We're Still Here!

Yikes, I didn't mean to let more than a week go by without posting! The main reason I haven't updated recently is that our moving truck arrived (hooray!!) last Tuesday, and by the end of the day I am worn out from chasing after the girls & unpacking! There just hasn't been any energy left for much else after the girls go to bed at night!

Backing up to last Tuesday, we were overjoyed when we saw the moving truck roll up on our street! And then we were quickly defeated again when we discovered that the moving truck only had about 75% of our stuff & the other 25% of our things were still in storage in Mississippi b/c they apparenntly miscalculated the amount of space they had on the truck..UGH!!! Of course, the moving company assured us that all of our "essentials" made it on to the truck. So naturally, we've got all of our Christmas decorations & picture frames but no silverware. And we've got all of our toys & books but no shelves to put them on. Super fun! ;)  But I will say that I am beyond thankful to just have our washer & dryer back. We had several clothing emergiences in the couple of weeks without our washer/dryer. Derek may or may not have worn dirty undershirts under his uniform once or twice, and Shelby may or may not have sported the same dress two days in a row. Desperate times, people!!!! Since we got our washer/dryer last week, I have been ON TOP of laundry like a mad woman! As soon as the girls take dirty clothes off, I want to immediately get them in the washing machine..I may have a bit of problem now. ;)  It's such a wonderful feeling to have access to an endless amount of clean clothes again! Here's a few pictures from around our house lately...

Our first meal at our table in two weeks...such a wonderful feeling!!!!

The girls LOVE to dress up, especially Hadley which totally surprises me b/c I couldn't have imagined Shelby enjoying it at this age! The first thing Hadley does when we go into the playroom is speed crawl to the Mardi Gras beads or any other costume piece and puts it on as fast as she can!

We might be in trouble soon ;)

This is what our playroom looks like right now...I can't wait until we get our shelves & toy bins!!!!!!

In retrospect, our week of "camping out" in Biloxi really wasn't bad at all. The girls were excited/intrigued by the changes, and we still had a sense of normalcy b/c we were still in our house, went to our usual activities, and saw our friends. But the week and a half of camping out here in TX was a totally different story. I think we were all exhausted from the move & our sense of normalcy was gone. Simple every day tasks were starting to wear on us b/c they're infinitely harder without your "stuff"..what to do with trash when you don't have trash cans (or trash service...it's been an insane struggle to get that set up here!), how to get laundry done without a washer & dryer, getting the girls to sit and eat a meal when they don't have chairs to sit on or a table, etc. Our patience was definitely running thin! But enough complaining ;)  I know I said this before, but the one good part about an empty house is that it forced us to get out & explore the city!

Aside from still waiting on the rest of our stuff to arrive & waiting on a mail box key (there are no "regular" mailboxes here, all mailboxes are locked with a key in San Antonio...isn't that weird?! They told us it would take 7-10 days, but we're still waiting 15 days later. I tell you what, NOTHING is simple when you're moving! There's an issue at every turn!), we're doing pretty good! We've got almost everything unpacked & we've started organizing as much as we can without having shelves, etc...in other words, there's a lot of stuff that has taken up permanent residence on our floors & the dining room table. :)  So even though our a house is still a bit chaotic, we had a FABULOUS week last week! We went to the zoo & Sea World as a family and got our annual membership passes. The girls & I went to the children's museum downtown (I was very impressed with myself for navigating the city streets on my own for the first time with two little ones in tow!), and we were reunited with the Goins & Gallimores! (Can't say enough about how thankful we are to continue our military medical journey with these two precious families from Keesler!!)  Here are a few pictures from our adventures last week!

The Butterfly House in the San Antonio zoo..the butterflies kept landing on me! The Butterfly House & the carousel were Shelby's favorite things at the zoo!

We celebrated Father's Day at the zoo! :)

The zoo wore Hadley out! ;)

Sea World...the girls loved it! Their favorite was the aquarium with the sharks!

Checking out the dolphins in the touch pool

Shelby enjoying the play area with Daddy!

They have an entire Sesame Street section in Sea World, which Shelby loved! They have a little live show and meet & greets with the characters..this was a bit hit!

They had an exhibit with a real plane at the children's musem..it was the perfect way to get Shelby geared up for her first flight this week! They had actual seats with the buckles & the whole nine yards. I was so excited that she got a chance to know what to expect before her first flight, and it got her even more excited about our trip!

Shelby listening to the flight attendant :) 
The museum did a great job having the employees interact with the kids throughout the exhibits!

Dinner at Big'z with the Goins & Gallimores...such a fun evening!!!!!
One of our favorite things about San Antonio so far is that a lot of their local restaurants have play areas/open fields for the kids..what a brilliant idea! It's so nice that Chick-fil-a (even though we LOVE Chick-fil-a!!!) isn't the only kid-friendly place to eat at in order to please the whole family!
Here's to another fun week in San Antonio...and only a few more days till I board my first flight with the girls to Atlanta for Auntie Em's wedding!!!!


Derek's 30th Birthday!

