Weekend Recap, Wreaths, & Winter Weather!

We had a fun weekend! I got to get away for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon, and it was delightful! My friend Angela treated me to a birthday lunch in downtown Ocean Springs then we leisurely walked around through all of the cute little shops while we enjoyed lots of uninterrupted girl talk....such a rare treat! It was such a fun afternoon!

On Sunday, we enjoyed a family run, playground time with the Goins, & then we took the girls bowling for their very first time! We weren't quite sure how it would go, but both girls loved it!

Hadley just sat on the floor & played with our shoes
the entire time. It was the cutest thing ever!
Thank goodness for an immobile baby! ;)

And I've been meaning to post about this for a while now, but we have a new wreath I'm so excited about!! I have lots of seasonal wreaths, but I have been wanting a year-round/all-occasion wreath for a while now. I found this one on Pinterest that I loved:


Derek thought he could easily re-create the wreath for me, and he did! I love how it turned out!! :)

And lastly, here's what we're currently preparing for:

Snow on the Gulf Coast!!!! Craziness! Shelby has been asking about snow for forever, and we always tell her it doesn't snow in Biloxi. To which she always asks why--it's a really fun perpetual conversation. ;)  But maybe we'll finally get that snow!!!! Almost everything on the Gulf Coast is already closed for Tuesday & Wednesday.....fingers crossed I won't be stuck inside with cold rainy weather & a very disappointed 3 year old! ;)  And just for fun, here's a picture of me & my mom from one of our real snow days back in VA...I'm sure it won't look like this here tomorrow! ;)

This is standing on the main road of our neighborhood, which you
can't even see! ;)

I still can't believe how high the snow was!!
Getting to experience life in different parts of the country is definitely one of my very favorite parts of Air Force life!


Wordless Wednesday: Photo Dump

Enjoy a random compilation of photos from our world lately.....

Sweet Sisters!

Hadley at Excel by Five

Hadley enjoying her snacks at Target :) 
She loves sitting up in the cart like a big girl!

Hadley all bundled up for a stroll around the neighborhood

Hadley loves to snuggle with the bumper pads while she sleeps :)

Having fun trying on hats at Hobby Lobby :)

Shelby asked me to take this picture of her
after she accidentally got chocolate frosting on
her nose from her donut ;)
Celebrating Angela's birthday!
Angela & I recently realized that we have about a zillion pics of our kiddos,
but only ONE of us! We attempted to rectify this at her bday dinner, but this
was the best we could do! Ha! This is what we get for waiting until the end
of the night to try to get a decent picture. Poor Ben was trying to wrangle in
all 4 antsy kids while Derek snapped photos & made fun of us. ;)

All four of us at Angela's birthday dinner!
We had such a fun evening celebrating a WONDERFUL friend!

Happy Wednesday!! :)


Hadley: Ten Months!

Happy Ten Months, Sissy! 
{Sissy is your newest nickname this month.}

You bring such joy to our family! 
You are continue to be the sweetest, most laid-back baby!
You just always go with the flow, and we are beyond thankful for your precious personality!

Here's what Miss Hadley is up to these days....

