Grammy's Visit!

Our visit with Grammy has sadly come & gone, but we had the best TEN days with her!! We are always so grateful that my parents are willing to put their lives on hold to come visit us as often as they do. My dad unfortunately couldn't make this trip, but we're very thankful to him for sharing Grammy with us for as long as he did! :)

Can you tell she was excited to have her Grammy in San Antonio?!

Love the expression on my mom's face & Hadley's face! :)

This picture perfectly captures my mom's visit, this is one of the girls'
very favorite things to do with Grammy & Grampy!

With the actors from the Elephant & Piggie Show at the children's theater :)

Worn out from all of the fun with Grammy!

Worn out from all of the fun with Grammy!

LOVE this picture! My mom is always cleaning something, and Shelby was her little helper!

Per usual, we were all very sad after dropping my mom off at the airport to head back to GA. It's always hard living so far away from our family, but we get in our groove here (just like we did in VA & MS) and it truly does feel like home in San Antonio. But every time family leaves, that hole in my heart resurfaces and just feels unbearable at times. We seriously had the best time with my mom while she was here; and even though I wish we lived closer so we could do that kind of stuff all the time, I'm so thankful for the time we had together. And thank you Mama for letting us get out for three dates while you were here--such a treat! We were certainly spoiled! :)  Another highlight was being able to go shopping with my mom while she was here, so fun!! That is something I definitely miss about living away from my mom & sister--shopping together is so much more fun than shopping alone!

Now we're all counting down the days until our beach trip with my family this summer, CAN'T WAIT!


Hadley is TWO!

I have absolutely no idea how it happened, but we've got a two year old on our hands now! On Thursday, Miss Hadley Mae turned TWO!

Hadley is wearing the outfit that Shelby has on in this picture today...seriously, where has the time gone!?

Hadley's 1st Birthday!

Hadley's 1st Birthday Party

Hadley's 2nd Birthday!

My friend Angela reminded me this week about how when Hadley was little I used to say all the time how it felt like we would have always have a toddler and a baby. It was hard even imagine what life would like with two kids, it just seemed like we would always have a baby. And even as Hadley & Will got older and were at ages where we referred to Adam & Shelby as "big kids," Will & Hadley still seemed like babies. But there's something about Hadley hitting the two year mark (and twins on the way for the Goins family!) that is really making me realize that they're not babies anymore. When did that happen?!?!

Smith girls & Goins boys, May 2013

Will & Hadley, May 2013
Will & Hadley at her birthday party this weekend

And the big kids at the party, it still feels like they're at the age Will & Hadley are now!
Crazy how quickly the time has passed!

This was right after Shelby said "Come on Adam, let's sneak a cupcake!" ;)

Hadley's birthday week had made me crazy nostalgic for her baby days, but also has me super excited about having two big girls in the house! It's fun to see the girls playing together more & more with each day that passes and really becoming the best of friends. I've also suddenly figured out why my parents had to say to me and my sister over and over again in the car: "You look out your window, and you look out your window! Just leave each other alone!" Because even when one of you is driving the other one crazy, you still want to be together! ;) 

Hadley Mae, even though we still call you our baby, you really are becoming such a big girl! You are so sweet and quick to love on us, you are sassy as the day is long, you love to talk, you love to do everything yourself and yell "No, I do it!" yet you still ask to be held all day long, and you have a personality all your own. We love you so much and can't imagine our family without you in it! Happy Second Birthday, sweet girl!


Monday Musings

We started our morning at the grocery store to stock our fridge & pantry before Grammy's visit. Shelby made sure to ask me on the way to HEB if I had the ingredients for banana bread & strawberry cake on the list to make with Grammy while she's here--can you tell we're excited for her visit?!

Today was one of those rare days where the stars aligned and the girls played so well together and were just so cooperative & fun all day long. When we came home from the store, they had the best time in the backyard together while I unloaded the groceries & prepped lunch. Then when I got them up from their naps, I was finishing up some cleaning & they wanted to do their favorite chore--"washing the house." Washing the house to them means using baby wipes to wipe down whatever surface they see, but I tried to focus their efforts on the baseboards and we got a LOT accomplished! :)  I had every intention of rushing the girls up to bath after dinner (b/c Hadley didn't nap again today, ugh), but they were just in the best moods so we lingered a bit.

The girls have discovered my blog books, and they are loving them! I always knew they'd really appreciate these books when they're older, but it's fun to see them already being appreciated!!

Reading in the fort that Shelby built :)

And here's a few pictures that I forgot to post yesterday in my Spring Break post...

The girls LOVE to play dress up in our closet!

A quick family selfie during our safari ride on Saturday :)

After our gorgeous weather weekend, our forecast this week is NOT looking good--the rain is coming back, nooooo! When I finally broke down & bought the girls new rain boots/jackets a few weeks ago, I knew that would mean we would probably have the driest spring ever. As it turned out, I was way off--the girls have gotten more use out of those rain boots than I ever could have imagined!


Spring Break

Spring Break was this past week here in San Antonio, which really doesn't affect our daily routine too much since Shelby only goes to school for a grand total of 6 hours a week. ;)  But Spring Break brought some fun playtime with friends which is a rare treat b/c the kiddos have opposite school schedules & some gorgeous weather, so it was a great week! :)  We also got some spring cleaning done, hooray!

Angela had an ultrasound one afternoon this week, so the boys got to spend the afternoon with us! The little ones napped & the big kids got some playtime! Shelby was so excited b/c she got to skip naptime to play with Adam since he doesn't nap anymore--it was a pretty big deal for her!

We fed the boys a quick dinner before they went home, and let's just say I was blown away by the differences in eating habits between boys & girls. Will had eaten every single bite on his tray alnd already asked for more before Shelby had even taken a bite, and I'm not exaggerating a bit! It's a struggle to get the girls to finish what's on the their trays most days, but with the boys it was a struggle to keep enough food on their trays to keep them happy. ;)

Seeing this picture just makes me think of the saying about how long the days are but how quickly the years go by.
I know this is a view I will sorely miss one day!

The girls spotted a roly poly :)

We had to run to Old Navy one morning to make a return & Shelby was smitten with the mannequins
and begged me to take her picture with one ;)

We met Casey & her girls at the playground one morning. Shelby & Hadley both had the
best time playing peek-a-boo with Ana :)

"Tablet time" is a treat for Shelby on weekend mornings, and Hadley was excited to get in on the action!

Love this sweet, snuggly picture :)

The girls got to wake Daddy up on Saturday morning, and Hadley couldn't get enough hugs!

This picture cracks me up--Shelby was helping Daddy pick up the rug doctor!

The weather here this weekend was just picture-perfect!! We went to a drive-thru safari type place yesterday & had a lot of fun!  Then today was spent here at home, and we were super productive! All of the carpets in the house were cleaned by Derek, we got the guest room cleaned & ready for my mom's visit this week (YAY!!), family run & playground time, cars washed, and a few quick birthday errands accomplished. 

Derek took this picture of the entrance sign as were waiting to enter the park. I'm so glad he did b/c you can see the gorgeous blue sky and the line of traffic to get in. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I was the only impatient one as were waiting and waiting and waiting to get in. We knew most of our go-to places would be crazy overcrowded due to Spring Break & the weather, so we intentionally selected the safari in an attempt to avoid the masses...boy, were we wrong!

Hard to believe we will have a TWO YEAR OLD on our hands this week! Lots of birthday fun on tap for us this week, and we can't wait! :)