Thanksgiving 2014: Our Week in GA! {Part One}

We just got back on Friday from a whirlwind week in Georgia! We had SO much fun, but it was exhausting to say the least! We got to see our best friends Jenny & Bret while we were in town (such a treat!!!) & as I was sharing our jam-packed itinerary with Jenny, she made this wise comment: "That's the best and worst part about going home--you get to see everyone, but you have to see everyone." And it's SO true. We absolutely LOVE going home to spend time with our favorite people & to make memories for our girls in GA, but it is no easy feat to travel with two small children (especially now that we have to fly!) and then try to squeeze in visits with everyone into a six day window while simultaneously being mindful of preserving naptimes & bedtimes and somehow avoiding the holiday traffic. It's not easy, but it's so worth it.

Shelby pushed Hadley in the stroller all the way from the long-term parking garage to the airport! This kept both girls super entertained, and it was a big help to us as Derek was already carrying both of our suitcases & I had the girls' suitcase. Shelby did a great job pushing the stroller despite the fact that it looks like Hadley is holding on for dear life in the picture. ;)

The girls watching planes as we waited to board at our gate.

Hadley took off her boots & made herself right at home at the airport. ;)

Here we go!!

We survived flight #1--thumbs ups all around!! :)

Despite having a one hour delay in San Antonio sitting on the tarmac after we'd already boarded (why couldn't they have delayed us BEFORE we got on the plane?!), the flight was a BREEZE! Both girls were in great moods, and even though we were on the plane in the middle of the girls' typical naptime for 3 hours instead of the planned 1hr & 45min, it was a piece of cake!

One of the girls' favorite things to do at Grammy & Grampy's house :)
Shelby pulls out the old Christmas carol books from when Emi & I played the piano and reads/sings the lyrics while she "plays" the piano.
Sunday was our first full day in GA, and it was spent celebrating an early Thanksgiving at BooBoo & Pop-Pop's house. Aunt Maleah, Uncle Lucas, Elly, and Leland were able to join us too, so it was a very fun day! 

The girls working on their annual Christmas craft.

There's nothing better than making memories with your cousins at your grandparents' house...these sweet kiddos had so much fun playing together! Pictures like these make me so sad we live so far away from family. But it definitely makes our time together that much sweeter!

The big girls were reading in the top bunk together, so of course Hadley had to join in! She is the epitome of the "annoying little sister." ;)  Wherever Shelby goes, Hadley is always just one step behind!

Storytime with Pop-Pop :)

Uncle Derek & Leland

Derek & Maleah

BooBoo & Pop-Pop with the 4 grandkids!

More piano time at BooBoo & Pop-Pop's house!
Group picture :)

On Monday, my mom, Derek, & I took the girls up to Sims Lake Park to tire them out for early naps before heading up to McDonough that afternoon to see my sister's house for the very first time! We go to this park a few times every time we're in GA, and we all really enjoy it!

My mom took this picture on her phone, and I love it so much! I love how it captures the girls in actionjumping over the puddle & how you can see Derek & I up ahead of them. :)

And here's our family shot from that night at Chris & Emily's house. The girls, especially Shelby, just adore Emi's new hubby Chris, so it was a fun evening! I just wish we could do it more often!! I'm so thankful for these people! And thankful that both girls actually looked at the camera!! ;)

On Tuesday, we spent the day at Stone Mountain with Derek's dad & step-mom. It was such a fun day! When we got back to my parents' house that night, Shelby was literally talking a mile a minute telling Grampy about all the fun things she did and saw! It was the cutest thing!

Our first stop at the park was at Snow Mountain, it was a lot of fun!! Such a fun idea where snow is a rarity :)

Grandma & Hadley--typical expression ;)

Hadley wasn't too pleased with me, but I made her try the tube ride once ;)
Exploring the top of Stone Mountain
Based on how much Shelby still talks about this, I think this may have been her favorite part of the day!

Granddad & Hadley riding the skylift to the top of Stone Mountain

Group picture (minus Grandma) at the top of Stone Mountain

After a full morning at Stone Moutain, we headed back to Granddad & Grandma's house lunch, naps, and a little playtime.

Shelby & Maggie :)

Hadley thought the dog beds were for her ;)

Playing Lincoln Logs with Granddad & Grandma :)

Since Derek's dad & Eileen live so close to Stone Mountain (maybe a half-mile from the park entrance), we headed back over to see the park all lit up for Christmas! We didn't take many pictures, but it was beautiful! We enjoyed a train ride around the park, the Christmas parade complete with Rudolph & Santa, and a walk through their Christmas village.

Grandma, Granddad, Derek, Shelby, & Hadley all enjoying a glass blowing demonstration

I'll wrap up the rest of our trip to GA in another post this week!


Thursday Musings

I've been too tired lately to compose any type of coherent post, but I figured I might as well go ahead and post some random thoughts b/c who knows when I'll actually feel rested enough to write something other than that. ;)  Between us going to bed late every night b/c of Derek's studying and Shelby still waking up earlier than normal b/c of daylights savings (which means I have to wake up earlier too in order to get my shower & morning chores accomplished before she's downstairs), I've been exhuasted lately! Anyhow, here we go! :)

--We just got our newest dresses in from Melissa at Sassy Kid Blanks and Sarah Kate, and I'm loving them!! I can't wait for the girls to wear them!

