Happy BelatedThanksgiving!

Things have been quiet on the blog this week because we've been busy traveling & celebrating Thanksgiving with our families in Georgia! This was our first Turkey Day in GA since before Shelby was born AND it was Hadley's very first trip to the Peach State AND it was our first trip home in 11 months, so it was a special trip to say the least! We got back to Biloxi around 4:30 or so this afternoon & hit the ground running...unpacking, laundry, & getting out the Christmas decorations! {The only reason most of this is getting done tonight is due to very early bedtimes for both girls. A busy week + a long travel day + no naps + time difference = 2 tired girls in bed before 7pm!}

I have lots of pictures to go through from our week in GA, but for now I will leave you with this picture of our two little turkeys! We are so thankful for these two sweet faces!

We are also thankful for each of you that reads our blog. Whether you are family, a friend, or someone we've never met, we thank you for taking the time to visit our little space on the internet & check in on us. Happy Belated Thanksgiving from Derek, Shelby, Hadley, & myself to you!


Shelby's New Do! :)

Shelby got her 3rd haircut last weekend...a sweet little bob! She looks so precious with her new hair cut! It makes her look a lot older to me! Here are a few pics....

The "before" shot

The back

Showing off her new hair cut to Daddy when we got home!

This was our first time going to get our hair cuts together..a little mommy/daughter date! Shelby loved it! And we are loving that the shorter hair means less work for us! It's just short enough now that Hadley can't pull it in the jogging stroller, her hair doesn't get syrup on it when she's eating waffles, and it's so much easier to comb after bath time! ;)  It's the little things in life!


Shelby's Soccer & Preschool Pictures :)

I'm surprised they were even able to get a picture at all of Shelby's team b/c by the time
they convinced one kid to cooperate for the picture, another one would start crying! ;) 
Three year old sports are definitely an adventure to say the least! Ha!


NOLA 2013: Zoo!

Day #3 was our last day in New Orleans, and we spent it at the zoo!

Lunchtime chit-chat :)

After the zoo, we headed back to Biloxi! It was such a wonderful weekend jam-packed with fun! We were all exhausted by the end of the weekend!

And here are 2 more pictures from the weekend that I have to include. Shelby NEVER sleeps in the car, but she was so worn out on the trip that she actually fell asleep THREE times! Granted, she only slept for about 5 minutes each time. But this just shows how much fun she was having...poor girl was WORN OUT!

And that's it for our New Orleans trip! :)


Sesame Street Live & City Park

Day #2 in New Orleans started off at Sesame Street Live!

Every time a new character would come on stage, Shelby would wave & yell "Hi, {character's name!}
She calls of the characters on Sesame Street her "friends." :)

After Sesame Street Live, we had a quick lunch then went back to the hotel for a family nap! All 4 of us napped...even me who never naps. We actually had to wake both girls up from their naps, so we could head out for City Park! We had heard a lot about this place but didn't really know what to expect. It was AMAZING! Next time we go back to NOLA, we will definitely set aside a full day for it! We only went to two parts of City Park, but there is SO much more that we didn't even get to! We went to StoryLand, which is like an outdoor play area with structures to make it look like you are in the fairytales! SO COOL! We also went to a little amusement park they have inside City Park, which was also a lot of fun!

Storyland Park

Rapunzel's Tower

Riding the carousel at the amusement park!

Shelby's first Ferris Wheel ride...she loved it!

One more NOLA post with zoo pictures, and that should wrap up our trip!