--You've got 2 teeth!! Well kind of! ;)  One is completely through onthe bottom, and the other is just peeking through on the top. We just felt it for the first time a couple of days ago, but when we hang you upside (during playtime, of course! Ha!) we can see it now!
--Sleeping GREAT! You go to bed between 7-8 every night & wake up between 7-8 in the morning. You take 2 naps. We usually only let you sleep for an hour in the morning {so we can get to our daily activity after your nap}, but you sleep for 2+hrs in the afternoon {unless your teeth are bothering you, then your pm naps are cut short by your discomfort}.
--You are an awesome eater!!! You will try anything that's put in front of you, but your favorites are mandarin oranges, soup, wheat thins/goldfish/any kind of cracker, honey nut cheerios, & grapes. You eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us everyday and you eat lots of snacks. Shelby has never been much of a snacker, but I'm suddenly having to pack lots of snacks in the diaper bag before we go anywhere to make sure you'll have something to eat. ;) You love your snacks!
--We make you four 6oz bottles of formula a day. Some days (especially if your teeth are bothering you!), we're lucky if you drink 3oz of each bottle. Other days, you drink them all without taking a breath! You have aboslutely NO interest in holding your own bottle though, ha!
--You love to drink water out of our glasses or drink milk/water out of your sister's straw cups when she's not looking. ;)  And of course, you hold Shelby's cups all by yourself but will not hold your own bottle...what's up with that?!
--Your hair sticks sraight up in the back, and it's too cute! People always comment on your spiky hair. Ms. Kathy at Bear Cub Club says it makes you look like a cute little peacock. ;)
--You've got a few tricks you like to show off with lately that you can {usually!} do on command: clapping, pointing to people's noses, waving, and putting your arms in the air when we say you're "so big." ;)
--You can now go from a sitting position to your tummy.
--You have attempted to a pull up a couple times, but no luck yet! We did go ahead & lower your crib just in case though. ;)
--Still immobile! Shelby is SO anxious for you to learn how to crawl! Every time you go from the seated position to down on your tummy, she'll yell: "Mommy, she's practicing her crawling now!" ;)  We know our days of you staying in one place are numbered, so we're enjoying this stage as long as we can! Shelby started "army crawling" at 10.5 months, so we're anxious to see if you'll start moving around the same age!
--You are currently in size 4 diapers & mostly wear 12-18 months clothes, but you wear stuff of all sizes from your big sister's old wardrobe. Everything was of course perfectly sized for Shelby, but we just have to make it all work for you. Shelby's first Valentine's Day outfits were 6-9 months & her 2nd V-Day stuff was mostly 18-24mo/2T. So all of the V-Day stuff Hadley is currently sporting is either a bit snug or haning off of her. ;)  Yesterday Hadley was wearing Shelby's old 2T jeggings & a 6mo Valentine's Day shirt with an 18mo size jacket! Oh, the life of a second child! ;)
--You survived your first cold this month! Your big sister shared her germs with you. :(  You were such a trooper though!! If it wasn't for your snotty face, we never would have even known you were sick! You didn't act like it bothered you at all!
--You love to talk and babble, and you especially love mimicking the sounds we make!

And here's the end of our photo shot ;)

Ten months is just such a fun age! We wish we could freeze time with you right now! Well, with the one little exception of you crying & acting like the world is ending when Mommy walks away from you, that we could do without! Ha! ;) 

We love you, Hadley Mae!



Shelby is now at the age where we never quite know what is going to come out of her mouth, and she often leaves us rolling in laughter. I love this stage!!!! It was one of my very favorite things about teaching kindergarten. :)  Here are a few things she's said recently that we don't want to forget....

--After sitting down at a booth at Raising Cane's for lunch, Shelby asked: "Why does this table have two couches?"
--While looking at her reflection in the mirror, Shelby asked: "Mommy, why does my eye have a hole?" {Referring to her pupil}
--As we were writing birthdays down on Shelby's princess calendar, I told Shelby that September 25th was Auntie Em's birthday. Her response: "Oh, yay! We've got to tell Auntie Em about that!" ;)
--Shelby asked why it was cold one day. I told her it was cold b/c it was winter. To which she replied: "It's not winter b/c it's not snowing yet." ;)  Poor girl wants to see snow in the worst way! Little does she know, it's never going to happen here on the Gulf Coast!
--When I went to get Shelby out of bed one morning, she rubbed her eyes and said "Well that was a long one!" I asked her what was long, and she replied "My nap!" Apparently, we need to discuss the difference between naps & nighttime sleep. ;)
--Shelby is such a smart kid--she can read books well beyond the kindergarten level, she can write her name, count to 100, name several nocturnal animals, and the list goes on--but she can never, ever correctly identify the three meals of the day. ;)  She knows it's breakfast, lunch, and dinner but she can never correctly name the meal when we are eating it. For example, as we were eating breakfast this morning she asked "What can we play after lunch, Mama?" ;)  We keep thinking she'll figure it out, but not yet! Ha!

