Top Five Friday!

5. Eye Shadow Base

Found {HERE} on Amazon

What?! Eye shadow base?? I don't even know who I am right now. I am totally not a "product" kind of girl. I have pretty much used the same basic hair care, face wash, & make-up that I've used since my high school & college days that can be found at Target. I'm totally low-maintenance when it comes to girly-ish stuff. But I kept seeing a couple bloggers that I regularly follow talk about primer for their face & eye shadow base, and I kept thinking what is all the fuss?! Why do you even need these items? Isn't it just more stuff? I have one "brand-name" item in my make-up bag, and it's Urban Decay make-up setting spray. To put it simply, I love it. So when I saw Urban Decay had an eye shadow base, I was all geared up to try it. But then I came across a Maybelline version at Target before I'd ordered the Urban Decay brand, so I decided to give the Maybelline version a whirl. I also tried a Cover Girl primer. I can't really say I've noticed a difference with the primer, but the eye shadow base is legit!!!! It totally does everything it claims it will do, I love it! I may splurge & try the Urban Decay brand next time around, but the Maybelline one totally works for half the price!! Am I the last girl in the world to start using eye shadow base?! I wouldn't be at all surprised if I am. ;)

4. Linky Love

via {nesting place}
Here are links to two blog posts I really enjoyed recently: "The {lost} art of listening" via The Art of Simple  found {HERE} & "3 Simple Things Every Laundry Room Needs" via Nesting Place found {HERE}. With all of the minimizing we're doing lately and daydreaming about our next house, it makes me want to be very intentional about the stuff in our space. So the laundry room post was very timely for me! And the first post? I think it's a good read for everyone in today's society!

3. Hanna Andersson's baby line

Hadley helping me shop for her little brother :)

For my first three-ish years of parenting, finding cute, cheap girl clothes was a breeze! Then when Shelby was 3.5 but already moving out of toddler sizes b/c of her size, we ran into trouble. "Big girl" sizes was apparently synonymous with inappropriate tween clothing. Suddenly finding age-appropriate clothes in Shelby's size was not only hard, but almost impossible! Thankfully, I found the Carter's store (previously I'd only ever bought a few Carter's items here & there from Kohl's or the Just One You line from Target) and Hanna Andersson. Not only did both of these places carry sweet looking clothes for girls in bigger sizes, but they also had coordinating items for Hadley..score!

Fast-forward to now when we're gearing up for our first boy--I never thought buying clothes for him would be hard, but boy was I wrong! We aren't in the market for much at this point since we're about to embark on a move, but we wanted a few sweet, simple sleepers to get us through those fleeting newborn days. I never knew how hard that would be!!!! Almost every single store only carries boy clothing covered in monsters, trucks, or pirates from the newborn size on up! What?! Where are the sweet little light blue things?! I'm totally fine with monsters & pirates on a toddler boy or even an older baby, but a newborn is supposed to have sweet, precious baby clothes!! To make a long story short--if you want sweet looking clothes for a newborn boy, your options are very limited. Hanna Andersson will be your saving grace!

2. Girls who aren't afraid to hold worms

The girls love little creatures of all kinds. Last summer they were into roly polies big time, and that is still a favorite this year. Recent highlights have been holding worms they discovered when puddle jumping, capturing fireflies in a jar with Daddy, & finding a snail while walking from the library to the park.

1. Family Date Nights

For the past two Saturdays, we've gone out to "sit-down" restaurant (as opposed to our usual go-to spots like Chick-fil-a, Jason's Deli, or Panera) for dinner as a family & then out for dessert. I'm so glad the girls are getting to the age where we can do this more often & they think it's fun!! This past Saturday we went to La Cantera (I'm sooooo going to miss this outdoor mall when we move!!) to have an early dinner at Cheesecake Factory (hooray for gift cards!) & then walked around a bit--the weather was PERFECTION! We did a little shopping & let the girls play on the playground before heading home. It was such a fun family night!

