Emily's Bridal Shower

This past weekend I made a whirlwind trip to GA to help host a bridal shower for my sister, Emily! It was so much fun!! I left mid-morning on Saturday when Derek got home from work & came back Sunday evening after the shower..whew! Definitely a whirlwind & super exhausting, but so worth it! Derek hung back here to take care of the girls & to keep an eye on his patients since he is on wards right now. It was a very busy weekend for him pulling double-duty as full-time daddy & doctor! He did awesome and even ran up to the hospital both days I was gone with the girls in the jogging stroller to check on a patient of his in the ICU. My favorite story from while I was gone was Derek introducing Shelby to his resident for the first time. When they walked in and Derek told Shelby to say hi to Ms. Julie, Shelby said: "Ms. Julie, why do you call my Daddy ALL the time?!" ;)

Aside from not having a clue what to do with Shelby's hair, Derek did a fantastic job with the girls all weekend! Neither of the girls missed me AT ALL b/c they were having way too much fun with Daddy! ;)  I got home late Sunday night after they'd already gone to bed, so I thought they would be excited to see me Monday morning when they woke up..nope! Shelby's first words to me were "I don't want to go to school today," and Hadley didn't smile until she saw Shelby's face...thanks for the warm welcome, girls! ;)  Ha! Motherhood is definitely a thankless job at times! ;)

Without further ado, here are a few pictures from the shower!

The Bride-to-Be getting ready for the shower! This was the first of many times throughout the weekend where I felt "old." Apparently, girls "wand" their now. Who knew?! I was seriously shocked that there was a new hair tool that I'd never even HEARD OF before. Clearly I'm out of the loop. It's similar to a curling iron but without the part that opens and closes around your hair, so you have to wear a glove to protect your hand from the heat while styling your hair. Again, who knew?!
Super blurry, but too cute not to include!
The bride-to-be posing in the parking lot with the balloons we'd just picked up for the shower...she looked beautiful in her dress!!
Emily, my mom, & me before the shower..I love this one!

The three of us with Linda (who hosted the shower at her house) before the shower began
Gifts & we used the birdcage from our wedding (people put cards in it at the reception) for people to place recipe cards in.
Framed invitation (I thought that turned out so cute!) on the left, favors in the back, and personalized water bottles in the front...thank you to my hubby for doing the water bottles for me! ;)

Linda set up her patio for everyone to eat lunch outside at the shower, and the tables were just beautiful!

Another look at the tables!
The bride with her bridesmaids!
I took this one with my phone, but I thought it turned out so cute of my mom & Emi!

Another bride & bridesmaid shot :)

The cupcake cake :)

A group shot of all the guests!

It was such a fun day celebrating Emily & her upcoming wedding! Hard to believe the wedding is just a little over 2 months away! Even harder to believe we'll already be living in San Antonio by then! Time is flying!


The Sweetest Video & Hadley's Newest Trick!

I present to you the sweetest video in the entire world, at least in my opinion it is! ;)

I love so many things about this video--the sound of the girls giggling together, watching Shelby rub her head on her little sister b/c she knows that will always make Hadley smile, Shelby accidently bumping Hadley too hard and hearing her console her by saying "Shh, shh, shh, it's just me sitting beside you Hadley!", watching Hadley learn how to pull up after trying for so long, and watching Shelby lovingly put her hand on Hadley's back to help keep her from falling b/c she's seen Mommy do that so many times. This video just captures the sweet, fleeting everyday moments that make up our life right now with a 1 & 3 year old. Sure, there are LOTS of other moments where they're both whining, someone is hungry, a diaper needs changing, the laundry needs folding, and my patience has completely run out....but these sweet moments make it all worth the while! So thankful we have videos like this to look back on one day!

And I'll leave you with a few other pictures of Hadley pulling up! She's been able to pull herself up to her knees for a while now, but just in the last week and a half or so she learned how to pull all the way up to standing. We're SO proud of her! It's opened up a whole new world of exploration for her! Hadley is constantly wanting to climb & stand now! It's fun to watch her learn!

Hadley climbing at Excel by Five last week. I got SO emotional watching Hadley do this at Excel by Five b/c this is exactly what Shelby would do at this age. It made me so sad to think we'll be saying goodbye to Excel by Five and so many other special places in just a few short weeks.