On June 4th, Derek turned the big 3-0! The girls & I surprised Derek at work with Tatonut :)

Can you tell Shelby was excited?!

Then, we had another little birthday celebration for Derek at one of our neighborhood playgrounds that evening after he got home from work. The plans were totally last minute {I hadn't time to think about birthday plans while we were dealing with the move earlier that week!}. I'm talking maybe an hour before we met at the playground, I was texting a few of our closest friends that live on base with us to see if they wanted to join us for pizza, beer, and cupcakes. And this just goes to show how amazing our friends are--every last one of them showed up on a mere 60 minute (or less!) notice including a family that had two boys to round up & another family with a one week old. That's when you know you've found good friends! ;)  The Goins, Gallimore, & Deans families all joined us, and it was such a fun night!

Becuase the evening was planned on super short notice, I sent Derek out to pick up pizza, beer, & cupcakes while I was texting our friends. Much to Shelby's delight, Derek came home with Frozen cupcaes in hand. What a good Daddy!! ;)

Nothing like pink Frozen cupcakes on your 30th birthday! ;)

Hadley playing in the dirt with the big kids!

We took lots of playground pictures of the kids that evening b/c we realized this was the kids' last chance to play together at Keesler! :(  For the past 3 years, these friends have grown to be like our family at Keesler. Several afternoons a week, Angela & I would text one another after the kids' afternoon naps to see where we wanted to meet up to play. We spent many an afternoon & evening on the Bayridge playgrounds watching our kids play & grow up together! It was so sad to think that this was their last time! So many fun memories!

This is what Hadley looks like every.single.time. after she plays on the playground....it takes forever for me to scrub the dirt out of her pants, but it's so worth it! She always has a blast playing like a big kid!

We had such a fun day celebrating Derek on his 30th birthday...we love you!!!!!


Our Last Days in Biloxi

We've officially been Texans for a week now! In some ways, it feels like it's been forever since we left Keesler & it other ways it feels like we just got to San Antonio. Time is such a funny thing that way. Anyhow, I have a bunch of pictures from our last days in Biloxi that I wanted to share here on the blog for our family memories.

We went to Excel by Five twice during our last week at Keesler. We went once with Angela & the boys and another time just us. I will miss this place so much! When I first started staying home with Shelby , we stayed home all the time. Sure, we would get out of the house for walks and grocery shopping and other things here & there...but we were home a LOT. I kind of thought you were just supposed to stay home all the time with new babies, and plus I didn't have many friends on base yet with kids similar ages to get together with. After a few months into the stay-at-home mom thing, I realized I didn't do the "stay home" part of being a stay at home mom very well. ;)  Shelby & I were both so much happier when we were out and about and doing fun things together! Excel by Five was one of the first places I started regularly taking Shelby to when she was a baby, and she did a lot of growing up over the years we were going there. It's been really fun & sentimental for me to see Hadley playing with the same toys and doing the same things that Shelby did as a baby there. Anyhow, this place just holds a lot of memories for me & we will miss it dearly!

Mrs. Susan was in tears saying goodbye to Shelby..we will miss this place!

Going away gifts from Mrs. Susan :)
We were so thankful for these gifts b/c all of the girls' toys had already been packed away by the point,
so these toys were a welcome distraction!

Another of our "regular" activities in Biloxi was Kangarooz. Every Wednesday, the girls & I would go to Kangarooz for their Toddler Time & then we'd go to Chick-fil-a for lunch afterward. It was something I looked forward to every week! And I espcially loved it b/c it was one of the few things that Hadley always enjoyed so much! Usually I felt like poor Hadley was just being lugged around to all of her big sister's activities, but this was one place that Hadley enjoyed just as much {if not more!} than Shelby! Hadley was always enamored with Nana Deb as she would lead the kids in finger plays with songs. She would never really mimic the hand motions for me at home, but she would always do it at Kangarooz! It was so fun to watch her learn & interact there!

Shelby & her BFF from school, Elise

Shelby & Nana Deb who runs the Toddler Time
She used to work at Excel by Five, so she has known Shelby since she was a baby as well!

Shelby with her sweet friend Auburn & Mrs. Hope

And a few other random pictures that I stumbled across on my phone from our last days at our house at Keesler....

We were on a walk in our neighborhood when Derek was coming from home work. He let Shelby jump in his truck with him to "drive" home...she thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Our last morning walk along the bay in our neighborhood....I will miss the view terribly!

We turned an empty box into Doc McStuffin's clinic! ;)

Writing this post sure made me nostalgic & homesick for Biloxi! Change is so hard, and of the things I miss the most about Biloxi is the routine of activities I had there with the girls. I know we'll find our rhythm here too, but we still miss what we had there!

I will say the upside of having an empty house is that it forces us to get out & explore our new city! The girls & I tried out two new indoor playplaces and a local storytime as well as several fun, unique restaurants with Derek for dinner! And we've already got a list of places to try out for next week! There is certainly no shortage of things to do around San Antonio!

I've think I've got just one more post to publish from Biloxi--Derek's 30th birthday!! :)