Shelby's 3rd Birthday Invitation & Thank you Card

Shelby loves Sesame Street, so that was the theme of her birthday party this year! She was very adamant that ALL of her "friends" {aka favorite characters} be on the invitation. But of course all of the cutesy, girly Sesame Street invitations only had Elmo or Abby Cadabby on them...so it was a quite challenge to find an invitation with all of the characters to please Shelby, but was also cute enough to please Mama. ;) Ha! I'm really pleased with how it turned out though!

The weeks leading up to Shelby's birthday party were so fun b/c she was just so excited! Shelby is all about birthdays these days! She loves getting birthday invitations in the mail and looking at them on the refrigerator, and it was even more fun when it was her invitation on the fridge! We read and/or sang the words on Shelby's birthday invitation at least once every single day!

Shelby also loved her thank you card this year! She was very excited to be able to sign her name at the bottom of each card! And she totally blew me away one day when I caught her reading what I written! I couldn't believe it! Here is a video of her reading the thank you card for her friends Thomas & Kate.


Shelby's Birthday Weekend

Shelby's birthday weekend started off with a bang on Friday {September 20th}. She got to take cupcakes to share with her friends at preschool.

Shelby's teachers took this picture of her enjoying her
birthday cupcake at school :)

And then Grammy & Grampy were there to surprise her after school at pick-up! Then when Shelby woke up from her nap on Friday afternoon, she was ecstatic to discover that lots more people had arrived to see her! Shelby is one loved little girl to have so many people drive so far to come see her & help her celebrate her 3rd birthday! Aunt Maleah, Uncle Lucas, Cousins Elly & Leland, BooBoo, and Pop-Pop all arrived on Friday afternoon, and then Grandma & Granddad got into town on Saturday.

BooBoo & Pop-Pop brought along Derek & Maleah's Halloween costumes from when they were little, so the girls had a BLAST playing dress-up in them! My favorite part of the whole weekend was watching the girls play with one another and just having all of the family together..it was wonderful! We couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

Next up...party pictures!! :)



Life has been full & busy lately, so this little blog has been a bit neglected. I've had plenty of things I've wanted to share with you--Hadley's first experiences with solids, Shelby's birthday party, soccer games, Hadley's 6 month post, the list goes on--but I've just been worn out & haven't been able to find the time/energy to compose a blog post. Between Hadley still waking up once at night to eat {which I really shouldn't complain about b/c she only nurses for about 15 minutes, doesn't require a diaper change, and I just lay her back down awake & she falls back asleep on her own} & only about an hour of overlapping naps, I'm just exhausted by the time we get Shelby to bed at night. We usually have her down by 8:30pm and we try to head upstairs to get ready for bed between 10-10:30. So that only leaves us 1.5-2hrs to ourselves. In that time, we have to do dishes, shower, pick up the house a bit, pump..and then find time to relax! Anyways, I don't say all that to complain...I just say that so one day down the road when I read my blog book I'll remember that while this is such a fun season life with a 3 year old & 6 month old, it's also EXHAUSTING. But we wouldn't change it for the world.

Speaking of life lately, Derek has been on wards for this second half of September. And it's amazing how different life on wards is now that he's not a resident anymore! I still can't get over it sometimes! :)  Derek has to week work this weekend, but thankfully it should just be a couple of hours each morning. So hopefully I'll finally be able to get a few blog posts written! But before I go, I'll leave with a little comparison of Shelby & Hadley that Derek I can't get over....

Hadley is on the left at 6 months & Shelby is on the right at 7 months. Do you think they look like sisters? ;)

Happy Friday, Everyone!! :)



Our sweet Shelby-girl turned THREE years old yesterday. I can't believe that 3 years ago we were holding a brand-new little baby in our arms, and yesterday we took her to her first soccer practice. Where does the time go?!

In the spirit of "keeping it real" on the ole blog, this is how Shelby's birthday started. I opened her door signing the "Happy Birthday" song, and Shelby immediately started yelling "No! No! No! Stop! I've got poopy in my diaper!" ;)  And the whole day she kept asking me if it was "time for her birthday yet." Apparently birthday is synonymous with birthday party in the world of a 3 year old, and she just couldn't understand why weren't going to Monkey Joe's yesterday no matter how many times I showed her the calendar. ;)

But aside from that, we had a great day celebrating our big girl! We went for a run first thing in the morning & then came back home and had donuts for breakfast & went to the pool while Hadley napped. Then we made some birthday cupcakes, and Daddy came home for lunch to surprise Shelby with a Happy Meal. That evening was Shelby's first soccer practice--it was a hoot! After soccer practice, we had dinner & let Shelby open her presents from us. And then her birthday ended with a surprise visit from her buddy Adam. :)  Here's a look at her day in pictures.....

I thought it was a great idea to put little Donettes
in the shape of a 3 on a birthday plate for Shelby.
She didn't think my creation looked like a 3, and she
kept asking me where the "big chocolate donuts" were. ;)
It's the thought that counts though, right?!

