Cabin Fever

We stayed home all weekend with the exceptions of throwing the girls in the jogging stroller for a quick run on Saturday afternoon & picking up dinner last night. Derek was just running out to pick up our dinner curbside, and the girls & I were going to hang back and watch a movie. Both of them absolutely INSISTED on riding in the car with Derek--I think that shows you how much the cabin fever had start to set in, ha! They're both still hanging on to their coughs and their appetites haven't really returned, but I think we're slowly turning the corner! It was freezing today, but we had to break out of the house! So we went up to the aquarium for a bit & then stopped for lunch at Jason's Deli on the way home. All three of us were just so happy to be out & about like normal again!

Here are a few pictures of Shelby feeding the birds at the aquarium this morning, she absolutely loves doing this! I, on the other hand, completely freak out every time one of them comes near me. ;)  But I try to supress my squeals when they land on me & suck it up b/c the girls just adore it. I was standing in the corner trying to hide from the birds while I took these pictures :)

Happy Monday, Everyone!! :)


Sick, Sick, Sick

Whew, what a week it has been our house! After celebrating Valentine's Day last Saturday, we had a busy Sunday on tap. One of my best friends from middle school/high school was in town and we had planned to meet her & her boyfriend for an early lunch downtown, and then after the girls' naps we had a fifth birthday party to attend for Miss Grace. But first, we started the morning off with the girls' beloved french toast. But just minutes after finishing breaksfast, Hadley threw it all up. She had been acting totally fine aside from that, so we chalked it up to the fact that she had inhaled her breakfast. We offered her some applesauce about an hour later, and she eagerly ate it. So we quickly moved on with our day, got everyone dressed, and headed out for our lunch date. We didn't make it a mile out of our neighborhood before Hadley threw up all over herself in her carseat. :(  At this point, we weren't sure if the second round of vomiting was a sign this was a stomach bug or if it was just motion sickness on top of an already upset tummy. But we quickly made a beeline back home to get Hadley & the carseat cleaned up. Hadley was still acting completely fine, but I left Derek with the girls at home while I went to meet my friend.  I had a great afternoon out, and Derek said Hadley was in good spirits and even ate lunch and went down for her nap well.

I got home right as the girls were waking up from their naps. When Derek went to get Hadley out of her crib, he discovered she'd just thrown up yet again. Shelby and I scooted out the door to the birthday party and had a great time--and we were thankful for the excuse to keep Shelby away from the germs! Meanwhile back at home, Hadley ended up throwing up 7 more times in the 3.5 hours between waking up from nap and getting ready for bed that night. :(  It's not fun to have someone vomitting that much when they don't understand how to throw up in a bucket yet. ;)  Poor Derek had lots of laundry to do while we were gone! ;)

Grace's party was at a local kids art studio. We hadn't been there in quite a while,
and Shelby had the best time!

Playing peek-a-boo with Baby Ana :)

We were worried that Hadley wouldn't be able to sleep that night b/c she had been so sick all day & hadn't kept anything down, so I was especially thankful that Derek had the next day off (President's Day) in case things were bad again. But Hadley surprised us & slept like a champ that night, and we never heard a peep out of her until the next morning. She tried to eat breakfast but quickly threw it up again. She was just the most pitiful patient, she never whined or cried really, just so lethargic. During those two days, she barely walked anywhere (she never really left our arms) or talked at all--so unlike her. Again, we tried to keep the girls apart as much as possible, so the highlight of Hadley's second sick day was that Shelby & Derek got to have an afternoon out together! :)

