The Perfect Birthday!

Shelby had a great birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, but I think she may have had an even better day on the day of her actual birthday! We started the day off perfectly--birthday donuts!

After donuts, it was present time!!

After presents, it was still raining so we decided to let Shelby curl up with her new Frozen blanket that she had just opened & watch Frozen with Grampy. After the movie & lunch, the sky had cleared up enough for Grampy & Shelby to go try out Shelby's new kickboard at the pool! They had so much fun! And Shelby was EXHAUSTED from all the birthday fun! We finally had to go in & wake her up from her nap so we could continue the celebrating!!

Turning four is hard work!! ;)

After naptime, we made brownies per the birthday girl's request :)
Adam stopped by to surprise Shelby with birthday flowers! What a gentleman! :)
Later that night when Shelby was telling Derek about this, she said that Adam was her groom b/c he gave her flowers! ;)

After the brownies were baked, we jumped in the car to meet Daddy at Peter Piper Pizza for Shelby's birthday dinner!

After dinner & games, we came home to eat brownies & sing "Happy Birthday" to Shelby one last time!!

Just as we were getting ready to head upstairs to get the girls ready for bed, Grammy suddenly remembered one last present she'd forgotten to give Shelby--Frozen underwear. I wish we would have had a camera to record her reaction to opening that gift--it was priceless! It was like everything else she had opened that day was worthless & all that mattered in the entire world was that Frozen underwear! She was delighted to say the least!! It was the perfect ending to her perfect birthday! Donuts, presents galore, Frozen, swimming at the pool, brownies, a surprise delivery from her BFF, Peter Piper Pizza, & Frozen underwear--what more could a four year old ask for?!

This is what Hadley decided to do with the Frozen underwear ;)

We had such a wonderful day celebrating YOU, Shelby! We love you!!!

I've got one more birthday post to share (Shelby's birthday celebration at school), and that'll be it for Shelby's 4th birthday! Still hard to believe we have a four year old in the house!


Shelby's 4th Birthday Party!

We celebrated Shelby's 4th birthday with a Frozen themed party at Chuck E. Cheese! Shelby really wanted to have her party at Peter Piper Pizza, but they don't have a great set-up for parties so we convinced her that we should have her party at Chuck E. Cheese & her birthday dinner at Peter Piper Pizza. Thankfully, she obliged. ;)  It was such an easy party to plan & super low-key, but Shelby had a BLAST and felt so loved! Mission accomplished!!!

Last year Shelby helped me pick out her invitation on Etsy for her party, so I knew I wanted to do that again this year with her. She was so easy to please--her only requirement was that the invite had all of the characters on it (Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Hans, Kristoff, & Sven). Other than that, she gave me free reign! Score! But wouldn't you know in my haste of trying to get them ordered quickly, I accidently ordered an invitation without Hans.

You should have seen Shelby's face when she saw that invitation without Hans--it was like she was literally heartbroken! I don't think I've ever seen her so sad! I felt so bad that she had one measly request, and I totally blew it! Thankfully, it was just a seven dollar mistake and easily fixed! :)  When I showed her the invitation below, she gave me the biggest hug & thank you ever.

Aside from invitations, all we did was order coordinating cupcake toppers on Etsy & cupcakes at HEB, picked up balloons at Party City (considering how much Shelby played with those balloons, that was some of the best fifteen bucks we've ever spent!!), and party favors (Frozen books I ordered on Amazon). Easy! Now, on to the party pictures! They're a bit out of order b/c some are from my camera & some are from my dad's, and I'm too lazy to put them all in the correct order. ;)

All of the big kids
Aside from my parents, all of our Keesler friends that are now living in SA--the Barron (Ella & Anya), Gallimore (Grace & Baby Ana), & Goins (Adam & Baby Will) families--joined us to celebrate Shelby's birthday!

A classic mean expression from Hadley ;) 

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Shelby at our table, and then they sang to her again during the "Live Show" so she got to blow out candles twice!

