Hadley's First Birthday Party!

We were all up bright up early on Saturday morning b/c Hadley's party was scheduled for 9:30am. We started our morning blowing up balloons. Both girls were completely entertained by this activity!!

All set up at the Marina Park for Hadley's birthday! The past two years we have had Shelby's birthday parties at bounce house places here in Biloxi, and Shelby's first birthday party was at our house...so this was a big change of pace for us to have the party at a location where we had to set everything up ourselves, ha! Although it was a very simple party, paying the party hosts at Kangarooz or Monkey Joe's is where it's at as far as I'm concerned! ;)

We had Dunkin Donuts along with a fruit tray & platter of chicken minis from Chick-fil-a, and we served water & Capri Suns...easy! We threw Hadley's canvas from her room on the table, framed her invitation & 12 month picture, tied some ballloons on the tables...and boom! Done! I also made a banner of her monthly pictures, but we forgot to take a picture of it at the party. We still have it, so I'll probably get a picture of it & post it later. But without further ado, I present to you our donut party! :)

Big Sister Shelby ate a whopping total of FOUR donuts at the party!

These sweet cousins love playing together!!!

We were so thankful to have our family in town with us to celebrate Hadley's first birthday as well as all of our best friends here in Biloxi! It was such a fun morning celebrating our sweet Hadley! All of the kids had a blast! And Hadley did, too! She spent her time at the party being held, eating, and swinging--three of her very favorite pasttimes! :)

More pictures still to come of Hadley's birthday weekend!


You Donut Want to Miss this Party!

We celebrated Miss Hadley's this weekend with a donut party!

Hadley's 1st Birthday invitation found {HERE}

The best we could do for a family picture ;)
How old will our girls be when posing for pictures is easy?!

The girls' matching donut shirts...Shelby & I are both in LOVE with them!
Shirts found {HERE}.

We had the most wonderful weekend celebrating our sweet one year old with our sweet friends & family in picutre-perfect weather! We serioulsy couldn't have asked for a better weekend! LOTS more pictures to come! :)


Hadley is ONE!

Somehow in the blink of an eye, we went from this....

Heading to the hospital for the induction on March 18th, 2013

Terrible picture of me, but one of the few pictures of Hadley in her sweet
going home outfit :)

to this.....

Birthday lunch at Chick-fil-a

I have no idea how it happened, but our sweet baby is ONE! A year ago today, we welcomed you into the world & you have made our transition to life as a family of four so easy! We are so thankful for the past 365 days with you! You are such a sweet, easy-going baby and you have brought immense joy to our family! Happy First Birthday, Hadley! We love you so much!


Hadley's 12 month pictures

I can hardly believe it's true, but our baby will be ONE YEAR OLD tomorrow! It just doesn't seem possible! We've got Hadley's 12 month well visit later this morning, but for now enjoy the rest of her 12 month photos!

To our family--we've got tons of prints!! Let me know if you've got a favorite (or two or three!), and I'll set it aside for you! :)  Or I can email you the digital file if you prefer that!