Sporting her new birthday shirt :)

First soccer practice!

 Shelby's soccer team singing "Happy Birthday" to her at practice...this gives you a good idea of how
crazy a first soccer practice for 3 year olds is! ;)

Shelby's birthday bouquet from Adam...her first flowers :)

Sweet Adam :)
 Love these two! Adam & Shelby were in Mother's
Morning Out together, and we plan to move them into their
dorms together at UGA in the Fall in 2029 ;)

When we put Shelby to bed last night {after a poopy in the potty...despite the way her birthday started out, she has made HUGE progress in this department lately!}, we told her a few little stories about her when she was a baby. She thought it was so funny!

Shelby, we hope you know how very much we love you & how thankful we are for you. We are just so proud of the sweet girl you have become. We can't wait to celebrate you with all of our family & friends this weekend at your birthday party.....the day you've been waiting for!!!!


A Photo Dump Kind of Monday....

Hadley is upstairs napping & Shelby is at her 2nd day of preschool, so the house is nice & quiet right now {with the exception of the washing machine running b/c Hadley had an explosive diaper on the way to school!}. While the house is quiet, I figured I would share a few recent picture from my phone....

This is one of Shelby's favorite places to be!
The laptop on the desk behind her is playing an audio
version of a book, and she is following along with the book
in the char. She LOVES listening to books on CDs :)

Happy Baby :)

One of Shelby's friends sent her a little trunk
of Disney princess dress-up stuff as an early
birthday present...Shelby LOVES it!

Enjoying an ice cream sandwich after running
through the sprinkler one evening :)

Happy Monday, Everyone!!


Hadley's First Time at the Beach & Other Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Over Derek's four-day Labor Day weekend, we took the girls to the beach one evening. It was Hadley's first trip to the beach! We took a picnic {if I'm being honest, we picked up McDonald's on the way there} and ate dinner & played on the beach..it was a fun evening!!

I tried my best to keep Hadley out of the sand
b/c her hands are CONSTANTLY in her mouth
these days. But by the time we left, she was COVERED! ;)

The girls got a bath together when we got home from the beach
to wash off all the sand ;)  This was only their 2nd time to have
a bath together...Hadley was loving watching Shelby :)
And a few other pics from Labor Day Weekend....

Getting ready to head to the pool!

Fun at the Marina Park!
Happy baby at the park :)
Derek & I constantly say to one another how
we just can't believe how good of a baby Hadley
is. She's just always so content & literally never fusses
while we were out. She's just so happy to be along for the
ride with whatever we're doing. She puts up with a lot
being the 2nd child--having a sibling in her face all the time,
missing naps b/c of Shelby's activities, etc.--but she takes it all in stride!
She's such a blessing to our family! We love you, Hadley!

While we were at the Marina Park, we walked
out on the pier to watch the sunset. It was a lot of fun
& so beautiful! I'm convinced Biloxi has the best sunsets!!

Not the best quality picture, but it was a fun evening!

Ft. Maruepas in Ocean Springs

I'm still getting used to the fact that we get to spend every single weekend with Derek now that residency is over....it's so nice to have so much family time together!! :)


Shelby's First Day of Preschool

Today was Shelby's first day of preschool at Trinity UMC! She is in the "Young 3's" class, and all of her classmates are turning 3 years old sometime between September & January or February. There are a total of 11 kids in her class, and most of them are her friends from her Mother's Morning Out class last year. And I'm beyond thankful that she will have the same 2 wonderful teachers this year that she had last year for MMO--Mrs. Karen & Mrs. Leslie.

Shelby's very first pencil box for school! We were even instructed to label
her individual crayons, which kind of cracked me up! But I love that she'll
be learning responsibility at school!

Shelby will go to preschool 2 days a week (Mondays & Friday) from 8:30-11:30. Since Monday was Labor Day, today was her first day. And apparently getting up on the first day of school isn't so easy for these two little girls. ;)  I had to go in and wake both of them up! I hate waking sleeping babies, but they both looked so sweet in their beds that I couldn't resist a picture!

I took this little video of Shelby this morning for no other reason except that Shelby loves for me to take videos of her so she can watch them on my phone. I have no idea why that is so fun for her, but it is! So here it is:

In the car on the way to school...all smiles!
Before we left the house this morning, Shelby asked a couple of times if Hadley & I could come into school with her. At Trinity, they do not like parents do go into the classrooms to make drop-off easier on the kiddos (which I love!). But for her little "preschool orientation" in August, Hadley & I did go into her classroom, which I think is what she was remembering this morning. So I was a bit worried about how drop-off would go when she realized we wouldn't be going into her classroom, but she was all smiles walking into school & didn't look back once she saw her classroom full of her friends! I was so proud of her!

By the time 11:30 rolled around, I was so excited to pick Shelby up & hear all about her first day! She told me she had lots of fun, and she got a great report from her teachers! When we got home & sat down to lunch, Shelby actually asked to go upstairs for her nap 30 minutes before naptime. I didn't argue. ;)