Tuesday Tidbits

--We had Hadley's three year well visit last week. Aside from a very traumatic blood draw they had to do, it was a great visit! Hadley weighed in at 33 pounds (75th percentile) and measured 37.9 inches (74th percentile). People always comment on how tall she is, but compared to Shelby (now and when she was Hadley's age) Hadley seems like such a little peanut to us! But based on those stats, I guess everyone else is right..she is kind of tall! :)

Holding hands as we walked into the hospital :)

--We signed up for the Barnes & Noble Kids Club (at least that's what I think it's called?!) last year, and with that you get a coupon for a free birthday treat for your kiddos. Hadley and I took advantage of the coupon last week while Shelby was in school. It was a special treat for our big three year old!

--Hadley got a super cute new dress up costume for her birthday from Aunt Maleah, Uncle Lucas, Elly, & Leland..and the girls have loved playing with it!
--Every single time we are out in public, we get at least one {if not ten} compliments on the girls' hair. The girls are totally used to it by now and automatically rattle off a quick "thank you" to anyone who comments on their hair. The compliments on their hair don't really surprise me all that much b/c I get that red hair is a bit rare, and I think people are more apt to comment b/c there's two of them with red hair. But what always surprises me is the follow-up question we get every single time: "Where do they get their red hair from?" Now, I realize that my hair isn't quite as red as it once was, and it certainly isn't as red as the girls' hair is now....but come on!!! Usually when I tell people that their red hair is from me, they look at me like I have holes in my head. I just don't get it. Does our hair color really look that different?!
--The girls have been thoroughly enjoying their Easter candy this week!!

--I really & truly cannot believe we are flipping our calendars to April this week. I feel like it was just Christmas! It is so crazy to think that we {more than likely} only have two full months left here before we have to say our goodbyes to this house & San Antonio! I can't even begin to wrap my brain around that!


Easter Weekend 2016

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! The girls have been asking for a while to go back to Fiesta Farm (a small local farm about 5 minutes from our house with a little petting zoo) for a while now, so we did that on Saturday morning! The highlights of our visit were baby bunnies (!!!!!!) which were just about the cutest little things I've ever seen & a little obstacle course of tractor tires they have set up for the kids to play on--the girls had a blast on them! Of course I didn't get any pictures of the tractor tire climbing or the baby bunnies, but here's a few shots I did get!

Shelby adored her pony ride as usual, but Hadley still wants nothing to do with them!

After naps on Saturday afternoon, we dyed eggs, made Easter cookies, & did a pretend Easter egg hunt in the living room to prepare for our THREE egg hunts on Sunday! :)

Easter Sunday was jam-packed with fun! We started out our morning with Easter baskets & pancakes before heading to the 9:30 service at our church.

Walking down the stairs hand in hand, this sight never gets old :)

The girls have been itching to make Smores again, so the Easter Bunny kindly brought them all the fixings! Both girls got new books, some candy, a lollipop (which they both specifically asked the Easter Bunny for), bubbles, matching swimsuits, and tickets to Disney on Ice next weekend--woohoo! :) 

Shelby's first look at her new joke book..it was a big hit!

We didn't take any family photos on Easter Sunday b/c there simply wasn't time, and I didn't feel like forcing the girls to take a picture that I knew wouldn't turn out that great anyways. ;)  So despite the fact that we don't have a perfect Easter picture, we still had a great day! Here are the girls on their way into church.

Our church does a phenomenal job making everything SO fun for the kids! The girls adore going to church, and I'm so thankful for that!! Admittedly, I was a teeny bit nervous for how Hadley would do in church on Easter b/c it was only her second time in the "big kid" class with Shelby, and they were doing egg hunts during the service. I was worried that Hadley might throw a royal fit if she didn't get eggs or something, but of course Derek reminded me that she only reserves that type of behavior for us...everyone at church thinks she is just the sweetest kid ever! (Which of course she is, but she has her moments!!) When we came back to pick the girls up after the service, I was surprised to learn that Hadley had found the one GIANT egg filled with a frozen yogurt gift card. ;)  Clearly, I don't need to worry about Hadley--she can totally hold her own! Also, I was thrilled when our church posted this next photo on their Facebook page today. Shelby is seriously the best big sister ever!