Happy Friday to you!! :)


What's Up Wednesday!

I'm linking up and posting about what's up with us this Wednesday! So without further ado, here we go!!

What we're eating this week...
Without really planning it, the theme of our dinner menu plan this week was EASY! On Monday, we had leftover spinach lasagna roll-ups {recipe HERE} with caesar salad. Tuesday was hot dogs, mac & cheese, and corn on the cob--one of the VERY few meals that will please our entire family! Tonight is French dip sandwiches & asparagus, Thursday is tostadas, and Friday is leftover French dip sandwiches. Easy peezy!

What I'm reminiscing about...
With our upcoming move, I keep thinking about how things were with the girls during our last move. In so many ways, they seem the same age to me now as they did then...but in other ways, they seem sooo much more baby-ish then! Shelby was 3.5 years old when we moved to San Antonio, and Hadley was about 15ish months old.

Last picture in front of our old house in Biloxi

First picture in front of our new house in San Antonio!

What I'm loving...
This is nothing new, but I love how much these two love to read!!! I know I mess up countless times every single day with this whole mothering gig, but this is one thing I know without a doubt that I've done right. They love to read on their own, together, in my lap, in the car, at the library, before bed...and it just makes my heart happy.

Reading new books at the library

A little light reading after bathtime ;)

Snuggling with Mommy for post-nap stories :)

What we've been up to...
It's already starting to feel like summer here in South Texas! I took the girls on a puddle-jumping excursion after lunch one day last week, and it was our first really hot & muggy afternoon. Shelby was literally begging for naptime by the time we returned from our walk. ;)  Both girls got pretty sweaty on our walk, so Shelby decided then & there that pool season had begun! ;)  Thankfully, our neighborhood pool opened in early April..so we've already made two trips to the pool & our first (of many!!) trips to Aquatica with Daddy this past weekend. It was so nice to go so early in the season b/c we practically had the water park to ourselves!

Walking to the pool with Daddy after dinner one evening :)

What I'm dreading...
At the end of May, we are planning to transition Hadley out of her crib & boy am I dreading it! Shelby went straight from her crib to a queen size bed about 2-3 months after her 2nd birthday. I can remember us being so worried about the transition, but looking back I have no idea why we worried!! The transition was completely seamless & Shelby never even so much as got out of her bed without us coming to get her for probably a good 18 months after we moved her to her big girl bed. ;)  She's such a little rule follower & people-pleaser, I really have no idea why we worried! With Hadley on the other hand, I have no doubt she is going to take full advantage of her new-found freedom when the time comes! ;) Before we ever knew we were expecting Baby #3, we had always planned to transition Hadley out of her crib when we moved. I really wanted to keep her in the pack n play throughout the move & while we travelled, but she's just too long for it now. I still thought we should squeeze her in the pack n play for the move, I mean she's three--does she really need to be able to fully extend her legs?! But Derek put his foot down and said no..darn him! ;)

What I'm working on...

Purging, purging, purging! :)  We're continuing to purge in preparation for our move, and we've also been slowly adding items to our "keep with us during the move" closet. We've also placed a few orders for things we know we'll want to have during the move that we didn't have last time--a new air mattress for Hadley (she slept in a pack n play during the last move), a cargo rack thingy to put on the hitch of Derek's truck, etc. We're just slowly doing things as we think of them so that way we won't be so stressed/pressed for time as the move gets closer. I must admit, it feels really good to be so on top of it all so far!

What I'm excited about...
Next month, Derek & I are going to Las Vegas for a couple of days for house-hunting! I'm not stressed about the house-hunting unless I actually think about it, so I try to just not think about it & leave it to Derek. ;)  I'm excited for our trip & to see where we'll be living, but I'm worried too--it's a pretty daunting task to pick your home/community for the next four years when you know absolutely nothing about the area!

