Go Dawgs!

This weekend marks the start of college football! It makes me long for the good ole days in Athens, but when I look at this little photo collage I made on my phone last night {which I'm embarrassed to admit took me almost 20 min to create..I'm clearly not up with the times!} it makes me realize that these really are the days, too. How did the past 3 years go by so quickly??

Love these two so much!
We are so thankful for friends who feel like family.
It has been a true blessing to raise our children alongside eachother!

This is actually Shelby's fourth football season..she watched her very first game in the hospital at Keesler Medical Center!

Shelby sporting her UGA hat even though it was way too big ;)

Daddy holding baby Shelby in the hospital & watching the game
 And it's Miss Hadley's first season as a Little Bulldog! Here are our girls today in their matching UGA shirts from {Sarah Kate}.

Shelby giving Uga a pep talk before the game tonight ;)



Shelby's New Princess Bike & Other Summer Happenings

We got Shelby a new princess bike recently, and she is loving it! Now if we could just figure out how to teach her to ride it! Teaching a kid to ride a bike is a whole lot harder than I thought it would be! But I guess that's just about how everything goes in this whole parenting thing, isn’t it?! Ha! Speaking of princesses, we watched Princess & the Frog (the Tiana movie as Shelby calls it) & Cinderella with Shelby this week..it's so fun to do this kind of stuff with our big girl!

We've had a fun, busy week! We spent a lot of time outside b/c it thankfully wasn't as muggy as it normally is in August. It was a nice change of pace! During Hadley's naptime on Monday morning, Shelby & I made brownies & went to the pool for a bit (LOVE that our monitor reaches to the pool!!). Then when Hadley woke up, we went to the park together. Tuesday was Excel by Five, Wednesday was the splash pad, & Thursday was the park with friends. Lots of fun! But of course, not pictured is the constant Mommy Guilt I carry around no matter what we do. ;)  Being a Mommy is hard work. We had a fun week, but there were many moments where I felt like Hadley was getting the short end of the stick b/c she missed naps while we were out and about. Then when we stay home to let Hadley get all her naps in, I feel like Shelby is missing out on things. But thankfully, Derek let me escape for a girls night on Wednesday night...and man, that was SO good for me! I was quickly reminded by my sweet friends that I'm not the only one feeling this way, and I'm loving my girls the best way I can--and that's all that matters. Anywho..back to our fun week..here it is in pictures! :)

Shelby's first time with glitter! Fun for both of us!! :)

Making letters with shaving cream on the table,
and simultaneously getting it cleaned up!

Mixing the brownie batter!
Fun at the Marina Park on base

Marina Park

Marina Park

Marina Park

Excel by Five...Shelby loves these bead toys!

This little boy was all about Shelby at Excel by Five.
He insisted Shelby dress up as the girl power ranger to match him,
and surprisingly Shelby went along with it! This was her first time
"dressing up" while playing. ;)
Today is the start of a 4 day weekend with Derek at home..YAY! Then next week, preschool starts for Miss Shelby! Hard to believe summer is almost over! But it will still feel like summer for a few more months here on the Gulf Coast, so I guess it's not really over for us yet! ;)


Happy Hadley :)

As I mentioned in Hadley's five month post {SEEN HERE}, Hadley love-love-loves to grab our faces.

Exhibit A:

She also loves it when we rub our heads  near her face...who knows why?! But this is Hadley & Daddy's little pre-bath routine together every evening. It doesn't matter how grumpy or tired she is, she always cheers up when Daddy does this. :)


Hadley: Five Months!

Happy Five Months, Hadley Mae!
On August 19th, you turned five months old.
I can't believe we're almost half-way to your 1st birthday! Where has the time gone?!

We love you more & more each day, and it's hard to imagine our little family without you in it! You are just the sweetest thing!

Here's what Miss Hadley is up to these days....
--no teeth yet!
--size 3 diapers & mostly 6 or 9 month clothes, although we've already had to pack up a few of your 6 month outfits b/c they were getting too snug!
--taking 2 or 3 naps a day depending on our schedule that day...a lot of the time you sacrifice your morning nap for your big sister's activities, but you are always such a trooper about it! I just wear you in a baby carrier, and you're happy as a clam! Sometimes you take a little cat nap in there, but usually you like to stay awake & watch the action ;)
--you almost never sleep in the car anymore...just like Shelby! But you are pretty content in your carseat for the most part these days, so I'll take it! You just like to sleep in your crib :)
--you love to put anything & everything in your mouth
--you love to reach out and touch our faces & you'll grab a handful of hair too if you can. Shelby is always so sweet with you when you do this. She'll always say "Hadley, that's not nice. Remember, we don't hit. We don't pull hair." ;)  If only you understood that! Ha!
--still nursing! By this point, we were already regularly giving Shelby rice cereal. But we have decided to wait until 6 months with you before giving you any "food." We are leaning towards doing the baby-led weaning with you as opposed to starting with rice cereal/pureed baby food. We'll see how that goes! It's hard to believe it's almost time to break out the high chair again!
--When Shelby was staying with Grammy & Grampy earlier this month, you started almost sleeping through the night! You'd sleep from 7 or 8pm to 4 or 5am then nurse & go back to sleep till 8:30 or 9am...glorious! {Last night you slept from 8pm to a little after 7am and woke up cooing & squealing...I hope you keep this up!}
--You are rolling over from your back to your front all.the.time. But you're never happy when you realize what you've done & you start fussing. Hopefully you'll figure out how to get back onto your back on your own soon...until then, Mommy can't leave you alone on the floor for too long until you're calling for help to get rolled back over! ;)
--You almost never spit up, and it's delightful!
--You took Zantac for about a month, and then we weaned you off it..and you're doing just fine now! Yay!
--You love sitting at the table & watching us eat...it's so funny to see your face tracking our food all the way to our mouth & back and forth again.

You are still the most laid-back, content, easy-going, happy baby! When we are out & about, people always comment on one of two things about you: how happy you are or how much you look like your big sister! ;)  We love you, Hadley!!


Shelby's Week at Camp G&G

Our Shelby-girl is home! We drove to Montgomery {the half-way point between Biloxi & my parents' house} on Sunday to meet my parents for lunch & to get our big girl back! We have probably told Shelby about 1.5 million times since then that we're so happy she's home! But we're also thrilled that she had the opportunity to spend a week with her grandparents making memories. This was the 2nd summer in a row that Shelby has attended "Camp Grammy & Grampy," and I hope it's a special summer tradition that Shelby {and eventually Hadley too!} will be able to look forward to & enjoy for many years to come!  Here are some of the highlights from Shelby's week....

My friend Angela was at home in GA this week. She just happens to live a few miles
from my parents, so Shelby & Adam were able to get some playtime together in Suwanee!

Zoo Atlanta

Some post-bath cuddling with Gramy

Storytime at the library with Grammy

Shelby got some dinner & playtime with BooBoo & Pop-Pop one evening!

And while Shelby was having the time of her life in GA, we loved all the extra time we had to love on this sweet girl!!

But we are just thrilled that we're all back together at home again this week in MS!

Shelby running to give Hadley hugs as soon as she saw her on Sunday afternoon!