One is walking & the other is swimming!!

Two quick videos--the first one is of Hadley walking on Friday night & the other is of Shelby swimming at her lesson on Friday afternoon :)


A Day in the Life....

A lot of blogs I read do "A Day in the Life" posts from time to time, and I've always thought it would be fun to do it as well. I've never done one until now b/c I assumed it would be way too time consuming to take the pictures & document all the details of our day. Truthfully, it was a bit time consuming, but I know I'll be grateful to be able to look back and see what my days looked like when our babies are no longer than babies. Here we go, a peek at our day on Thursday, August 21st, 2014!

Derek kissed me goodbye a little before 6 on his way out the door for work, and then my alarm went off at 6:05...but I don't remember any of that. ;)  At 6:15 my alarm went off again, and I begrudgingly woke up and played around my phone for a bit checking my Facebook newsfeed & reading blogs as I slowly woke up. I like to set my alarm to wake up before the girls so I can get ready for the day & cross off a few chores before Shelby & Hadley need all of my attention. At 6:30, I dragged myself out of bed to shower & get ready for the day. Shelby didn't wake up & come downstairs until 7 this morning (it's usually anywhere between 6:40-7:15), so I had plenty of time to shower, dry my hair, do my make-up, and throw on some clothes before my mommy duties began. Once she was downstairs, we went straight to the couch to read some books while she drank her morning cup of milk & had her vitamin.

This morning she chose to read The Lorax, and by the time we got to the second page we could already hear Hadley waking up over the monitor. We quickly finished the book & headed up stairs to get Hadley out of her crib.

Shelby is always SO excited to run up to Hadley's room!

Hadley wasn't really interested in her milk, so by the time we finished one book in her room she was already fighting to get out of my lap. So we stopped storytime, and I sent Shelby back to her room to make her bed while I changed Hadley's diaper.

After Shelby made her bed, we started to head downstairs for breakfast but Hadley was demanding a bow. And by demanding, I mean she bangs her hand on her head and yells "bow!" repeatedly until a bow is in her hair. ;)  So we went back for a bow & then headed downstairs. The girls selected cars to play with while I prepped breakfast. Truth be told, Shelby actually asked for a fishing game to play with. The fishing game got donated before we moved to Texas, and this is the first time Shelby had brought up since the move. When I fibbed & told her I didn't know what she was talking about, she quickly replied "Oh, Mommy! You know our fishing game from Biloxi, Mississippi!"  Oops! ;)  Thankfully, they were appeased with the cars.

In the five minutes or so it took me to prep breakfast, they'd already moved on to books. ;)  They both spend a lot more time reading than they do playing with toys!  It was 7:55 by this poing, and finally breakfast is served! This morning we had Eggo waffles & strawberries. I am such a creature of habit--we usually have waffles two mornings a week, cereal two mornings a week, and bagels the other morning.

After breakfast, the girls went back to playing cars & princesses while I quickly cleaned up the kitchen. Then I joined in them in the living room for some playtime. Here's a delightful video I captured during our playtime:

I finally convinced the girls to clean up their toys, so we could do a quick art project before it was time to get dressed. I had found a Hello Kitty painting book where you just paint with water the night before in our cabinet of art stuff & thought it would be a good (read: less messy) introduction of paint brushes to Hadley.

This activity lasted all of about 2 minutes before Hadley dumped the cup of water over despite me holding it almost the entire time. ;)  By now, it was about 9:10, so we headed upstairs to get dressed. Usually the girls never want to stop an activity to go upstairs, but thankfully we randomly started singing the Frozen lyrics to the song "For the First Time in Forever:" "Tell the guards to open up the gates!" and they both race to the gate at the bottom of the stairs & wait for me to come open it. ;)  Works like a charm!! Once we got upstairs, we got both girls dressed, fixed hair, brushed teeth, went potty, changed a diaper, read a book, and did a little playing. At 9:30, we headed back downstairs to put shoes on, pack snacks, and load up the car for Pump It Up (an indoor playplace with inflatables). I called my mom on the drive there while the girls listened to their Frozen CD. In case you missed my post yesterday, Hadley did {THIS} while we were at Pump It Up!

