I'm behind on several blog posts I want to get published {Hadley's 4 month post, potty training, random updates, etc}, but these pics of Hadley will have to do for today. Who could resist this sweet face anyways?!

Smiling in Mama's lap :)

It occurred to me the other day that it won't be much longer before Hadley will be crawling and getting into everything, and just sitting in Mama's lap will be a thing of the past. So I'm trying to soak it up as much as possible while I still can! We used to always put Hadley in her bouncy seat or swing while we ate our meals, but now she almost always sits in my lap during meals b/c I know that will be over before I know it!

This is how Hadley always sleeps...in a "SwaddleMe" blanket with her arms out,
head snuggled up in the corner of the crib, and her Taggie blanket on top of her.

She is the sweetest & BEST sleeper these days!
She goes to bed around 7, wakes up once to nurse,
and then is up for the day around 7:30-8. Taking 2 two-hr
naps (morning & afternoon) and about an hour long evening
nap. Hallelujah! This Mama thrives on routine, so

And here's a video of your newest trick...


Shelby's Clone

I posted this photo comparison on Facebook the other day, so I thought I'd share it here too so we'll have it in our blog book. Hadley is on the left at 4 months, and Shelby is on the right at 6 months. I just think it is too funny that not only do they look alike, but they also have matching chubby cheeks & expressions!


Technology, Naps, & Road Trips...Oh My!

I was scrolling through pictures on my phone today and came across a few from our trip to Birmingham that I meant to include in my post on Monday but forgot. Better late than never though, right?!

We recently got a tablet {primarily for Shelby's use}, and it was a LIFESAVER on our trip! Shelby had a blast playing educational games on the tablet {I'm that mom that will only let her child use technology/watch TV if it's educational. I feel much less guilty about giving her "screen time" if she's learning something while she's at it! I typically try to keep her screen time to a bare minimum, but when we're traveling...anything goes! We're just trying to maintain our sanity!} while we packed up our hotel room on Sunday morning. I love how Hadley can never take her eyes off her big sister!

During the car ride, Shelby would pretty much alternate between listening to her Kindermusik CD's, watching Sesame Street or Super Why DVD's, or playing games on the tablet. Looking back, I have NO idea how my sister & I survived all those ten-hour drives to St. Louis when we were little. And more importantly, how did my parents maintain their sanity?!?! I am beyond thankful for technology.

On the drive home from Birmingham on Sunday, Shelby was so tired. This is what she looked like for the first 30 minutes of the drive:

For those of you who may not know/remember, Shelby has not slept anywhere other than her crib/pack n play/bed for as long as we can remember. It does not matter how tired she is, she will not sleep a wink unless you put her down for a nap or bedtime. She usually will not even so much as get tired eyes unless she's in her bed. But now that Shelby is older, it's easier to communicate with her. So I thought I'd try explaining to her that it was okay to sleep in her carseat if she was tired. I told her that Hadley was sleeping in her carseat, and Mommy would sleep in her seat, and that it was okay if she wanted to close her eyes and go to sleep too. This was the look she gave me when I told her that:

I think Shelby just thought we were going to "pretend sleep," which is one of her favorite pasttimes. But I tried explaining to her again that it was okay to sleep in the car, and sure enough it worked! A few minutes later, we saw this:

She only slept for about 40 minutes, but for a girl who never sleeps in the car--that's a pretty big deal! And the best part was Hadley & Shelby were both asleep for those 40 minutes. So we had 40 minutes of peace & quiet in the car..it was amazing! Derek & I kept looking at each other like, "Man, road trips with kids who sleep are a breeze!" Ha!



We have been spoiled with lots of fun family time lately! After a wonderful visit with my sister last week, we sadly said our goodbyes to her on Thursday morning. We packed in a lot of fun with her while she was here though--the pool & splash pad, Bear Cub Club, swim lessons, hair cut, Monkey Joe's, Blow Fly Inn, & TatoNut! Yum Yum!

Then on Friday morning, we loaded up the car & headed up to Birmingham to meet our sweet new nephew! Traveling with 2 little ones & a baby is an adventure to say the least, but we're so thankful we were able to make this trip even though it wasn't easy! This trip marked our first road trip with Shelby in "underpants" {as she likes to call them thanks to Elmo!}, and she did AMAZING! We were very proud of her! She had no issues whatsoever!

Baby Leland is just so sweet! Meeting Leland this weekend was a stark reminder that the newborn days are long gone for Miss Hadley. In so many ways, it feels like we just added her to our family; but after seeing her & Leland together, it made it very apparent she is no longer a newborn! Those newborn days, while exhausting, are just so sweet. I miss the days of Hadley sleeping on our chests. It's hard to believe the newborn phase is behind us!

Shelby & her beloved sunglasses. The second we set foot outside these days,
Shelby immediately starts asking for her sunglasses if she doesn't already have
them in hand telling me "It's so bright, Mommy! I need my glasses!" ;)

These sweet cousins just had the BEST time playing together this weekend! Shelby has never played with another child as well as she did with Elly. They shared so well, took turns, and had cute little 2 year old conversations together. It was just so sweet to see them interact with one another! My heart was a bit heavy on the drive back to Biloxi on Sunday thinking about their little relationship. If we lived closer, I have no doubt those two would be the best of friends and getting into all kinds of trouble together! Although I love our Air Force life, living away from family never gets easier.

For whatever reason, these girlies thought it was so fun to play in the ottoman!

Shelby & Elly loved taking turns pushing each other around in the Cozy Coupe!

Jumping on Uncle Lucas & Aunt Maleah's bed!

These girls both love pudding!

Fun in the pool!

I wish I could have captured the look of pure joy on Shelby's face when she first realized
we had put Hadley in the swing. She made a bee line from the pool to see her sister swinging!
Shelby is always asking when Hadley will be "big enough" to do x. y, or z. So this was SO
exciting for Shelby to see that Hadley was big enough to swing now!

Notice me in the background of this picture & the previous one?
Helicopter mom, anyone? ;)

Uncle Lucas was showing Shelby how to blow across the beer bottle
& make sounds...Shelby was loving it!

Words cannot express how much I adore these next two photos of Shelby & Elly!

Apparently the swing was pretty relaxing for Hadley ;)

BooBoo with her 4 precious grandbabies!

I love this one of Aunt Maleah & Baby Hadley!

What a wonderful weekend we had with Aunt Maleah, Uncle Lucas, BooBoo, Cousin Elly, & sweet Baby Leland! We can't wait until next time!!


Shelby's 2nd Hair Cut

Today was Shelby's 2nd hair cut! She loved it just as much as she did the first time, which you can see {HERE}. Shelby's hair had gotten so long, and a haircut was definitely overdue especially with it being summertime. Shantel {the girl that cuts our hair} almost convinced me to let her give Shelby a bob, but I couldn't do it! I loved Shelby's long hair too much! I love it now too though...it's so cute & looks much healthier!

The Before Shot :)

Playing with Auntie Em in the waiting area before her haircut

Hadley squealed & squealed the entire time we were there!

Shelby was loving it!

All done!
The best "after" shot I could get...she was all
about the lollipop!!


Auntie Em is Here!

My sister is here with us for a few days, & Miss Shelby is LOVING every minute of it! 

Auntie Em brought a few new Sesame Street books for Shelby...
she obviously knows Shelby's love language! Books and Sesame
Street...what more could a girl want?! Ha!

And I just realized I haven't taken a single picture of Hadley with Auntie Em yet, which is kind of hard to believe considering Auntie Em has been loving on that sweet girl every chance she can get..ha! Thankfully we still have a few days left with Auntie Em, so I'll be sure to get some pictures!