Hadley never threw up again after Monday morning, but here we are almost a full week later and her appetite has still not returned. She had diarrhea on Tuesday & Wednesday, but thankfully Shelby had managed to stay in the clear. She was just still dealing with the remnants of whatever cold/virus she'd gotten the week before. Then the most pitiful/sweetest thing happened Friday morning. I had just gotten out of the shower & was getting dressed when Shelby poked her little head in the bathroom. I asked her if she'd done her chores yet (the new rule when she wakes up in the morning/after nap is that she is not allowed to leave her room until she's gone to the bathroom & made her bed), and she gave me a funny look and said she couldn't make her bed. When I asked her why, she smiled a little & said it was because there was throw up in her bed. The smile completely threw me off guard, so I thought she was joking. When I asked her if she really threw up, she said "Well, there's five little spots." But she was still smiling and acting like nothing was wrong with her, so I wasn't too worried about it. But sure enough, when we got to her room I immediately saw the damage. There was dried vomit in her bed, and then what appeared to be fresh vomit (sorry for being so graphic, ha!) on the floor from when she'd gotten up a few minutes prior. The dried vomit looked like it was from hours ago, so I asked her if she threw up in the middle of the night or what had happened. She told me she threw up in the middle of the night & cleaned it up and then went back to bed. I was like "What?!?" She then showed me all of the tissues in the trash can that she had used to attempt to clean up her vomit. I couldn't believe at the age of four she did that on her own & went back to sleep!!!! Mind you, she's probably only thrown up about 3 times in her life prior to this! Then later that afternoon when I was tucking her in for nap & reminding her where her bucket was in case she had to throw up again, I told her to call me if she got sick during her nap & I would come help her. She said "It's okay Mama, I'll be fine. I'll just throw up in my bucket & rinse it out myself & go back to sleep. I don't need you to come." I mean, seriously?! I'm thirty-one, and I still want my mom to come when I throw up!!!!! And the irony of it all is that when Shelby has a runny hose, she still calls for me to come bring her a tissue and wipe her nose 95% of the time. She can't handle a runny nose, but vomit in the middle of the night--no problem! ;)

Friday was a loooong day of mothering for me. Between Shelby coming down with the stomach bug & Hadley finally coming down with whatever cold/virus that Shelby had/still recovering from her stomach bug, it was a doozy of a day. Both girls had to have baths before 8am, the washer & dryer went non-stop until about 2pm, both girls calling out "runny nose" every 2.5 seconds b/c apparently they can't wipe their own noses (what age will that happen?!), and Hadley never wanted to be put down. We were all very happy to see Daddy walk through the door by the time 6:15 rolled around!!

Thankfully, today was Saturday which meant Derek was home with us (YAY!) and the weather was sunny & 76 degrees! We were able to keep our windows open all day & get some fresh air in our house! Shelby barely ate anything today and was still very tired, but we started to see some of her spunk come back! Hadley still refused to put down at all again today. My favorite is when I'm holding her and she says "Hold you please, I need Mama"....I'm like I'm currently holding you, what more do you want from me?!?! Can you tell it's been a long week? ;)

Here's to hoping we have a healthy week ahead of us!!! :)


Valentine's Day 2015

We had so much fun celebrating Valentine's Day with the girls this year! The only bummer was that Shelby had a little cold/virus that she came down with in the middle of the week. Thankfully, Shelby's school doesn't do parties, so she didn't miss out on anything by not being able to attend school. The school hangs a Valentine bag for each child/teacher on the fence posts outside the garden for parents to help their child distribute Valentines at drop-off in the morning, then the kids can take their bags home after school. It was such a blessing that the bags were left outside, so even though Shelby didn't go to school on the day of the Valentine exchange, I was able to take her up there to pass out her Valentines & pick up her goodies without sharing any germs. ;)

Passing out Valentines

Shelby had the BEST time reading the Valenties from each of her classmates!

Ring Pop :)

On Friday morning, Shelby insisted we needed to make Valentine posters to adorn the front door for Daddy. Apparently, hand-making Valentines for 16 classmates & 6 teachers wasn't enough for her, ha!! ;)

I wish I had taken a picture of all of her "posters" on the front door before we took them down,
she did such a good job on them!!
Derek posing with his cookie cake that we got him :)

Since Valentine's Day was Saturday morning, I had ordered some balloons earlier in the week for Derek to pick up on his way home from Friday night. The plan was for him to leave the balloons in his truck until the girls went to bed that night, and then we'd bring them inside for them to wake up to in the morning for Valentine's Day. Their other surprise for Valentine's Day was going to be a trip to Build-A-Bear, so we decided not to get them any other little goodies or gifts. After we got the girls in bed, I told Derek to bring the balloons in while I jumped in the shower. When I got out of the shower, this is what I saw set up in the kitchen:

Apparently this is what "no other gifts" looks like to Derek. ;)  He definitely spoiled all three of us! Flowers & chocolate covered strawberries for Mommy along with Frozen jelly beans & princess chocolates for both girls! He is teaching them how they should be treated one day! :)

After breakfast on Saturday morning, we headed to Build-A-Bear! We were so excited! We'd taken Shelby into the store a couple of times, so she knew what the concept was but this was going to be her first time making a bear. We decided to just let Shelby make a bear b/c Hadley is still a little young to totally appreciate the process. ;)

