Highlights of 2013

What a year it was for our family! The most notable events of 2013 for us were the addition of Miss Hadley Mae to our family, our first family trip to Disney World, & Derek's graduation from his residency program! Here are the highlights from our year as seen on the blog.....





Shelby decided she was ready to potty train herself :)







We celebrated New Year's Eve today with a countdown to noon at our local children's museum. Then the Goins are coming over this evening for some pizza, bowl games, & playtime for the kids. My, how New Year's Eves have changed over the years! ;)

The Ball Drop at Noon at Lynn Meadows

All the kids were loving the confetti on the ground!
{That is the camera from our local news crew behind Shelby.}

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of 2014! We can't wait to see what the new year has in store for our family! Happy New Year, Everyone!


Christmas 2013: BooBoo & Pop-Pop's

Our next day in GA was spent celebrating Christmas in Lula with BooBoo, Pop-Pop, Aunt Maleah, Uncle Lucas, Elly & Baby Leland! It was a really fun day! My favorite memories of the day are of sweet cousins playing together & everyone gathering around the table for Christmas crafts.

Annual Christmas crafts :)

Shelby was sooo excited to see Elly!!

Opening gifts :)

BooBoo opening an ornament from us :)

We gave Elly a copy of one of Shelby's very favorite books for Christmas--
Don't Let the Pigeon Stay up Late by Mo Willems

Shelby is putting on her new "lipstick" from Elly in this picture ;)

Hadley ate cheerios while everyone else opened presents ;)

More lipstick while Elly checks out ornaments on the tree ;)

Hadley loved her new toy from BooBoo & Pop-Pop!

Shelby playing with her "lovely duck walker" as she called it. ;)  Daddy &
Aunt Maleah both had these toys when they were little, and BooBoo got Shelby &
Elly their own for Christmas!

More Christmas crafts :)

As we were pulling out of BooBoo & Pop-Pop's driveway, Shelby said "I had SO much fun at BooBoo & Pop-Pop's house." Then about 2 minutes later, she said "I want to go back to Biloxi." When we asked her why, she replied "I want to sleep in my bed." ;) Poor girl was exhausted after a day of travel & then two back-to-back Christmases on little sleep. The next time Derek & I turned around, both girls were passed out in their carseats (neither of them are sleepers in the car!!!) and slept the entire hour drive back to Grammy & Grampy's house!! We couldn't believe it! They were worn out from a fun day with family!

I still have pics to post from our Christmas with Granddad & Grandma and then our Christmas Eve & Day here in Biloxi, but I'll save those for later in the week!

In honor of New Year's Eve tomorrow, I'm going to post a little video/highlight reel of 2013. I randomly came across a post I did like that from 2010 {SEEN HERE} & 2011 {SEEN HERE}and was inspired to do it again! ;)  So tune in tomorrow for a little video! :)


Christmas 2013: Grammy & Grampy's

On Friday the 20th, we loaded up Derek's truck & headed to Grammy & Grampy's house! It was a whirlwind of a trip--Christmas at Grammy & Grampy's on Saturday, BooBoo & Pop-Pop's on Saturday, Granddad & Grandma's on Monday, and then back to Biloxi on Tuesday (Christmas Eve) morning! It was exhausting, but super fun!

Derek & I both felt really conflicted about how/where we wanted to spend Christmas this year. This was the first year since having kids that Derek had ample time off from work for us to be able to really do whatever we wanted as far as travel was concerned. Part of us wanted to spend Christmas in Georgia with our family, but the other part of us wanted to spend Christmas in our own house creating our own memories. All of my childhood memories of Christmas are of traveling to St. Louis and all of Derek's are of Christmases in his own house--we are still trying to shape our own family's traditions. This year, we tried to have the best of both worlds by spending a few days in GA before Christmas and then coming back to Biloxi for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day to be in our own house.

We took TONS of pictures between 3 family Christmas celebrations and then our little family's Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. We'll start off with Grammy & Grampy's....

Making cookies with Grammy!

Shelby loved lookint at all of the ornaments on their tree :)

Opening presents :)

Our gift to Emi & Chris--a "house divided" wreath :)

Hadley's First Christmas!
She loved all of the boxes, paper, & bows!!!

Grammy & Grampy showing off their calendars from us! :)
And Hadley showing off a box she got her hands on ;)

Shelby & Hadley got a wagon from G&G! They both LOVE it!

Decorating cookies :)

Watching a movie with Grampy before bed
Bathtime at G&G's house....Shelby pretending to be Santa ;)

Playtime with Grammy :)
We had so much fun making holiday memories & celebrating Christmas with Grammy, Grampy, Auntie Em, & Chris!! Next up...pictures from Christmas at BooBoo & Pop-Pop's house!


Family Pictures, December 2013

We had family pictures taken on December 1st with Sarah Brooke Photography {seen HERE} so we would have some good Christmas card worthy pictures. ;)  Here are a few of my favorite shots from our mini photo session!

We had our pictures taken in a "field," which was really an old golf course that was abandoned after Hurricane Katrina. Shelby had a great time running around the "field;" it was one of our best, least-stressful photo sessions to date! ;) And I love that we have some great memories of this fun stage of our lives!