Top Five Friday!

Three cheers for Friday!!! :)  Here's a few things that have made me happy lately, enjoy!

5. The Secrets of Midwives

This book was HIGHLY recommended by a blogger that I follow. Just the title of it kind of turned me off for some reason, but I'm so glad I took a chance on this book. I loved everything about it!!! I have another of the author's books on hold at the library, and I can't wait to read it! If it's even half as good as this one, I know I'll love it! Do yourself a favor and add this to your reading list!

4. Essie base coat + top coat "No Chips Ahead"

This was kind of pricy to me for just a base coat & top coat (10 bucks for each one), but I was tired of my finger nail polish chipping only 2 days after being applied so I wanted to try something new. This stuff definitely works!!!!

3. Sweet treats sans kiddos

my most recent indulgence :)

So I don't know about you but as soon as I get the girls down for nap and bedtime, I feel like I deserve some kind of reward. Sometimes the reward is just sitting down on the couch with my tablet and zoning out for a few minutes. But more often that not, the reward is a sweet treat. It's become my ritual to eat a cookie (or two) or a handful of M&M's after I get the girls down for naps every afternoon. After the girls are in bed at night is when Derek & I break out the good stuff--ice cream. I usually have ice cream every single night of my life, but the girls rarely ever get it. ;)  I spoil them plenty, they get a piece of candy or a cookie or something else small after lunch and dinner if they've eaten a decent amount & behaved...but ice cream is only consumed at our house when they're asleep! ;)  This little system has worked out perfectly for the past 5.5 years, but suddenly in the last week or so Shelby keeps asking where the cookies are disappearing to. ;)  I wonder how much longer before she's on to me!!!

2. Naptime
A little while back, Shelby was probably only napping 3-4 days a week. The days she didn't nap she would still stay in her room and rest, but we kind of feared the end of naps were on the horizon for her...which we knew we shouldn't complain about AT ALL since she turned five almost six months ago now. But thankfully, naps seemed to have returned (at least for now!). This week, she has napped all 5 days and it's been a delight! She's a kid who needs her sleep, and thankfully she knows that about herself! I'm soooo hoping we're able to find a half-day kindergarten for her next year. I don't know how on earth we'll be able to do full days!!

1. Sisters

I know I've mentioned this before, but mornings when we have to get to school are hard on Miss Hadley. All she wants to do is sit in her room and be read to, but there's just not time for it. She always perks up in the car on the drive, but getting there is hard b/c she likes to put the guilt trip on THICK. Of course, Hadley started fake crying this morning b/c she wanted a story. Mean mommy was ignoring Hadley's repeated requests, but thankfully she has a very patient big sister who will do anything to cheer her up! I'm so thankful they have each other.

Happy Friday to you!!! :)


Life Lately: Spring has Sprung!

Spring definitely arrived early in San Antonio! We've had cool mornings, but most days the highs have reached the mid 70s and we've already seen some 80s! Crazy to think it's still February! We've definitely taken advantage of the nice weather & spent lots of time outside in the sunshine!

Sidewalk chalk with the neighbors!

Our library has a beautiful shaded back porch with these rocking chairs, the girls love to sit here & read their new books!

Headed to put our books in the car before going to the playground...Shelby had to keep
reading while we walked ;)

Taking a rest from riding bikes at Bonnie Conner Park

Dress-up shenanigans!

Hadley's first time on the rope bridge at the Doseum!

These next couple pictures were taken during our dreaded doctor's appointment that fell in the midst of the girls' lunch & naptime last week. I have a tendency to over-prepare whenever we go anywhere (aka I pack way too much in the diaper bag), but for once it paid off BIG time! Our appointment was at 12:15, so I had to pick Shelby up early from school to get there on time. I had planned for the girls to eat their lunch during the appointment, and then we'd head home. But since they didn't even call me out of the waiting room until 35 minutes after my appointment, I'm so glad I had a full diaper bag! The girls ate their lunch in the waiting room & then colored.

Toy Story on the tablet for the win during the appointment!!! We didn't get back to our car until 2:05, it was an exhausting afternoon! But the girls were such troopers and behaved like angels the entire time even though they were both so tired.