There was no indecision on her part, she knew she wanted this bear as soon as she saw it.
We tried to show her other options to make sure she was satisified with her choice, but she
was having none of it. Hopefully this means she hasn't inherited the indecisive gene from
her Mommy & Grammy. ;)

This is the only other picture I have from the process b/c I took Hadley out to the playground while Shelby
built her bear. Shelby had so much fun building her bear with Daddy..she told us all about giving her a heartbeat,
brushing her, bathing her, the whole nine yards! My favorite part is she named the bear Rapunzel Lisa Smith. Love
that the bear had to have a middle & last name, too! ;)

Literally running with excitement out of the store to show Mommy & Sissy her new bear :)

After Build-A-Bear and some more time on the playground, we walked over to Grimaldi's for lunch. We figured that would be a nice but quick place for lunch since it's just pizza. Of course, it was anything but quick b/c we had a terrible server. I'm pretty sure we provided some very effective birth control for the young couple eating lunch at the table next to us. ;)

After our eventful lunch, we all came home for naps before an evening run & playtime! Here are Derek & his two little Valentines walking home from the plaground. This picture melts my heart, love these three to pieces!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, too!!



--As we were getting out of car to go into Target last week, a black guy dressed in uniform was walking back towards his car with his groceries in tow. As we walked past him, Hadley reached her arms out towards him yelling "Dada! Dada!" in the loudest possible voice. Shelby was the same way at this age thinking every guy in uniform was Daddy..it's hysterical every single time! This guy got a pretty good laugh out of it, too! After I finally stopped laughing, Shelby looked at Hadley & said in the sweetest voice: "Oh, Hadley! That can't be our Dada, his skin is like chocolate!" ;)

--As we were walking into Target on a different day (we clearly frequent Target too much, ha!), an older man was walking out of the store with a cane. Shelby yelled out: "Hey, my Grampy has one of those!" ;)  She clearly remembered running off with Grampy's cane after his last knee surgery, ha!

--I have no idea why, but Shelby has been asking me a lot lately about when I am going to pass away. Yesterday in the car, she asked me who was going to be her mommy & daddy when we pass away. I explained to her that she wouldn't get a new mommy & daddy but that she has lots of grown-ups in her life that love her and would be happy to take care of her. She thought about that for a little while and then said: "If you pass away, I'll just get Mommy Powers so you can always be with me."

--When Shelby woke up one morning, she had "yuckies" (as we call them in our house) in the corner of her eyes. She asked me why she had so many yuckies in her eyes lately, and I told her that sometimes when you're sick that happens. She replied: "It's like a broccoli plant in my eye!" What?!

--Shelby told Derek that he was like a rug. When we asked her what that meant, she said: "You're just so comfy!" Obviously! ;)

Four is a such a fun age! We love you, Shelby-girl!!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Getting photos for our holiday cards is no easy feat with a 4 year old & almost 2 year old. Every time we do it, I think there's no way we're going to get even one decent picture & we're definitely never ever doing this again. And then this happens...

I think it's safe to say we'll be continuing our tradition of holiday cards. ;)  We have our Valentine's card hanging on our fridge, and every time I look at the picture on the front I could seriously just melt. Happy Valentine's Day from our little family to yours!


Sleeping Beauties & Valentines

The blog got pushed to the back burner last week as I was busy helping coordinate a Rummage Sale to help raise money for the new location of Shelby's school! (They are moving to a new location this summer, which will continue to offer preschool & kindergarten with the addition of a "one room schoolhouse" to serve grades 1-3.) We raised $1,000!!!! It was a busy week, but it was a lot of fun! We had to wake the girls up SUPER early on the morning of the sale in order for us to get to the school on time to set up (it was a family affair b/c we needed Derek to help move some heavy things!), and they were so out of it! Shelby kept asking why we were awake if the sky was still black. ;)  And then once we got on the road and she saw other cars driving, she couldn't figure out why they were awake too, ha! If I ever have to wake the girls up in the mornings or from their nap, I have to take their picture--I don't know why, but I do. ;)  Here are our sleeping beauties before we woke them :) 

After the initial shock of being awoken before the sunrise, the girls had a BLAST! We started the morning with Shipley's (our favorite local doughnut shop), and then the girls had a big time getting to play at school on a Saturday with friends! :)

And if you need me this week, here's what I'll be doing.....