Shelby & Hadley are in the back row on the right hand side. See Shelby's arm around Hadley? Melt my heart!

And side note--Shelby told me after church that they had watched a video of "Jesus on the cross and him coming back to life." I asked her if it was a VeggieTales video, and she told me: "No, it was a real video of Jesus!" So apparently this animated video is the real deal!
After church, we rushed home to prepare our sides for lunch & then headed over to the Gallimores to celebrate with their family along with the Goins. It was bittersweet to think this may be the last holiday we all get to celebrate together. I so wish we had gotten a picture of all the kiddos, but they were too busy running around having fun!

We got home around 4 from the Gallimores' house, and the girls were absolutely wiped by this point since they didn't get a nap. But they had just enough energy for one last egg hunt in our backyard!

When we came back inside after Egg Hunt #3 for the day, both girls sat down with all their loot next to them to read...they were WORN OUT!

Holidays are always special & fun, but they are even more special and fun when you get to experience them through the eyes of your kids! We had a wonderful Easter with our sweet girls & precious friends, and we hope you hope you had a great Easter, too!


Happy Easter!

I was a total slacker this year for really no reason in particular (I wish I had a good excuse, but I don't!!), and I didn't do our annual Valentine's Day & Easter photo cards of the girls. I'm kind of mad at myself for dropping the ball on the cards, but I know in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter that much. We did, however, take our annual photo with the Easter Bunny!

And just for grins, here are our five Easter Bunny pics from years past...kind of hard to believe we've been doing this whole parenting thing for that long! ;)  Weren't we just living in Athens?!
Easter 2011

Easter 2012
Easter 2013

Easter 2013

Easter 2014

Easter 2015

Happy Easter, Everyone!!


Spring Break 2016, Part Two

On Wednesday, we had a little early birthday celebration for Miss Hadley! We baked & decorated cupcakes that morning, painted nails with Grammy, visited the neighborhood playground, and then Auntie Em made the drive from McDonough that afternoon to join us for dinner & the birthday song!


This is the girls' little "play room" while we're at my parents' house. The girls are either on the piano or playing with the little people & doll houses, they love it!


Ready for her birthday cupcake & the birthday song! Can you tell she was excited?!

Just like when we opened presents at home with Derek in San Antonio, I think Shelby was more excited about singing to Hadley than Hadley was ;)

My mom totally spoiled Shelby and made her feel SO special! Shelby's half-birthday fell while we were at my parents' house, so Shelby got a half-birthday cupcake to celebrate her turning five and a half! ;)

And if there was ever any doubt that Shelby is the sweetest big sister, this proves that she is. We made sure to remind Shelby before we sang to Hadley that this was Hadley's birthday and she wasn't allowed to help Hadley blow the candles out. But when it was Shelby's turn to blow out her own candles, she stopped and told Hadley she wanted her to help. It was a very sweet moment!

Thursday was our last day in Georgia! We spent the morning at my mom's friend's house catching up with her, and then that evening the girls & I got to visit with BooBoo (Derek's mom)! It was a really fun evening, and I thought this picture of the three of them turned out so cute!

Then on Friday morning, we were up bright & early to catch our flight back to San Antonio!

It certainly wasn't fun waking the girls up so early, but it was more than worth it to get them home in time for lunch & NAPS!!! Not only did the girls get some much-needed sleep that afternoon, but I was able to get our laundry & unpacking done while they napped...score!! :)  Derek came home from work a little early that afternoon, so he was home when they woke up from their naps. To say they were happy to to be back home with Daddy would be quite the understatement!

We are so grateful for such a wonderful week with our families!