What I'm watching/reading...
American Idol is over...booo!!! But we're still watching Nashville & Modern Family...along with whatever other weird shows Derek makes me watch with him. ;)  Speaking of TV...Derek has been thinking about cutting our cable when we move. The girls & I really couldn't care less about the cable b/c we watch virtually zero TV. I have my two shows that I watch each week (but I could view them online if we didn't have cable), and I used to DVR a couple shows for the girls to watch periodically while I made dinner or something...but they don't even watch those anymore. So I started letting the girls each check out one kids DVD on our weekly library visits to let them have a weekend movie night...but they haven't even watched their DVDs the past two weeks. ;)  So all of that to say, Derek is the only who is really invested in the cable decision. He ordered an Amazon fire stick this week to try out, and I think he's happy with it so far!

And here's two books I've read recently:

What I'm listening to....
Right now, there isn't a single sound in my house!!! Pure bliss. Oh, how I heart naptime! In the car, we've been listening to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat. We misplaced the CD for a few months, and Derek happened to find it when he was vacuuming out my car a couple weeks ago. So the girls have a new-found appreciation for the CD again! ;)

What I'm wearing...
Since it's already starting to feel like summer, I'm wearing my same ole rotation of short-sleeve maternity shirts that got me through winter with jeans & cardigans....now I'm just pairing those shirts with skirts. ;)  And thankfully, a few of my regular maxi dresses still fit.  Here I am today in what is one of my VERY few shirts that is long enough to cover my pregnant belly ;)

Just shy of 32 weeks :)
And poor baby #3, I never have any clue how far along I am in this pregnancy. It's terrible really. When people ask me how far along I am, I just say "I'm due at the end of June" b/c I really & truly have no concept of how many weeks I am. Thankfully, for documentation/blog purposes, you can totally google "how many weeks pregnant am I if my due date is June 27th" and get an accurate answer. ;)  It's a very helpful tool for me, which the 2010 version of me would be flabbergasted by..oh, well!

What I'm doing this weekend...
This weekend, Shelby is riding on a float in the Helotes Cornyval Parade with her school. We're all pretty excited about it!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
My mom is coming to stay with us for about 2 weeks in May, and we're all counting down the days until her arrival!!
What else is new...
Thankfully, not much is new!!! I don't think we can handle any more new-ness right now! ;)  Things are slowly starting to wind down here. Derek is currently wrapping up his last week of call for the rest of fellowship, and Shelby officially has less than one month to go before the end of her school year! Bittersweet, for sure!


Las Vegas, Here We Come!

We finally have "official" PCS orders as of late last week, hooray!!! The next stop on our military journey will be a four-year stint at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada!

If you would have asked us a year ago if we wanted to go to Nellis, Derek & I both would have said "no" without hesitation. Vegas doesn't exactly scream "family-friendly," and it just seemed so far away from home. But back around Christmas time, it became pretty clear that we would most likely be headed back to the DC area (Andrews AFB) or Vegas. While we loved our time in Northern Virginia as newlyweds, we weren't itching to go back...but we also weren't really excited about the prospect of Vegas. But as time went on, we slowly but surely came around to the idea of Vegas. Being a mere four hours from Disney Land didn't seem so bad, and it sounded pretty exciting to be within a short drive of both mountains/snow and the beach! And since Derek nor I have really spent much (if any) time out west, we started looking forward to the opportunity to see all of the national parks in that part of the country.

Over the past few months, we have slowly prepared the girls' hearts for the upcoming move with lots of little conversations here & there. Every time we've talked about moving, it's always been in reference to what fun things we might get to do or see when we move. Thankfully, both of them are very eager for the move!

I can remember early on in our military journey talking to a seasoned Air Force spouse with teenage kids. She told me that no matter how much she hated a new base assignment, her kids would never hear one ounce of negativity come from her mouth about it. That conversation has stuck with me over the years. For now, our girls are just "along for the ride" with us so to speak, but I know as they get older this whole military moving thing will probably get harder & harder. But I think Derek & I have the power set the tone & attitude for our family. I think the moves are easier on the girls b/c we're genuinely excited about it, so we just think of it as a new family adventure for us!

