What's Up Wednesday!!

Seriously have NO idea how we're already at the end of September!! Between Disney World & Halloween this month and then Thankgiving & Christmas, I feel like the end of the year is going to fly by!! And by then we should know where we're moving to next or if we'll be able to stay here longer...eek!!!! Anywho, since it's the last Wednesday of the month it's time for What's Up Wednesday! Here we go!!

What we're eating this week...
Here's what our meal plan looks like this week! Monday was Lemon Peper Chicken with asparagus & rice. On Tuesday we tried {THIS} new recipe for Creamy Tomato Chicken Pasta & loved it! Derek and I are both looking forward to the leftovers tonight! :)  Tomorrow we'll be eating White Chicken Chili {recipe HERE}, and Thursday we'll be having the leftovers of that. We're all about leftovers around here!! Not exactly sure we'll be eating this weekend, but we're hoping to try out these two new recipes--{THIS} one for tiramisu and Pioneer Woman's Pesto Pasta {HERE}. Derek has been itching to make tiramisu for a while now, but oh my heavens are ladyfingers hard to find!!!! I finally just ended up ordering them on Amazon. What would we do without Amazon?!

What I'm reminiscing about...
With our Disney trip right around the corner, we have been getting really excited about Hadley's first visit as a "Big Girl" and reminscing about her first two visits!! She was so little!!!!!

Hadley turned 6 weeks old on our Disney trip & started giving us her very first smiles while we were there!
Such a sweet memory!
Cannot believe how much she's changed in a year! This was Hadley's second visit to Disney World at 13 months old. One of the highlights of this trip was seeing her reaction to the Electric Parade! We were so worried about keeping her up so late on our first day at Disney World, and boy did she prove us wrong! She loved every minute of it and was waving at every float & character as they passed by!

Big smiles from Miss Hadley as we rode the train around Magic Kingdom!

What I'm loving...
Time with this sweet girl while Shelby is at school! Hadley and I have so much fun together!

 What we've been up to....
We had Shelby's five year well visit yesterday--still hard to believe she's five years old!! We love doctor appointment days in our family b/c it's an excuse to see Daddy in the middle of a work day, and we always steal him away for lunch at Chick-fil-a!  At her 4 year check up, Shelby was 43 pounds & 43 inches. Yesterday she weighed in at 47.6 pounds (87th percentile) and was a little over 46 inches (97th percentile)! She's no longer "off the charts" for height & weight like she always used to be, but she's still well above average! Shelby was super excited about hearing how tall she is b/c she has officially made the height requirement for Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom!! :)  

Walking hand-in-hand into the hospital to see Daddy :)

Reading a book with Daddy while we waited on the doctor to come in

What I'm dreading....
Packing for Disney World ;)  The last two times we've gone with the girls to Disney, we have driven there so we've been able to pack as much as we wanted. ;)  We're flying this time, so it's a totally different ball game. Thank goodness my parents are driving and are willing to bring things for us to make it easier on us!! 

What I'm working on....
I have been getting a head start on Christmas shopping lately, and I even have my first couple of presents WRAPPED already! I'm feeling very accomplished! ;) 

Another thing that I'm been working on lately that's been really fun has been writing notes of encouragement or just thinking of you notes to friends that are near & dear to my heart but that I don't get to see very often thanks to the military life. Snail mail is my love language, so I wanted to make it a goal of mine to send something in the mail to at least two people each month. Well, wouldn't you know the month after I started doing this I got the sweetest note & CFA gift card in the mail from my high school/college BFF Lindsey. My eyes literally welled up with tears as I read the sweet note she wrote to me. It was such a blessing to read her words and be reminded that I am known and loved.

What I'm excited about...
I'm always excited on Wednesdays in the fall b/c that's my TV night! ;)  And of course, I'm excited about Disney World!! :)

What I'm watching/reading...
Yay for the return of Fall TV!!!! I'm not a huge TV person, but my two shows are Nashville & Modern Family!! So happy they're back!! I just finished reading this book last week. I can't remember if I heard about it on a blog or where it was recommended, but I enjoyed it! Quick, easy read!!

What I'm listening to....