Shelby INSISTED that she hand write every single one of her Valentines for her classmates this year. My inital thoughts were something along the lines of "you've got to be kidding me" and "shoot me now." I tried everything to convince her that she really wanted some cute Frozen Valentines on Etsy. I even tried the angle of peer pressure & told her that I thought all of her friends would be buying their Valentines at Target. NOTHING worked. She technically only has to pass out 16 Valentines to the kids in her age group at school, but she has high hopes of making them for ALL the kids at her school along with all of her other  best friends (AKA non-school) whom she lists by name every single time we have this conversation: Adam, Grace, Alliana, & Sabrina. While handmaking this many Valentines at the age of four is definitely proving to be a long & tedious task for this Mama, it simultaneously makes my heart swell with happiness that my girl loves to write as much as she does. She is taking such pride in reading her friends' names off of the class list, making their Valenines, and proudly putting little checkmarks next to their names when she finishes. I'm also being reminded of how much of my "perfectionist" qualities have rubbed off on Shelby, much to my dismay. She's gotten frustrated quite a few times already that her hearts "don't look like hearts." When I remind her that even if the hearts are not perfect, her friends will still love them she replies: "But I want them to be perfect!" How do you teach your four year to try her best but understand that perfection isn't the goal? That's a hard lesson to learn b/c I'm pretty sure I'm still working on that myself. ;)  As exhausted as I may be by the time we finish these Valentines, I do love how sweet they look & seeing her little four year old penmanship. :)



This past Thursday was my 31st birthday. Shelby rushed down the stairs that morning & bounded into my bathroom to wish me a happy birthday. She was so excited for my birthday, and it really was the perfect start to my day! About five minutes later as I was pouring her a cup of milk, she asked me when I was going to be a grandma. ;)  So that was fun, ha! Thursdays are a school day for us, so Hadley & I did our typical routine while Shelby was at school...a quick trip to HEB (or some days, it's Target if we're feeling crazy!), home to unload groceries, take out the recycle, unload the dishwasher, & playtime. :)  After we picked up Shelby & ate lunch, the girls were SO excited to eat a cupcake! Shelby had helped me make birthday cupcakes the night before.

This picture cracks me up! Shelby aways tilts her head when she poses for a picture, so apparently
Hadley thinks she's supposed to do that, too! Ha!

After the girls' naps, we met Derek for dinner at Bigz on his way home from work. Usually the highlight of Bigz for the girls is getting to play outside on their big field, but we didn't realize that my birthday fell on their weekly karaoke night. ;)  Right after we sat down to eat, they announced that it was karaoke night and they were inviting singers of all ages up on the stage. Shelby might have let that go, but the announcer took it one step further and mentioned that they had a lot of Disney songs if any kids wanted to perform. Shelby immediately decided she wanted to perform. We didn't think she would go through with it once she got up there, but she loved it & wanted to do it again. ;)  When we were leaving the restaurant at the end of the night, they told her they have karaoke every Thursday so she could come back and do it again. Shelby looked at them so sincerely & said: "Sorry, I can't come. I've got school on Thursdays." ;) 

After dinner, we came home for baths & then enjoyed our second round of birthday cupcakes. Shelby wanted to put 31 candles on my cupcake, but when we insisted that wouldn't work on a cupcake she had the idea of putting three candles on one side & then one candle on the other to represent 31. :)

After cupcakes, we opened up my birthday cards & a package from Auntie Em--her wedding video! Shelby was ecstatic to watch the video! Every time she saw someone she knew in the video (which was every five seconds), she would get so, so excited! It was like a celebrity sighting every.single.time. "Look! It's Grampy! I see Emi, I see Emi!" It was hilarious! Becuase she enjoyed it so much, we let her watch our wedding video the next day which proved to be just as fun! Although, Shelby couldn't understand why she wasn't at our wedding. ;) Then as we were sitting down to eat, Shelby asked if I missed my "old family that I used to live with." I asked her what she meant, and she said "You know, Grammy, Grampy, and Emi." I thought that was such an intuitive question for her to ask & just so sweet! Then of course she asked where we lived when I was with my old family. I assummed she knew that since we go to GA rather frequently to visit everyone, but much to our surprise she said: "Did you guys live in Mexico?" What?! :)

I had such a great day on Thursday with Derek & the girls. And then to top it off, Derek & I got to have a date night last night! :)  We went to dinner, saw American Sniper, and got Cold Stone for dessert--a perfect night! It was a great birthday & I'm looking forward to what this year holds! Thank you to all of my friends & family for the birthday love! :)