And here's a video of Shelby reading one of her pigeon books a few weeks ago. She is the most expressive reader, and I can't get enough of listening to her read!

At least once every night after Shelby is in bed, we talk about some crazy thing she did or said that day. And Derek's response is always a simple "I love that girl." Shelby, I hope you always know how very much we love you!


Top Five Friday...on Saturday ;)

Oops! I meant to publish this post yesterday, but completely forgot! So please enjoy this Saturday edition of Top Five Friday ;)

5. Elephant & Piggie books
If you have a beginning reader, get these books NOW!
These books are seriously awesome. They're cute & silly, and Shelby just loves them! They are written by Mo Willems (there's a billion of them!), who is also the author of the Pigeon Books (Don't Let the Pigeon Stay up Late, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, etc)--we love all of those books, too! The Elephant & Piggie books will help your kiddos with their fluency & expression, I PROMISE! Shelby is already such an expressive reader, but these books have made her even moreso! ;)

4. Subscribe & Save on Amazon
We just signed up for Subscribe & Save on Amazon for a few of our paper products/toiletry items that we buy on a regular basis, and I just keep thinking to myself WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER?! Serioiusly, such a life-changer! And cheaper for us, too!

3. The Divergent Trilogy

I haven't really made time for reading since Hadley was born, but I've recently gotten into the Divergent series and I'm LOVING it! So, so good! I never really categorized myself as a sci-fi type of reader, but I loved Hunger Games & I think this series is even better so far! I just finished Insurgent & can't wait to start Allegiant!

2. The Stink Eye
So I made a comment in my last post {HERE} about Hadley's "stink eye," and here is a picture that kind of reminds of that. Apparently, you shouldn't mess with the Smith girls at the commissary.
This picture makes me laugh so hard every time I see it!

1. Baby Bjorn Bib {seen HERE}
We went through a bit of a bib fiasco with Miss Hadley. With Shelby, we had to spoon-feed her for so long that by the time she started eating table foods on her own she wasn't that messy b/c she was much older & therefore more coordinated with actually getting the food into her mouth...for the most part at least . ;)  But because we skipped purees with Hadley & went straight to baby-led weaning, so there was a LOT of mess! I still intend to do a post completely devoted to our experience with baby-led weaningIn the begin, but I never remember! But to make a long story short, in the beginning we were having to put her in the high chair completely naked (otherwise we'd go through 3 outfits a day) and we were literally giving her a quick bath after all 3 meals b/c it was ABSOLUTELY necessary. Thankfully, things got better pretty quickly when she realized it was more fun to eat the banana than smear it in her hair. ;)  But she's still not too good about all of the bites making it into her mouth despite her best efforts. We tried lots of bibs (including those shirt bibs), and this bib has literally changed meal times for us!!!! No more picking food up out of her lap a million times per meal and having to scrub a billion stains out of her pants from food sitting on her lap....YAY! We never use any other bibs with her anymore, and I love that I can just rinse this bib off in the sink & it's perfectly clean & ready for the next meal...no more bibs in the laundry for us!

And if I were going to add a number 6 to this list it would be the 70 degree temps & sunny skies we enjoyed today after a week of very uncharacteristly cold days for the Gulf Coast. We had a low of 17 one night this week, and today was back to our gorgeous wonderful weather! We spent the entire day outside as a family, and it was FABULOUS! Bike riding, family run along the flight line, driving range, washing cars, playing with Shelby's new rocket she got for Christmas....it was delightful!

Happy Saturday, Everyone!!


The Last of Christmas 2013!

As promised, here is the final post of Christmas 2013! Just a few random pictures from Derek's mom & my dad that I want for our memory's sake in our blog book...