Shelby was having the best time encouraging Hadley to climb the stairs!

Hadley was trying SO hard!

I love the expression on Hadley's face in this one where she is Skyping with Grammy & Grampy!


Shelby's Spring Break: Photo Dump

The week after our trip to Disney World was Shelby's Spring Break from preschool. Our week was pretty much wide open b/c we didn't have preschool on Monday/Friday, Excel by Five {which we usually attend on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays} was closed, and we avoided Kangarooz {our usual Wednesday activity} b/c I assumed it would be crowded with bigger kids. It ended up being a really fun week!

Girls loaded up in the jogging stroller for a family run :)

Hadley enjoying the swings at Little Children's Park in Ocean Springs

Hadley had trouble napping several days b/c of teething, but she was enjoying her one-on-one time with Mommy :)

We met friends for playtime & a picnic one afternoon at Ft. Maurepas in Ocean Springs...Shelby had a blast!!

Love the view from this beach-front park!

We met Casey & Grace one evening at the mall to visit the Easter Bunny, eat dinner at Chick-fil-a and give the girls a ride on the carousel...they enjoyed holding hands walking through the mall :)  And yes, Shelby is wearing her sunglasses inside! ;)

Easter Egg Hunt at the Biloxi library storytime

These pictures are so out of order...this is from our day at Ft. Maurepas :)

Egg hunt at the West Biloxi library storytime

Easter celebration at the West Biloxi library storytime

This was from our first day home from Disney World...relaxing with books :)

Shelby woke up early one morning & enjoyed watching TV in Mommy & Daddy's bed with Lambie :)

Hadley's first time playing with the water table :)


Easter 2014

I'm so disappointed in myself, but this was the second year in a row that we didn't get Easter cards sent out. Last year, Easter was in March and I was too busy trying to get birth announcements in the mail {and not to mention trying to figure out how to handle life with a 2.5 year old & newborn} to worry about Easter cards. I had every intention to do Easter cards this year, but our trip to Disney World threw me off. Oh, well! We'll try again next year!!! We did mangage to get our picture with the Easter Bunny a couple of days before Easter though!

Can you tell Hadley wasn't having fun?! ;)

On the Saturday before Easter, we attended the base's Easter Egg Hunt at the Marina Park.

I wish her face was covered up, but this is the excited expression of a girl who found the golden with a prize ticket inside! :)

After the Easter egg hunt on base, we came home & dyed eggs with Shelby while Hadley napped. It was our first time doing this at home together, and it was really fun! {Shelby had dyed eggs at an Easter playgroup last year, but this was our first time at home as a family.}

Hadley woke up to see the finished products :)

After the girls went to bed on Saturday evening, the Easter Bunny stopped by! I was so excited about Shelby's basket! She'd been saying for weeks how she wanted the Easter Bunny to bring her a Doc McStuffins paint set she'd seen at Target, so that was of course in her basket along with a Doc bubble wand, new Doc underwear, Doc book with read-along CD, & yogurt melts. Hadley got two new Easter book books & some yogurt melts. Hadley definitely got the shaft this year, but in our defense we never got much for Shelby when she was a baby either. Shelby's just at such a fun age to buy for these days--she's really into specific things and is so appreciative & excited when she receives something. It also helps that she doesn't have the "gimmees" yet. ;)  Hadley did luck out though and got Shelby's yogurt melts for herself b/c Shelby randomly decided she didn't want them anymore. ;)

Shelby's first peek at the basket...she was so excited!

Love this picture! Perfect smile from Hadley, but Shelby couldn't be torn away from her basket for even a second ;)

After Daddy make French toast (Shelby's favorite breakfast!), we headed outside for an Easter egg hunt in our backyard. :)  Shelby insisted she need her shades!

It didn't take Hadley long at all to figure out how to break into the eggs!

And then she was after the chocolate....Shelby snatched it out of Hadley's hands before she ever even got a chance to taste it!!

We had such a nice Easter together, just the 4 of us! After Hadley's nap, we had a family run & playtime outside. Then the rest of our day was spent on lunch, naps, Easter dinner, and yet another viewing of Frozen! ;)  It was a wonderful day!!!