--I've been listening to Christmas music & addressing Christmas cards during the girls' naptime this week, and it's been fun! I love sending & receiving Christmas cards every year! It's one of my favorite parts of the season!

--There is an indoor pool on base at Lackland with open swim on Saturdays from 12:30-5:00, which is right in the middle of naptime. There aren't really any other indoor pools around here, which is shocking to me b/c San Antonio seems to have a million of everything! We sure do miss our Kroc Center in Biloxi!! Anyhow, we've been wanting to take Shelby swimming every now & again to help keep up all that she learned this summer so we decided to let her skip naptime this past Saturday to go swimming with Derek while I hung back with Hadley for her nap. Shelby & Derek had the best time together, but she was NOT happy with us that she didn't get to take her nap...we didn't see that one coming! ;)  When she got home, she asked for her nap but we told her it was too late for a nap so she was just going to have some quiet time (which she really needed b/c she was wound up!) in her room with puzzles & books. She put up a bit of a fight insisting that she wanted her nap, but eventually consented. After about 30 minutes, I went up to her room to find her reading on her bed surrounded by books. I told her she could come downstairs with us, but she said she was too busy reading to come down. ;)  Finally after another 30 minutes, I had to drag her away from her books & out of her room for dinner. I love how much she loves to read! Shelby had an absolutely blast swimming at the indoor pool with Derek (she was delighted when we told her she didn't have to wear sunscreen, ha!), ut we definitely learned our lesson--Shelby is not readyb to give up naps!! :)  She kept telling us how fun much she had but that she didn't want to go swimming during her naptime again. ;)

--Shelby and I make brownies all the time together, but we usually make them after Hadley is already in bed. We made them with Hadley for the first time this week, and she loved it! :)  She loved licking the bowl almost as much as Shelby & me!

--My little readers. Shelby is such an avid reader and has been for so long, but Hadley is just really starting to get into it lately. The first thing she says when I walk into her room to get her out of the crib is "Pick a book?" and she insists on carrying a book around with her everywhere she goes. ;)  I hope they both always love to read as much as they do now!!

--This is how Hadley rolls at Target. She truly is a hot mess!

--I took this picture when I went up to wake Shelby up from her nap on Tuesday after she had spent the morning at school. Three hours of preschool is exhausting! :)

--I finished reading Emily Giffin's The One and Only earlier this week. I really enjoyed reading it, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the ending!

--Shelby & I had checkups at the dentist this week! I was so proud of Shelby! At our dentist's family practice office in Biloxi, they were amazing with Shelby & she genuinely loved the dentist. I took her to a family practice office here, and they didn't "baby" her quite as much. Everything they did to my mouth was exactly what they did to hers! She was a bit shocked at first b/c our office in Biloxi had a much gentler approach with her, but she handled it like a champ! She got to pick out a new Berenstain Bears book as a reward afterward. :)

--While Shelby & I were at the dentist, Hadley stayed with a sitter by herself (aka without Shelby) for the first time. I just knew it was going to be an ordeal with her watching Shelby & I both walk out the door, but much to my surprise she didn't even seem to care & had a blast with the sitter!

Derek just finished up his studying for the evening, so I'm turning off the computer to go relax on the couch with him for a bit before we turn in for the night! Happy almost Friday, everyone!!


An International Champion & A Hot Mess

I just logged in to Blogger to post and saw that my lost post was from Halloween, and here we are making our Thanksgiving plans! Time is FLYING! Derek was out of town for 4 days last week for a big allergy conference, and I'm proud to say the girls & I had a great couple of days together including me braving a birthday party with both of them during naptime--and we lived to talk about it! :)  And Derek achieved a big accomplishment too--he was part of a two person Jeapordy team representing the allergy fellowship program at Lackland AFB, and his team won the tournament! There was a total of 28 teams from across the nation competing, but Derek claims there was actually a team from Canada and Mexico there too, so he wants to be referred to as an international champion. ;)

It's super cold here today, and I am itching to curl up on the couch with a blanket & a book while the girls are still napping. (Shelby is currently two months past her 4th birthday and still naps like a CHAMP! I'm enjoying it while it lasts!!!) Before I get on the couch, I'll leave you with a few pictures of Hadley from my phone lately, there are really no words to describe her. She is a hot mess in every sense of that phrase. ;)  And we love her to death, even when she makes me want to pull my hair out (which is a lot!).

When Hadley wakes up in the mornings, Shelby loves to crawl into her crib with her and they read books together. :) 
The picture is blurry & her hair is in her eyes, but I love Hadley's smile here!

Enjoying a late breakfast at Chick-fil-a with Mommy & Daddy on Veterans Day while Shelby was at school.
Hadley ate the entire box of hashbrowns in about 3 minutes!

This was the face Hadley made for me when I got my phone out to take a
picture this morning before taking Shelby to school ;)

Happy girl with her popcorn :)