Our family with BooBoo & Pop-Pop.
Can we please talk about Hadley's face in this picture?! She has
PERFECTED the stink eye as Derek refers to it.

Hadley posing with the stepping stone she made for BooBoo & Pop-Pop
with her handprints :)
Bathtime at Grammy & Grampy's...tis picture cracks me up!

I love this picture! It was taken right after we pulled into my parents' driveway...
can you tell Grammy & Shelby were happy to see one another?!

Hadley enjoying asparagus soup :)

LOVE the smile on Shelby's face in this one!!


Happy Monday & Christmas Day 2013

Happy Monday, Everyone! We were cooped up all weekend nursing our big girl back to health after she came down with a cold. But I will say it was nice to have some down-time at home, cross some things off of our to-do list, and we managed to go for two family runs! Today was Derek's first full day back to work since Dec. 16th! We are so thankful for all the family time we had over the last few weeks, and we sure are missing him!!!! Today was also Shelby's first day back to school after the Christmas break, but I kept her home today to get a little more rest after fighting her cold. The three of us girls had a nice, quiet morning at home, but we did brave the record-low cold temperatures to make a quick run to the library for some new Mo Willems (Shelby's fave!) books. She was sad to miss school, but I was thankful for a low-key day to ease back into our routine without Daddy at home. Now, back to the never-ending Christmas recaps. ;)

We had a quiet Christmas Morning at home, just the four of us. It was wonderful!!

We thought this would be the first Christmas where Shelby would be bursting with excitement to come down the stairs after waking up. As it turned out, she was more confused than anything else when we came downstairs Christmas morning. I think with all the talk about Santa coming with his reindeer & his sleigh, she thought they were all going to be staying at our house to see her when she woke up. Seeing her new train table in the living room did help her get over the disappointment of realizing that Santa & Rudolph were not in fact in our living room though. ;)

Sleepyheads on Christmas Morning

Daddy showing Shelby all the cool features on her train table :)

After playing with her train table for a bit, we made our way to the kitchen for some of Daddy's French toast & bacon. I'm sure when the girls are older, we won't be able to sway them away from all of the presents to sit down for breakfast quite as easily! ;)

After breakfast, it was back to the living room to open presents!

Shelby opening up Hadley's new puzzle from BooBoo & Pop-Pop!
She has been asking & asking for Hadley's name puzzle, and she was so
excited to finally open it!

Hadley was perfectly content with all of the bows
and wrapping paper! She had a wonderful first Christmas!!

Shelby checking out her new princess calendar with Daddy
After opening presents up, it was time for Hadley's nap. And we could tell Shelby was still tired from the chaos of our trip, so we put on Toy Story for her to watch with Daddy. She enjoyed the snuggle time on the couch!

Here are a few random videos from our Christms morning....

Both girls took long afternoon naps, and after they woke up we headed over to the Goins' house for Christmas Dinner. We had a wonderful evening with them! We are so thankful for such great friends!

Loading up in their new wagon from Grammy & Grampy to head over
to the Goins' house. Shelby is feeding Hadley a snack in this picture ;)

Off we go!

Baby Hadley & Baby Will

Cute babies!!

Santa Claus brought Adam a new train table for Christmas, too!

Beautiful table for Christmas Dinner :)

Beautiful table for the big kids, too! :)

The babies snacked while the parents & big kids ate dinner :)

We had so much fun celebrating Christmas with sweet friends! It certainly didn't hurt that the Mommies & Daddies were actually able to sit, talk, and enjoy one another's company b/c the big kids were so happy playing with Adam & Will's new toys. ;)

When we walked back in the door after dinner, Shelby had finally noticed that Santa had filled our stockings. ;)  She was excited to dig into the stockings to find our goodies!

Of course, Shelby's favorite goody from her stocking
was new "lipstick"!
I've got a few more random Christmas pictures that my parents & Derek's mom shared with us that I will post later this week, and then that should finally wrap up all of our Christmas posts! ;)