Ticket Blaster with Adam
The birthday kid gets to go in with another person to grab as many tickets as they can. Derek & I assumed one of us would go in there with her, but as soon as her party host said she could take someone with her Shelby immediately grabbed Adam's hand & went in. ;)  They had a lot of fun!!

I have no idea what this game was, but Shelby spent a lot of time on it!!!

Hadley saying cheese!

Gettign her birthday medallion

It was such a fun day celebrating our big FOUR year old!! And speaking of birthdays, this was a big birthday week for our family--we've got Pop-Pop, Auntie Em, and Granddad all with birthdays within 3 days of each other! We hope each of you had a WONDERFUL birthday! Wish we could have been there to give y'all birthday hugs! We love you!


Swimming Fun :)

We went to the pool as a family last night after dinner. The water was a bit chilly, but the girls had fun & crashed at bedtime! Success!! :)  I took a video of Shelby swimming last night to share on the blog. Derek & I seriously can't believe how well she's swimming! It's hard to belive she wasn't even swimming until last month! She has made so much progress!! It definitely helped having Grampy take her swimming so much last week! I know Shelby is really missing her swimming buddy this week!!

In other news, we just found Auntie Em is coming to San Antonio next month to visit us!! Can't believe we're already gearing up for 2nd set of visitors in TX! We're super excited!!


Reading Marathons, Milkshakes, Stroller-Cleaning, and More: The In-Between Things Mean the Most

We did lots of big, exciting things while my parents were in town last week--visiting the Alamo & the Riverwalk, Shelby's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, her birthday dinner at Peter Piper Pizza, & going to the farm. And I've got TONS of cute pictures to share from each of those places! But just as it always is, it was the little everyday things between the big things we did together that meant the most. Shelby woke up early every single morning (she was literally too excited to sleep!) to snuggle & read stories with Grammy & Grampy. They had a daily morning reading marathon for 7 days straight--Shelby was in heaven! Grampy & Shelby had a blast swimming at the pool together almost every single day they were here. We got to do "life" with my parents for a week--they got to drop-off & pick-up at Shelby's school, visit Derek's new office, eat leftovers with us, give baths (Grammy's favorite!), and fall asleep on the couch watching Naked & Afraid. I am immensely grateful for our military life and the experiences & opportunities the Air Force has provided us, but I hate that it takes us away from our family. But Derek & I incredibly thankful that my parents are willing & able to put their lives on hold as often as they do to be with us.

I don't know who is luckier--my girls having my parents as their Grammy & Grampy or me having them as my mom & dad. You'll always know my mom is here if things are spick & span...she cleaned BOTH of our jogging strollers (amongst countless other things)! I didn't even know people cleaned strollers, but mine are sparkling clean now! And while my mom was busy cleaning, my dad mowed our lawn (which ended up being a HUGE blessing b/c Derek usually does yardwork on the weekend, but he had to go into the hospital on Saturday night & Sunday morning. So it was so nice for him to not have to worry about yardwork on top of that!), fixed all of our finicky doorknobs, got our printer working (we haven't been able to get it working since the move!), and the list goes on. Of course I've got WAY more pictures of the big, exciting things we did...but here are a few snapshots of the everyday moments that meant the world to us!

Grampy sharing his chocolate milkshake with Hadley...that is love!

Working on our dryer :)

Shelby was obsessed with playing with her birthday balloons, and Grampy always indulged her!

Playing Barbies with Grammy :)
Our neighbors's ten year old daughter outgrew her Barbies, so they kindly passed them on to Shelby. I couldn't get over how nice it was of them to share such a nice collection with us! Shelby has been loving them! I also couldn't get over the fact that our neighbors' daughter was merely ten and already over Barbies?! My sister & I LIVED for Barbies!
Post-bath reading with Grampy :)

Thanks again for such a wonderful visit, Grammy & Grampy! We're counting down until our trip to GA for Thanksgiving!! :)

Next up, a recap of Shelby's birthday party!! :)