Growing up, I never would have thought I would be the girl to get married and move far away from my family--never. But as it turns out, I love this little Air Force life of ours. Sure, the moving around & being away from family is hard...but the experiences & friendships we've gained along the way have made us who we are. And I really & truly can't picture a life in which we never ventured away from Georgia!

As of now, we are anticipating an early June move. So we have about 6-7 weeks left here before we have to say our goodbyes to San Antonio. Between the end of the school year for Miss Shelby, prepping for the move & baby, and Derek's birthday and graduation..I know these next few weeks are going to fly by at lightning speed! We're going to do our best to soak up what's left of our time here!


Purging & Preparing

With a move right around the corner, we've been in full steam purge mode around here. We've been really trying to minimize/declutter for a while now, but with the move so close we've just kind of kicked it up a notch. We've been making almost weekly drop-offs at Good Will & Salvation Army. It feels so good each & every time I drop a load of stuff off! One really simple thing we did a few weeks ago in regards to decluttering was get our toaster & electric can opener off of our kitchen counter. Ever since we got married & set up our first "grown-up kitchen" together, our toaster & can opener have lived on our kitchen counters in each of our houses. I think part of the reason I kept them there was b/c that's where my mom always kept hers, so I just thought that's where they should be. But suddenly it occurred to me that we rarely used those two appliances, so why shouldn't we store them elsewhere? We are really fortunate in this house & have more kitchen cabinet space than we have stuff to fill them with, so into the cabinets went the toaster & electric can opener. And the result was divine--clear countertops make my heart so much happier!!!!

And since we're in purge mode, nothing is safe--not even the girls' masterpieces, which makes my mama heart so sad. But the realist in me knows we can't save every.single.thing even if I want to. I do have a tote where I store a few of my favorite pieces that they've created, but everything else gets showcased for a while on one of our art displays around the house then they're sent to the trash/recycle. For whatever reason, these two items made me especially sad to purge so I figured I could take a picture of them & post them here so they can be archived in our blog books. :)

This was the Mother's Day card Shelby picked out for me last year, and she was SO proud of it! She thought it was absolutely hilarious. ;)

On Sunday night, we emptied out our guest room closet and transformed it into our "stuff to keep with us during the move" closet. When we moved from Biloxi to San Antonio, I was fully prepared to be without our stuff for a week or two on the front end of the move & a week or two on the back end of the move, but it ended up being waaaaay longer on the back end for us. So this time, we are preparing for the worst case scenario just in case. ;)  Right now our "stuff to keep with us during the move" closet is full of air mattresses & newborn essentials {ie. carseat, pump, burp cloths, etc} in case this baby decides to arrive before the movers deliver our household goods to the new house. Hopefully he'll stay put until we're somewhat settled in the new house, but at least we'll be as ready as we can be if he comes earlier than that!

When we PCSed to Virginia and Biloxi, Derek had already moved ahead of me and had each house almost entirely set up by the time I arrived. So our move to San Antonio was a whole new ball game for me since we arrived together with NONE of our stuff, plus it was our first time ever moving with kids! Needless to say, we learned a lot from that experience! I'm a firm believer that knowledge is power, and like Oprah always says--now that we know better {aka that we might be without our stuff for way longer than we'd like!}, we can do better! It feels so good to be so on top of the move prep this time around!! Here's to hoping I'll still feel that way in a month! ;)


Weekend Recap

We started our weekend early b/c Shelby had the day off from school on Friday, which worked out great b/c the girls have been asking to go to Pump It Up for a few weeks now. It's hard for us to get there during the week b/c our non-school days are usually spent at the library or at the park with the Goins, and I try to avoid indoor playplaces on the weekend like the plague. {Crowded places & small kids just aren't a good mix, but if I'm being honest...I don't do crowds well either!} Anyhow, we finally got to go to Pump It Up on Friday & the girls were thrilled!