Still Veggie Tales ;)

What I'm wearing...
I've ordered a few new items for my fall wardrobe as well as the girls', but since the highs are still in the mid 90s ever day we're still sporting our summer clothes! Today was a school day for Shelby & a morning  full of errands for Hadley and me--so comfort & coolness was a MUST! There's nothing worse than sweating while getting a toddler in and out and in and out of the carseat on a 90-something degree day!

What I'm doing this weekend...
As of now, we have nothing on the calendar for our weekend other than family time & college football!! Perfection! :)

What I'm looking forward to next month....
Um, have I mentioned we're going to Disney World?! ;)

What else is new...
Nothing, and it's delightful! :)


Weekend Recap!

After lots of full weekends at Aquatica at the end of summer + two weekends spent with Grammy + a Disney trip right around the corner, we were ready for a low-key weekend at home! We had a wonderful two days! We managed to get out for a quick run followed by a little pool time on Saturday morning, and then the rest of the day was spent watching college football! :)  While the girls napped and Derek watched football, I somehow found myself perusing fall wreaths on Pinterest! ;)  After showing Derek a wreath I was contemplating ordering from a local seller, he immediately said "I can make you that." So after a quick trip to Michael's and putting the girls to bed, I had him get to work! ;)

After watching a quick YouTube video on how to make a burlap wreath, he had this whipped up in about ten minutes! I seriously hit the hubby jackpot. I jokingly refer to Derek as my very own Renaissance Man b/c he can do it all. He's the best!

Sunday was another fabulous day! We went to church, and for the first time ever Hadley just walked into her classroom like it was no big thing. Every other time we've gone, she's cried or latched onto us. Today she just walked right in like a pro and didn't look back..WHAT?! Then after we picked her up, she just kept saying "Me had a GREAT day at church!" Totally made our day!! After church & lunch, Derek cut the grass while I did some chores around the house. We couldn't decide on anything that sounded good for dinner, and Derek randomly remembered we had a gift card to Cheesecake Factory that we hadn't used yet. We rarely go to sit-down restaurants anymore with the girls b/c it's just easier to order or pick something up to go in this season of our life with little ones, but we thought why not?! The girls serioulsy had the best time at the restaurant. As we were driving home, Shelby told us "it was even better Pump It Up!" ;)

Chocolate ice cream for dessert! :)

A few other random pictures from our weekend that are too cute to omit :)

Hadley trying on her new boots after bath :)

Shelby is allowed to have a little "tablet time" on Saturdays & Sundays, and Hadley loves to snuggle up & join in :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!! Happy Monday, Everyone!! :)


Shelby's Fifth Birthday!!

We had so much fun celebrating Shelby's fifth birthday!! We decided not to do a party this year & just make the day of her birthday really special! And I think we definitely achieved our mission! :) I mean, how many kids have a Grammy who will fly half-way across the country just to be there for your birthday even when they're already scheduled to see you a mere three weeks later at Disney World? So not only did Shelby get to spend her birthday with her Grammy, but Derek also surprised her by taking the day off of work!! She is one loved kid!!

But if I'm being completely honest, the "mom guilt" did start to get to me a little as we got closer & closer to Shelby's birthday. I worried that she might feel slighted that she didn't get a party this year. But after it was all said & done, I finally realized I was the only one worried about the party. Kids don't need super cute themed invitations ordered off of Etsy with coordinating cupcake toppers and decor--I was the only worried about that stuff. ;)  I know there will be plenty of years to come where one or both of the girls will be all about their friends & want nothing to do with us, but right now all they want is us...so we'll enjoy it while it lasts! :)

Shelby woke up to streamers, balloons, donuts, and lots of presents on the morning of her birthday!

Shelby convinced us to let her open "just one" present before breakfast! ;)

A highlight of the present-opening was popping bubble wrap that came in BooBoo's package ;)

After breakfast & opening presents, we all headed to Build-a-Bear for Shelby to use her gift card. Shelby has made one bear there before on Valentine's Day, but this was Hadley's first time!

Birthday lunch at Chick-fil-a! :)

After our full morning, both girls took great naps! Derek & I both relished in the fact that our now five year-old was still napping :)  After their naps, we had a quiet evening at home playing with new toys & of course eating birthday cupcakes!!!

Marble Run!