The doctor made the comment to Shelby that it looked like she had a rough day at the playground based on the looks of her leggings. ;)  Nope, just another day at Marvelously Made!! :)  Also, how cute is Hadley's expression here?! This was her first ever viewing of Toy Story..clearly, she was a fan! :)

By the time we got home from our appointment, the girls were practically delirious. I sat down at the kitchen table to eat my Panera that I picked up from the drive-thru on the way home for an incredibly late lunch (Does your Panera have a drive-thru where you live?! This was new to us in SA, and it's seriously the best thing EVER!), and I looked up from my soup to see the girls doing this:

If you're familiar with the movie Inside Out, Shelby was pretending to be Joy dragging Sadness through Riley's subconscious.  ;)

Hadley drawing "faces" :)

Silly girl after bathtime!

Usually when the girls squabble, Hadley's toddler tendencies are to blame for it the majority of the time. But invariably, when I get onto Hadley for whatever ridiculous thing she did to Shelby, she gets all sensitive and starts crying and Shelby comes to her defense. This is particularly annoying to me b/c I'm usually standing up for Shelby b/c she'd just gotten hit or something snatched from her, and then Shelby totally takes Hadley's side. ;)  On this particular day, Hadley was pouting on the couch so Shelby got one of Hadley's favorite books to read to her to cheer her up. Of course before she started reading to her, she told Hadley: "It's okay, Sissy. Mommy didn't mean to be so mean to you." What?! Already ganging up against me at ages 2 & 5!

I love this shot where Shelby is holding up the book so Hadley can see the pictures ;) 
Such a little teacher already!

That's life lately for us! :)  Hope you're having a great week!!


Weekend Fun!

Whew, we were so glad to make it to the weekend! Since Derek had Monday & Tuesday off, this should have been an easy breezy 3-day week for us. But coming off the heels of the stomach bug + a doctor's appointment on Wednesday afternoon that fell smack dab in the middle of lunch/naptime that unfortunately couldn't be avoided made for a looooong week...even though it was only 3 days long! ;)  We were all so happy when Saturday morning rolled around! :)

After a breakfast of champions--a can of cinnamon rolls split between the girls (they can each devour 4 in no time flat!) & breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana for Mommy & Daddy--we were off for our first family trip to the rodeo! Derek has been to a couple rodeos before, but the girls and I really had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. After we'd been at the rodeo for a little while, Shelby said: "This is really more like a fair than a rodeo, huh?" And she was so right!



Super blurry, but I had to include this! The girls were so cute riding this ride together with their hands up!


After the rodeo, naps were a must for everyone! Then, Derek & I headed out for a date night--we felt like we earned one after surviving the past week of sickness! ;)  We tried out a new pizza place that just opened up in Alamo Ranch called Urban Bricks--it was such a fun place! It was kind of like a Subway concept for pizza, very cool! After dinner, we went to see Zoolanders 2. Derek is a big Zoolander fan, so he's been very excited about this sequel! ;)  We even got to squeeze in a trip to Cold Stone before heading home to relieve the babysitter, it was such a fun night!
Today has been a wonderfully low-key day! Aside from church, we were home all day and loved it!
The girls love to run in the field next to the parking lot of our church every Sunday after the service. They'll often pick some of the flowers (aka weeds) for us to bring home to put in a little vase. It's become a fun little Sunday afternoon ritual and a great way for the girls to burn off some energy after being cooped up in church. Today was especially exciting b/c Shelby had the first bluebonnet sighting of the season in the field! There were only about 4 of 5 them, but it got us excited for all the beautiful bluebonnets to come! As the girls were running in the field & picking flowers here & there, this lady we'd never met or even seen before stopped in the midst of buckling her children in their carseats to tell us that picking bluebonnets was illegal b/c it was the state flower. It was such an awkward thing for her to do (in my opinion), so I just smiled and said "thanks." Then I started thinking, "Why? Why would it be illegal for kids to enjoy picking these wildflowers? The same wildflowers that will just be mowed down in a couple months?" (They mostly grow on sides of roads and overgrown fields.) It just made no sense to me. I came home & immediately googled it, and I was blown away by the number of sites that the search pulled up!!! Apparently it's a long-standing Texas myth that it is illegal to pick wildflowers, but there are actual zero laws/regulations forbidding it.
Between our first family rodeo experience & debunking the myth about the bluebonnets, I feel like we gained a lot of Texas culture this weekend! ;)  Hope you had a great weekend, too!


Valentine's Day 2016

Shelby got to pass out Valentines to her friends at school on the Friday before Valentine's Day. For the second year in a row, Shelby has handmade her Valentines & loved it! She had about 30 to make for everyone in her preschool program, but here are a few of them! I thought they tuned out really cute!! I drew the hearts for her on cardstock, but she did all of the cutting & decorating!