After Pump It Up, the girls ate snack in the car & we headed to the library to return books & check out a few new ones. Shelby is always so excited to read her new books in the car on the way home!

We got home around 12:15, and the girls colored while I prepped lunch.

After a minor tantrum from Hadley b/c I took the crayons out of her hands in order to put her in the highchair, lunch is served!! We eat pretty much the exact same lunch Monday through Friday. Shelby gets a peanut butter sandwich, banana, and another fruit of her choosing. Sometimes, she'll also get goldfish or wheat thins--today it was Chex Mix. I usually have a PBJ (which Shelby calls a jelly sandwich, ha!), fruit, and some type of cracker or chip. Hadley eats a hodge podge meal: a piece of cheese, banana, whatever other fruit Shelby or I are eating, and a bowl of oatmeal.

Shelby wondering why I am taking a picture of her eating lunch ;)

After lunch, the girls went back to coloring while I cleaned up the kitchen. By the time I finished the kitchen, the girls were still content coloring so I ran over to my laptop to reply to a message on Etsy about Shelby's birthday invitation. I came back two minutes later to this:

I quickly announced it was time to clean up and head upstairs for naps. ;)  Shelby asked to bring up the crayons & her coloring page to finish her picture in her bedroom while I got Hadley ready for nap. Hadley threw a little tantrum while I changed her diaper & put her in her sleep sack, but she cheered right up for storytime. I love how she always blows kisses & hugs her bear when we put her down in her crib, such a sweet baby! After putting Hadley down, it was time to help Shelby brush her teeth and go potty before reading one of her new library books. Then we had to discuss our favorite parts of the day before she allowed me to leave her room. ;)

NAP TIME!!!! Both girls are usually down by around 1:30. I usually get about two hours of peace & quiet. We've been going to the pool a lot lately, so a chunk of naptime is taken up by me having to shower during naps a couple of days a week. But since I already showered in the morning, I have extra free time! I spend a few minutes scrolling through Facebook and blogs after I get the girls down to relax before I start tackling my to-do list. Most of my household chores were already accomplished the day before, so the only must-do item on the list was a load of laundry..hooray! (The bulk of my chores are reserved for naptime with the exception of cleaning up from meals & folding a load of laundry here & there.) After I got the laundry started, I moved on to uploading videos of the girls to YouTube from my phone, trasnferring pictures from my phone to the laptop, & blogging. I also chatted on Facebook for a few minutes with Angela before I was startled by a loud sound upstairs--Shelby was trying to open her bedroom door while holding her very full bag of library books. ;)  I was shocked she was already awake since it was only 3:00. (Naptime always FLIES by!) Hadley is almost always awake first, so I was excited Shelby was up first so we could enjoy our post-nap stories without a fidgety baby disturbing us for a change. ;)  We read several books on the couch while Shelby drank her afternoon cup of milk. Around 3:45 or so, Shelby got up to play princesses while I folded some laundry. Then we headed upstairs to get Hadley up from her nap and do milk & stories in her room. Next up, I changed Hadley's diaper and put her laundry away while Shelby went to her room to put her laundry away & make her bed. Then we ended up playing in Shelby's room for a while.

We finally came downstairs around 5ish for snacktime. Shelby requested apples, but we didn't have any left so she settled for applesauce. She likes to drink hers with a straw. ;)  She's never been big on snacks, so I had to prod and prod her to finish and I ended up feeding her the last half. Hadley, on the other hand, LIVES for snacks and hers was gone in about two seconds flat. ;)

Then it was time to put on shoes and head out for our daily afternoon stroll to the mailbox. Shelby was whining that her heel hurt, so she opted to stay home & listen to a book on CD while Hadley and I checked the mail. We ran into a neighbor at the mailbox, and I enjoyed catching up with her for a while since I hadn't seen her since a recent trip they took. Then the girls & I headed to the back porch for some fun with chalk, bubbles, & the water table until Derek got home from work. Derek got home around 6:15, and we reported to him that we spotted MORE wasps while we were playing (we had a serious bug problem when we moved in, and the wasps are still lingering!)....so he immediately handled that before we sat down to dinner. Tonight was an easy night, we made white chicken chili a few weeks ago and froze half of it. I love making big meals and freezing half to make another night easy :)  Shelby gets the same thing for dinner every evening pretty much--yogurt, a fruit and/or veggie, granola bar, & sometimes chicken nuggets. Hadley usually eats whatever we're eating along with some of what Shelby's eating. ;)  During dinner, Derek & Shelby had their nightly dinner conversation about Derek's diagnoses from the allergy clinic--it's the first thing she asks him every night at the dinner table! She loves hearing about it!