It was such a fun day celebrating our five year-old!!! The day after her birthday, Shelby had her Life Celebration at Marvelously Made and got to celebrate her birthday with her buddies at school. Since my mom was still in town, she was able to spend the morning with Hadley so I could be with Shelby at school on the day of her celebration. It was such a treat to be able to spend the day with Shelby at school and see her in her element!

Shelby sporting the birthday crown & cape at Marvelously Made :)

Happy 5th Birthday to our Big Girl! You have brought so much joy into our world, and we love you more than you could ever imagine!


Top Five Friday!!

5. Yankee Candles
My mom & I did a good bit of shopping while she was here, and it was seriously such a treat!! We went to La Cantera one afternoon and stumbled upon a huge Yankee sale at their Hallmark--all Yankee candles were 30% off! I definitely stocked up! I bought four of the large jar size candles & my mom bought one candle. I totally underestimated how heavy toting around 4 candles would be, so we headed home soon after that purchase! ;)

This one is currently burning in our house :)

4. Marble Run
We ordered {THIS} Marble Run set for Shelby off of Amazon for her birthday, and it's been a huge hit!

3. Stationery from the One Spot!
Not the best picture at all, but they are a perfect soft pink & gold!!
I used to always go to the One Spot every single time I went to Target, but I almost never go there anymore b/c I think I've finally gotten to the age where I realize I just don't need anymore junk. But I'm so thankful we randomly went to the One Spot this week so I could find this set of stationery!!! I've had my eye out for a while for some cute, cheap everyday stationery. It seems like every store carries a plethora of thank you notes, but I was looking for something to write notes to people just to say "hi" so these were literally exactly what I was looking for!! And only $1 for a pack of 8, score!!

2. Fall TV!!!

Need I say more?!?! So, so excited about the return of Modern Family & Nashville!!

1. Naptime!!
Oh, how I love naptime!! I cherish naptime. The girls are now 5 and 2.5 (ummm, how did that happen?!), and we have a few days each week where one or both of them doesn't nap. But thankfully, our kids are really good about staying in their beds/rooms even if they don't fall asleep. So even if they don't sleep, I still get a solid 1.5-2.5 hours of much-needed alone time each afternoon. We had a random little thunderstorm roll through right after I put the girls down for their naps this afternoon, and it lulled the girls right to sleep! There is nothing quite like a rainy afternoon & napping babies!

Happy Friday from this smiling face!! :)

Waiting to pick up big sister from school this afternoon :)


"I miss my Gramb"

In the days leading up to my mom's visit, we would talk a lot about Grammy coming & all the fun things we would do together. One day before my mom's arrival, I was changing Hadley's diaper and asked: "Do you remember who is coming to see us?" Hadley's response was: "my Gramb."  I thought she just misspoke, so I corrected her. To which she said: "No, I call her Gramb." ;) 

At the children's museum with Grammy :)

Love this picture! We hear "Can you read me a stowey (story)?" countless times each day from Miss Hadley lately.
Grammy was always happy to oblige! They spent a lot of time like this!!

Grammy was typing an email, so Shelby requested to sit next to Shelby with a laptop so she could type an email too.
She said they were the Typing Club! ;)

Today as we watched Grammy walking into the airport with her luggage in tow, Hadley just started to bawl her little head off. At first, I thought she was hurt or had dropped something. I told her to stop crying so she could tell me what was wrong, and in between sobs and trying to catch her breath she managed to get out: "I miss my Gramb!"  We all do.

I say this every single time we say goodbye to my family, but it's still true--it never gets easier. I feel like we get into our routine & rhythm of life away from family, and life is wonderful! Then we get a visit from family--which is amazing--but every time a visitor leaves, it's a harsh reminder of the fact that we don't get to do life with these people on a day-to-day basis and that just hurts my heart. We hope that the day will come when we will live in close proximity to family again, but until then we are immensely grateful for the precious time we do get with them! Thank you, thank you, thank you to my mom for putting her life on hold to spend ten wonderful days with us! And thank you to my dad for sharing her with us!

The primary reason for this trip was for my mom to be here for Shelby's birthday. Despite the fact that we've been hundreds of miles away from home, my mom was there the day Shelby came into this world & she's been there for every single birthday since then. Our girls are so blessed to have her as their Grammy!!!