In my opinion, there's nothing sweeter than a handmade Valentine! I was chuckling to myself the night before Valentine's Day when mamas were posting their "Pinterest-worthy" Valentines on Facebook, which I'm sure took them a crazy amount of time and their kids had zero involvement. I just don't understand the point of this. Do people think their kids' classmates will be impressed?! What is the point of this over-the-top nonsense? Perhaps the mamas enjoy the creative outlet, but that's totally not me! ;)

Since the stomach bug hit our house over Valentine's Day weekend, we didn't celebrate in the way we intended...but the girls still at least got to wake up to their V-Day goodies from us! :)

Each of the girls got 2 new books, a $5 gift card to Starbucks (they love cake pops!), and a new Imagine Ink book.



We got Shelby one of the National Geographic Kids Weird But True books. Each book contains "300 outrageous facts," perfect for our girl! She came down the next morning to wake me up with her book in hand. I was prepared to do our usual routine where I read a book or a chapter to her while she drinks her milk, then we have some "Tablet Time" while we wait on Daddy & Hadley to wake up. But nope, she proceeded to read aloud to me almost all 300 facts! ;)  After every single one, she would say something along the lines of "Did YOU know that, Mama?!" or "Did you hear that, Mama?!" or "Can you believe that?!" If you a fact-loving reader on your hands, these books are must-haves! (I think they have like 8 different versions of this book.)

Hopefully next year we'll get to celebrate Heart Day sans stomach bug! :)


Another Valentine's Day, Another Stomach Bug

We got hit with the dreaded stomach bug the day after Valentine's Day last year, and apparently Valentine's Day is now synonymous with stomach viruses in our house b/c it struck our family again this year! It started last Monday night with Hadley. Poor thing was up every 2 hours that night with more vomit, but thankfully by morning she'd cleared her system out and we just had a lazy day at home letting her recuperate.

The rest of the week, no one else showed any symptoms so I thought we were in the clear! Unfortunately, I got hit on Friday morning. And let me tell you, it is not easy mothering when you have the stomach bug! Thankfully, the girls were troopers all day & Derek was able to get home earlier than normal to relieve me of my duties for the night. Then, early Saturday morning Shelby was next to succumb to the bug.

Thankfully, after nap the worst was over for Shelby & we were able to get out for a wagon ride in the gorgeous weather! It's been sunny with temps in the mid seventies-eighty every day lately. We figured some fresh air would do us all some good!

Derek was our rock (and workhorse!) all week keeping the house running while the rest of us took turns being sick, and then Sunday (Valentine's Day) night was his turn. Thankfully, I was feeling well enough by Monday that I was able to get the girls out of the house so he could rest. The three of us enjoyed the sunshine!!

This weekend was a 3 day weekend for Derek with Presidents Day yesterday, and then he took today (Tuesday) off as well to make it a 4 day weekend. We had so many fun things planned for our four days together, but clearly none of that happened! ;) Thankfully, everyone was feeling back to themselves by today and we were able to enjoy our last day together before we send Derek back to work tomorrow. And I'm thrilled we finally have a break from the never-ending laundry & Lysoling! ;)


Throwback Thursday: Valentine's Day 2004

I loved doing the little Throwback Thursday post for my birthday last month, so I figured I'd do it for Valentine's Day too..even though I'm pretty sure I've already shared these photos on the blog before. ;) This was our very first Valentine's Day together in 2004!

Our first Valentine's Day together, headed to the Sun Dial restaurant in downtown Atlanta!
Derek has always been a very thoughtful gift-giver (and still is!!), but he definitely spoiled me rotten when we were dating. I can't remember now which gift was for which holiday in the beginning of our relationship b/c Christmas, my birthday, and Valentine's Day are all so close together! But between those first three special days we celebrated as a couple, Derek gifted me with a star named in my honor, a ring, and a matching necklace (which I am wearing in the picture above!). For Valentine's Day, he also snuck into my apartment bedroom with the help of my roommates to hang hundreds of red hearts that he painstakingly cut out by hand. Each heart is hanging from the ceiling by a piece of clear fishing line and a tack...talk about a labor love!

I had posters/pictures of Justin Timberlake, NSync, and Tim McGraw all over my bedroom...oh, those were the days! :)


Can't wait to celebrate Valentine's Day with our sweet girls this weekend!! :)