriously the happiest baby ever. No one would ever know you are sleep-deprived!
--For naps, you usually go right to sleep without too much trouble. But you always wake up 30 or 45 minutes into your nap and can't seem to get yourself back to sleep. Shelby had this problem too, so we're hopeful it will work itself out with age.
--You love to suck on your hands. So much so that we finally stopped swaddling you with your arms in b/c you want your hands near your mouth all.the.time.
Exhibit A :)
--You also love to suck on your clothes, burp cloth, or whatever else you can get to your mouth!
--You are laughing now! It's the sweetest sound. Shelby gets so excited when you laugh!
--You really found your voice this month and coo, talk, & squeal quite a bit! 

We love you, Hadley Mae!


Summer Memories

Right after Derek & I put Shelby to bed tonight, we walked outside to turn the sprinklers on. I heard Derek mutter "crap" under his breath. I followed his gaze & realized he was staring at a frog. I didn't realize why he seemed upset by the frog sighting, so I asked what was wrong...but I should have known. Derek loves catching ladybugs & grasshoppers for Shelby, and he was disappointed that Shelby was missing out on the chance to see the frog. We thought about it for a minute, and then I ran upstairs to get her out of bed. We got her all wound up and Shelby ended up getting to bed way too late, but we made a precious summer memory that we won't soon forget. Shelby was so excited! She kept saying "That froggy is hoppin' all over my house!"

Here's to lots more fun summer memories with our girl!


A Couple of Firsts for Miss Shelby...

Our picky eater got brave this week and actually asked us if she could try some of our corn on the cob..and she loved it! :)

And Shelby had her first taste of brownie batter recently, too! Of course she loved that! :)

Happy Friday, Everyone! :)


A Few More Photos from Graduation & A Video

The photographer that was taking pictures at Derek's graduation ceremony snapped a few of us and posted them on their website, so I snagged them to post here....

In other news, Derek's Chief Resident duties are now in full swing. He is accompanying the new interns on a trip to Jackson for orientation at the hospital there, so us girls are flying solo for 2.5 days. At the beginning of this week, I wasn't the slightest bit worried about this little trip. In fact, I was even feeling like Super Mom b/c things were just going so smoothly at home. Then yesterday happened. Nothing catastrophic happened by any means; it just never ceases to amaze me how humbling it is to parent two small children.

Speaking of those small children...Hadley turned 3 months old yesterday! I'll try to get her 3 month post up sometime this weekend. And our other small child did this at her friend's house yesterday...she had a blast!


Derek's Residency Graduation

On Tuesday, June 11th, Derek graduated from the Internal Residency Program at Keesler AFB! It has been a long road to get Derek to this point--4 years of college at UGA, 4 years of medical school at USUHS, and then 3 years of residency here at Keesler--but it also seems like it has FLOWN by! I am thankful to have walked alongside Derek throughout this entire 11 year educational journey, and I am so incredibly proud of him & all of his accomplishments!

I initially planned for my mom to keep the girls at home during the graduation ceremony, but I am so glad I decided to be brave and bring them along! (But I definitely couldn't have done it without the help of Grammy & BooBoo!) This was truly a milestone for our entire family, so I felt like we all needed to be there to celebrate it! When Derek started his residency, it was just the 2 of us & here we are 3 years later as a family of 4! It's still hard for me to believe sometimes that we have 2 kids & that Derek is done with residency....when did we get old enough for all of this?!

Here are a few pictures from Derek's graduation day....

Shelby surprised me and did GREAT throughout the entire ceremony!

Every time she saw someone she knew walk across the stage,
she would start saying their name & pointing to them ;)

Sweet girl :)

This is how Hadley spent the entire ceremony...asleep in Grammy's arms :)

First time spotting Daddy after the ceremony

And this was what Shelby was waiting for...cake!
After the very first person spoke at the ceremony, Shelby exclaimed:
"Now it's cake time!" Little did she know, we still had an hour-long
ceremony before she could eat cake! ;) It was so funny!

Shelby & Ella
{Ella's daddy was also graduating with Derek}
Ella & Shelby watching their Daddies get ready for pictures

Front row: all of the graduating residents
Back row: Dr. Carroll, Dr. Forgione, Dr. Deas, & Dr. Conger

Shelby & Ella dancing...can you say sugar high?! :)

The majority of the Internal Medicine Residency Program :)

Dr. Forgione (program director) & Baby Hadley

Derek & Dr. Forgione

Mrs. Susan (retired program coordinator) & Baby Hadley

Adrian (Ella's daddy), Dr. Forgione, & Derek

Dancing Queens!

Congratulations, Derek! We are all so proud of you, and we know you are going to make the BEST Chief Resident!