Derek & Shelby went outside after dinner to investigate the wasp situation some more (since the wasps were dead now, Shelby wanted to see where their nests were & what they looked like!), while I did the dishes. Here was my view while I worked:

Derek had planned to take Shelby for a run after dinner, but she was clearly getting tired already due to her short nap. So he went for a quick solo run (he has a PFT coming up, otherwise he would have skipped it) while I bathed the girls. Hadley was acting really off during bath, so it made for a very quick bath. Fortunately, she cheered right up afterwards.

Hadley was enjoying brushing Shelby's hair :)  These pics are blurry, but I wanted to include them b/c they were so cute :)

Derek puts Hadley to bed 99% of the time, but since he had gone for a run it was fun to get to put her to bed myself for a change. :)  Hadley goes to bed between 7:30-8 most nights, which is so funny b/c Shelby was always in bed SO early as a baby! Hadley never gets grumpy at night, so we keep her up with us to enjoy family time. :)

Once Hadley was down, Derek was home just in time for a quick game of Slap Jack with Shelby before it was time for her to potty, brush teeth, and have her two stories. She usually goes to bed between 8:30-9 since she still naps for so long and because we like her to be able to stay up "late" (aka after Hadley) to have special one-on-one time with us for activities that aren't easy to do when Hadley is awake, such as card games, puzzles, etc. On this night, Shelby was in bed by 8:15 b/c of her short nap.

Once Shelby is down, Derek & I usually relax & talk for a few minutes before we get busy with chores, etc. Tonight we created a grocery list together & discussed buying new cups for the girls (exciting, I know!!!!) before he hopped in the shower & starated studying. While he was doing that, I finished up the dishes & cleaned the kitchen sink before sitting down to type this blog post. ;)  We always went to bed fairly early in Biloxi b/c Derek loves his sleep & is adamant we both go to bed at the same time. I always kind of wanted to stay up a bit later & enjoy the quiet house while the girls were asleep. But since we moved our bedtime has been VERY late. In the beginning it was b/c nights were our chance to get unpacked & settled, but now it's b/c Derek has a lot of studying to do in the evenings. Now I'm the one begging for early bedtimes. ;)  Derek finally finished up his studying a little before 11 and wanted to relax a bit before going to bed. He offered to scoop up some ice cream for us, which I never refuse, so we enjoyed our ice cream and I agreed to let us watch my least favorite show of his ever--Going Deep. I'm not a big TV person, but Derek definitely is. He never understands how I can be home all day & never the TV on, ha! Most of his favorite shows (Pawn Stars, Naked & Afraid, & other random History Channel stuff) eventually grow on me after a while, but Going Deep has not grown on me. ;)  The show was over by 11:30 andwe quickly turned off the TV & lights and finally headed to bed before waking up to do it all over again the next day! I'm so thankful for our little life, especialy for how hard Derek works for me to be able to spend my days with our two sweet girls!


Look What Happened Today!

I took the girls to Pump It Up for some playtime this morning, and look what happened!!!!

First steps recorded on video at 17 months! :)  For the longest time, if we tried to get Hadley to take a step to us or even help her walk by holding her hands, she would give us the meanest/most offended look and plop her bottom right down on the floor. But suddenly in the last week or two, she has been loving to walk holding our hands. She'll hold her hand out to us and say "walk" in her cute little voice/demanding yell (depending on how long it takes us to comply with her request, ha!) until we walk hand in hand with her. But she still gets mad if we try to encourage her to take unassisted steps. I think she was just distracted at Pump It Up today with all the kids, excitement, and music and didn't realize what she was doing. I had my hand stretched out to her in the video to get her to walk toward me, but she never actually grabs my hand...all the walking in the video is independent! I think it will still be a while before we have a full-blown walker on our hands since she doesn't have the desire to do it independently yet; but once she gets a little more confidence in her ability, I'm sure she'll be off & running in no time! We are so proud of you, Hadley Mae!!!!

