Happy Halloween from our Little Princesses!

Happy Halloween from Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty!

 I never remembered to scan our 2013 Halloween card, so here are the
pictures I snapped real quick of the front & back of the card.


Jack & Jill: Pumpkin Carving!

After we got our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, Shelby was continually asking when we could "make it a Jack-o-lantern." We knew it was way too early to carve it, but we went ahead and did it to make her happy. ;)  The inside of the pumpkin was too "ooey gooey" {in Shelby's words} to touch, so Shelby mostly just supervised and played with the seeds. ;)  But she had VERY specific ideas on how the pumpkin's face should look. Daddy did a good job following Shelby's directions. ;)

We convinced her to reach her hand in the pumpkin, but this was the one &
only time she did it! ;)

Checking out Daddy's work ;)

Shelby named this pumpkin Jack, and our other big pumpkin Jill. ;)  As we suspected, Jack already began to rot so we tossed him into the trash last night & then we carved Jill. I didn't get any pictures of Jill last night, so I'll have to get some pictures this week!


Weekend Recap

This weekend was one of my most favorite weekends in a long time. We didn't really do anything too special..it was just a weekend filled with lots of family time! And it actually felt like fall this weekend, so that certainly helped!

Friday was a Down Friday at Keesler, so Derek had the day off. Shelby has preschool on Friday mornings, so every other Friday I have Derek home with me to to help us get ready in the mornings...such a nice treat! All four of us go to drop-off on Friday mornings, and then we come home and lay Hadley down for her nap. It's so nice to have a couple hours with just us in the house to talk & get some things crossed off our to-do list. Before we knew it, it was time to pick up our big girl from school! We have made it a tradition to do something fun for lunch on the Fridays that Derek is home with us. On this particular day, we picked up lunch from Raisin' Cane's & went and ate a picnic lunch outside at Lynn Meadows & played on their treehouses & wooden train afterward. It was such a beautiful day!!

After our fun afternoon outside, we came home for naps. Then that evening we headed over to Hiller Park for their Fall Festival. Shelby LOVED the hay ride, and she also got to ride in the back of the fire truck!

We started our Saturday morning with Daddy's French Toast. Both girls loved it!

After breakfast, it was on to Shelby's last soccer game of the season!

All the kids care about in 3yr old soccer is the post-game
snacks & parent tunnel!

Posing with her trophy!

The rest of Saturday was a lazy day at home aside from an evening run to the commissary. I snapped this picture from the car on our way home. Derek & I always say Biloxi has the prettiest sunsets! We love living here & getting to see this beautiful scenery every single day!

Sunday morning we attended one of Shelby's friend's birthday parties at Monkey Joe's. MJ's opened an hour early for the birthday party, so the kids had the whole place to themselves...it was awesome! I don't know who had more fun though..Shelby or Daddy! They had a BLAST together! I know it won't be much longer before Shelby wants to play on her own or with her friends, but for now she loves nothing more than doing this kind of stuff with her Daddy. Their smiles were priceless.

Baby Hadley & Baby Alex munching on some broccoli while the big kids
enjoyed pizza, cake, & ice cream ;)

After the birthday party, we came home to let the girls nap. After loooong naps, we went for an evening run! After our run, it started to rain a little. Shelby, of course, wanted to walk around with her umbrella. So off she & Daddy went with their umbrellas--strolling through the neighborhood to look at Halloween decorations.

Then we fed the girls dinner & put them to bed. After they were in bed, Derek went to pick us up Outback To Go for dinner. When Shelby was a baby, we would treat ourselves to take-out food for dinner after she was in bed from time to time. It was always a special treat--like an at-home date night! This was the first time that I think we've done this since Hadley was born, and it was really fun! It was so nice to be able to leisurely eat our meal & have a real adult conversation at the dinner table. ;)

And one more cute picture of Hadley from our weekend, just because. :)

And here we are at Monday again....time is flying these days with these two sweet girls! We are gearing up for Halloween & the arrival of Grammy & Grampy! It will be another super-fun week & weekend! We can't wait!


Pumpkin Patch Fun!

We have gone to a local church's "pumpkin patch" the past 2 years here in Biloxi. This was our 3rd year going, and it's a fun little tradition. You can see our 2012 visit {HERE} (we went with Grammy last year b/c Daddy was away in Germany) and our 2011 visit {HERE}. It's crazy how much Shelby has grown & changed since we've started going! And it was especially fun this year to take both  of our girls. :)

This was our best shot of both girls with the pumpkins ;)
Sometimes the perfect picture just isn't worth the struggle...this was
definitely one of those times!!!
While we were at the pumpkin patch, it started to drizzle for a few minutes. But we just pressed on with our hunt for the perfect pumpkins since it wasn't raining too hard. Then the rain stopped, and it was SO MISERABLY HOT & MUGGY. By this point, both of the girls were pretty much done & ready for naps. So we loaded up the car & headed home with our 4 pumpkins. We didn't get any "perfect" pictures of our day, but it was still a really fun family outing! I thought the holidays were fun last year with a 2 year old, but I think they're even more fun with a 3 year old! Shelby is just SO excited Halloween & everything that goes along with it! She has her own little calendar in the kitchen, and every single day she looks at it and asks me: "Mama, is it the 31 yet?!" {She doesn't say "the 31st" despite how many times we've corrected her. She always says "the 31." Admittedly, I think I'll be a bit sad when she does start actually saying it correctly!}

Shelby didn't want to sit on the hay b/c it was "too itchy," but Miss
Hadley didn't mind. ;)

Shelby was thrilled to put our pumpkins out on our front porch when we got home!

We are looking forward to lots more Fall & Halloween fun with our sweet girls! And we're getting excited about the fact that we'll be able to spend Thanksgiving AND Christmas in GA this year with our families! I even ordered 2 Christmas presents this past week...such a fun time of year!



Auntie Em is Engaged!

My sister recently got engaged, and she came for a quick visit earlier this month along with her new fiance. We had a great time with them, and Shelby was LOVING all the extra attention! ;)

And while Auntie Em was here, she asked Shelby & me to be in her wedding. We are so excited to be a part of Emily's big day! And I'm excited to see Shelby in the role of flower girl. :)  Emi & I were fondly reminiscing over our flower girl duties in our Aunt Diane & Uncle Steve's wedding where Emily jumped over Aunt Diane's train over & over & over again. Hopefully Shelby won't do that, but I'm sure we'll get at least one good story out of this whole experience that we'll tell for years to come! ;)



Running Buddies

These two girlies have been my running buddies for the past 2 months or so. They both really like the jogging stroller, so it has motivated me to run on a more regular basis than I ever have in my life. We usually run 3 miles about 4 days each week. And there is nothing sweeter than this sight when I look down to check on the girls in the stroller:

They listen to their music, Shelby eats her snacks, & Hadley plays with her baby toys while I run around the flight line gazing out at the bay & watching planes take off. We are so blessed to have such a great place to run right outside our door! The only other key to our success while running is Shelby's hair has to be up in a ponytail otherwise Hadley will be pulling her hair the entire 3 miles. ;)