Then on Friday evening, Derek came home from work early so we could all attend the Marvelously Made Art Show. It was such a fun night! The school really goes all out every year for the Art Show, and it looks like a real art museum.

Sweet sisters posing in front of Shelby's Bicycle Wheel Spin Art.
This display is what Derek was cutting all of those cardboard circles for. ;) 
Painting Big inspired by Georgia O'Keefe

Original Work

Gravity Painting in Watercolor
Derek snapped this picture b/c he couldn't believe what a madhouse a preschool art show could be ;)

Each year, the school provides every family with a random assortment of supplies to use to create a family masterpiece to display at the show. This was ours! :)

On Saturday, we attended a joint super hero themed birthday party for two of the girls' friends. Shelby & Josie both go to MM together, and Josie has a little sister named Carrie. Hadley & Carrie have birthdays within a couple days of each other, so they get along great and enjoy playing together at drop-off & pick-up. I wish I had gotten a picture of the four of them together b/c these four girlies are such sweet friends.
We didn't have any plans after the girls' naps, and it was wet & windy outside so Derek suggested an impromptu family date night! We went to Logan's Roadhouse for dinner & then to Marble Slab for dessert, and we all had so much fun! The girls were completely enthralled with cracking the peanuts while we were there, but neither of them would even try one. ;)  And since I don't eat peanuts, Derek had to eat quite a few..ha!

Hard at work cracking peanuts ;)

Hadley devoured her macaroni, and Shelby still had some left so she offered a bite of hers to share with Hadley. I think they knew they were being cute, so they had fun doing this over & over again. ;)

Today we went to church, and then while the girls napped Derek got the grass cut & I did some chores around the house. Storms rolled through our area after the girls' naps, so we declared it movie night & the girls got their nails painted while they watched their VeggieTales DVD from the library.

Now the girls are in bed and Derek & I are watching The Profit & getting ready to eat a big bowl of ice cream...perfection! :)  Hope you had a great weekend, too!


Life Lately

Life lately has been good!!! As anxious as I am for us to finally get our orders & go house-hunting, we're really in such a sweet spot of life right now. Because there's just so many unknowns, we really can't do much planning/preparing...so we're just enjoying ourselves for now! I know the stress & chaos will all come in due time. Hard to believe we're almost half-way through April! I know I must sound like a broken record, but seriously WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?!

At the library reading new books :)
Both the girls & I love going to the library. We go every Tuesday for storytime, then we check out a few new books and walk over to the park to play with friends. Lately Shelby has been talking a LOT about how she doesn't want to go to Kindergarten next year b/c she'll miss storytime with us. It seriously makes me want to cry every single time she says this. I know she's going to love Kindergarten, and I tell her how much fun it is and all the wonderful things my students got to do at school. But truthfully, in the back of my head, all I can think about is how sad it's going to be to go to the library without her in a few short months!!! I started taking Shelby to storytime in Biloxi around her first birthday, so for past 4.5 years the library has been our "thing" to do together. I'm not ready for her to go to Kindergarten...waaaahhh!

The girls love to each hold on to one of Derek's legs and then make him walk as he drags them along. I have no idea why they think this is so fun!

This past weekend, we took our first trip to the San Antonio Botanical Garden. This is one of those things we've been meaning to check out ever since we moved here..now we can finally cross that off our list! ;)

On Saturday evening, we met the Goins for dinner & playtime at Bigz. One thing I will definitely miss about San Antonio is all of the restaurants with outdoor play areas for the kids...it's GENIUS!!

Shelby & Adam checking out her Weird But True book while they waited in line to order :)

On Sunday, Derek grilled steaks for dinner so since the grill was already warm we used that as an excuse to make Smores! The Easter Bunny brought the girls all the fixings for Smores in their Easter baskets, and they've been itching to make them ever since!