As a little flashback, {HERE} is the post with Shelby's first steps!


Weekend Recap!

We had such a fun weekend! We started off the weekend with dinner & playtime at Peter Piper Pizza on Friday night after Derek got home from work. Here are a few pictures of Hadley from dinner--she DEVOURED the pizza!

She was having the best time in the world playing peek-a-boo with her belly button ;)

On Saturday morning, we went to a local farm about 4 miles from our house with the Goins family. It was such a cute little place! They had pigs, bunnies, goats, chickens, pony rides, hay rides, playground area, and little areas where you could pet/feed some of the animals. We're really excited to have a place like that so close to home! We plan to take Grammy & Grampy there during their visit in September, and we'll plan to go again in October when they have a pumpkin patch.

After naps on Saturday afternoon, we did a little mattress shopping, dinner at Logan's (we have one right around the corner from us, and Derek had been craving their rolls since we moved in!), and then Derek & Shelby went to look at animals at PetSmart while Hadley & I picked up a few things at Target before heading home for movie night--Aladdin!

Hadley is now infatuated with sitting or laying in Shelby's lap whenever they watch TV ;)

Sunday was our usual routine--morning run, French toast for breakfast, pool {in case you missed my post yesterday, HERE are some pics & video from the pool}, and lunch. During naps, Derek went to finalize our mattress purchase (hooray for marking something else off the to-do list!!) and then it was time for our date night! We went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at La Cantera. We walked around La Cantera a bit, but most everything was closed since it was Sunday night so we headed out to play putt-putt & I WON!!! I can never remember winning putt-putt before, but I won & I even got one hole in one!! I only beat Derek by one stroke, but I still won! They only charge $1 for kids under 5, so we're excited to take Shelby when the temperatures cool down here. We had such a fun night!! Shelby has a parents-only Open House next Thursday night, so we're taking advantage of that & making a date night of it. I'm already looking forward to it!!

Today the girls & I tried out a new park with a duck pond with Angela & the boys. It was such a cute park, but I think we'll wait to go again until fall arrives. Shelby just cannot handle the heat lately--she told me at least five times: "It's much too hot for me to play." ;)

Happy Monday, Everyone! Hope you have a great week!!! Hard to believe we've just got two weeks left of summer until school starts up for Miss Shelby! So thankful she'll only be going two mornings a week, so we'll still have plenty of time for fun! :)

Sunday Funday with our Little Fish :)

We've had such a fun family weekend! I'll try to do a full recap on Monday, but for now here's a few pics & videos from our trip to the pool today :)  Shelby's swim teacher started calling her a little fish after her lesson on Friday. With each time we go to the pool, she's becoming more & more comfortable & confident in the water without her puddle jumper! It's been so fun & exciting to see her progress over the past couple weeks!


Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday, Friends! Here's some tidbits from our corner of the world...

--We finally got our master bedroom curtains & playroom shelves ordered this weekend, which were two big items left on our to-do list. It felt good to get those items taken care of! The shelves arrived today, and Derek is currently hard at work assembling them while I type on the couch. ;)  Next big decision/purchase is the mattress & box springs for the guest room, and we hope to get that taken care of this coming weekend! I think at least one item gets crossed off the list day & one new thing gets put on the list as well....we'll get there eventually, right?! ;)

--We tried out a kids' art studio called Art Works yesterday, and it was such a neat place! They have art classes for little ones & art camps. We attended their "Open Art" where they have 12 different art centers/projects available for the kids to rotate through at their leisure. Shelby really enjoyed it! We'll definitely be going back again soon.
This was Shelby's favorite activity, hands down! She did it at least ten times. You put paint on your paper plate via an eye dropper (which she totally enjoyed!), then spin the plate in the salad spinner for a fun effect!

Spin art on a record player :)


Painting with Adam :)

--This girl is a MESS! But we sure do love her :)

--I cannot believe Shelby will be FOUR next month! I haven't done a single thing in preparation for her birthday since all of our time & energy has been spent on getting settled in the new house. But I suppose it's about time to start getting into birthday mode! Shelby, of course, decided she wanted a Frozen party. :)  So a Frozen party is what we'll have!

--Hadley is just one week shy of 17 months old! Almost one and a half...how did that happen?! Shelby started walking at 16.5 months old, so Hadley will officially be a later crawler & walker than her big sister. And that is totally okay by this mama! Hadley is a SPEED crawler & can fly behind her walker, but she has absolutely ZERO interest in walking on her own. ;)  She could totally surprise us, but I have a good feeling we have at least another month of a crawling baby in our house.

This cutie is talking up a storm lately!!! Shelby didn't really start talking until after she was walking, so it's been fun to hear lots of new words coming out of her mouth every day. Her little voice is so sweet :)  A new word as of today is "wipe" for baby wipes...if she sees the wipe container, she HAS to have a wipe in her hand IMMEDIATELY. She's obsessed with baby wipes. :)

--I snapped this picture of Shelby reading in her room today. I love how much she loves to read!

--We went swimming with friends today & had so much fun! Shelby is doing great with her swimming & I'm excited to see how much more progress she'll make with her lessons this week!

--We found a new sitter here, and our first date night in San Antonio is this weekend! We're excited!

Okay, I think that's it for today! Hope y'all have a great week!


Weekend Routine

Our new house is slowly starting to feel more & more like home, and I can't tell what a good feeling that is. We're finding our new normal here, and it's such a breath of fresh air. We've fallen into a really good weekend routine lately, and I'm just loving Saturdays & Sundays! (But what I wouldn't give for a Down Friday...Keesler, you are sorely missed!) We typically devote one weekend day to an outing exploring the city and eating out, followed by a long family nap (the outing usually wears us all out!!) & movie night. The other day is just as delightful but is spent closer to home--we start the day with an early morning run before the heat sets in, come home for a quick breakfast, and then the pool! Afterwards, we head home for lunch & naps. While the girls nap, Derek does his yardwork & I do housework..then it's movie night again! Sunday night is ususally "Daddy's Dinner Night" where he grills out for us. I'm sure this is not at all exciting to read out, but it's such a good feeling to be finding our rhythm here!

Sweet sisters enjoying movie night last night watching Frozen :)
Just focus on how cute Shelby & Hadley are & ignore the mess and shelves that still
desperately need some organziaton'decorations ;)

The girls & I have a fun week lined up: trying out a kids' art studio today, pool time with friends on Tuesday, swim lessons, and we'll see what else we can squeeze in! Happy Monday, Everyone!


Our Big Girl :)

As we get closer & closer to Shelby's fourth birthday, I can't help but think about how much of a "big girl" she has become this summer! We have always referred to her as our big girl, but she really is becoming one now! We've always said Shelby was a good "starter baby"--she never threw tantrums (little sister is proving to be a COMPLETELY different story though ;), and two was such an easy age for her. Three was a bit sassy at times, and she always enjoyed trying to talk her way out of things. But now, at almost 4, her sweet & obient nature is such a breath of fresh air! She literally "yes m'aams" me all.day.long, and her swim teacher today told me today how proud I should be of her with her wonderful manners. :)  It made my mama heart so proud! Shelby has recently learned how to make her bed and makes it with such pride each morning and after her nap. There is really no point to this post other to say I'm bursting with pride for my big girl lately. :)  She's always been smart as a whip (I still can't believe you learned to read before your 3rd birthday!), but you haven't always had the confidence to do things independently. That is slowly starting to change! We started her in one-on-one swim lessons a couple of weeks ago, and it's been hard for her to do something outside her comfort zone. Shelby absolutely LOVES swimming and has no fear of the water, but she thinks she needs her puddle jumper on at all times. We've had to have lots of pep talks, and I'm just so proud of her for conquering her fears.

Sporting her new goggles for swim lessons! We told her they were "magic goggles" to help her
be brave in the pool without her floatie!

Making her bed!

Mommy & Shelby date at Barnes & Noble one night this week. Shelby could have set and read the books ALL NIGHT LONG. We had the best time together!!

And of course, we got a treat on our date! :)

And last, but not least, a quick video of Shelby swimming today at her swim lesson! :)