One of my favorite things about our trips to the library on Tuesdays is that the girls spend the rest of the day at home ENGROSSED in their new books! Usually the 5:00-6:00 hour can be pretty rough around here--the girls are hungry {and let's be real, so am I--hangry is a real thing in our house} and everyone is just ready for Daddy to be home already. All of that to say, making dinner is usually no easy feat if it wasn't already prepped during naptime or in the crockpot {which I try to do AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE for sanity purposes!}. But this Tuesday was a breeze b/c both girls separated themselves on their own {if I tried to separate them into different rooms, it would never work!} with their own pile of books. PEACE & QUIET...hallelujah!

See all that cardboard in the background by the window? I volunteered us to help with the Art Show at Shelby's school, and I totally bit off a bit more than we could chew! We had huge sheets of cardboard that had to be cut with a box cutter into circles...85 circles and who knows how many blisters later, we got it done! ;)

We finally made a trip to Menchie's this week to redeem the gift card Hadley won by finding the giant egg at the church Easter egg hunt! This was our first ever trip to a frozen yogurt bar..they are EVERYWHERE in San Antonio! The girls of course loved it, but I must say that I totally don't get the hype. Don't these people know there is a Cold Stone?!

Sleeping Beauty

Shelby emailing Grammy :)

That's life lately around here! Happy almost Friday, everyone!!


Inside My Head

I'm constantly thinking, worrying, or over-analyzing something. It's one of my least favorite personality traits about myself. Thankfully, with the whole move/baby situation happening this summer, I've been weirdly laid back about it all...which has been a huge blessing. But with our time here in San Antonio quickly winding down, I have started trying to plan a little for our new house. I use the term planning loosely b/c we still don't know for sure where we're moving, much less how many bedrooms we'll be working with once we get there. But our hope/tentative plan is for all 3 kiddos to have their own room. We obviously have all of the nursery furniture, but we needed to just pick out some new boy bedding & wall d├ęcor for the new baby. Derek & I have been planning to get new furniture/bedding for our master bedroom when we move, and we're going to pass our current furniture off to Shelby. We will be starting from scratch on Hadley's "big girl room" b/c she is still in the nursery until we move. That's a lot of decorating for someone who doesn't particularly enjoy decorating. ;)  Plus, that doesn't even take into account curtains. Oh my word, the curtains. We had one single pair of curtains from our house in Biloxi that we were able to reuse here in San Antonio. We had to start from scratch on everything else b/c of the differing window sizes in the living room & bedrooms. I'm seriously keeping my fingers crossed that curtains won't be a whole ordeal for this next move!!!!!

I was feeling good about our progress b/c we got Baby Boy's bedding picked out & ordered from Pottery Barn Kids last week, and we have several strong contenders for Hadley's new bedding thanks to the new Pillowfort line at Target. We plan to wait to order everything else once we're in our new house, but we wanted to go ahead and get the baby's stuff done now b/c we have bad luck with things being backordered on PBK.

Since I'm not a huge fan of "themed" nurseries, this was seriously like one of two bedding options we had. Everything else was covered in cars, trucks, animals, or sports.

But for some reason, even after making progress, I was starting to feel overwhelmed about everything we're going to have to do once we get to the new house. All of the decorating, organizing, getting a new car, HAVING A BABY...you get the idea. ;)  Being inside my head was not a fun place to be. Thankfully, our current series at church helped put things in perspective. Last weekend at church, our pastor preached about this verse:

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Matthew 6:25
It was such a sweet & timely reminder that all this stuff I was worrying about was just stuff--it's not what really matters. And if that wasn't enough, yesterday the sermon was all about how we spend our time is how we spend our life.
Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90
All I could think about sitting in church yesterday as our pastor talked about how our days here on Earth are numbered was a sweet family from Shelby's school. As you may or may not have heard in the news, a commander was shot & killed at Lackland AFB on Friday morning. Upon first hearing there was a shooter on base, my immediate thoughts were surrounding Derek and his proximity to what was going on. When I heard later that day that the officer who lost his life was a Lieutenant Colonel and left behind a wife & two kids, I was obviously heartbroken for the family. But as insensitive as this may sound, I assumed that b/c the officer was so high-ranking his kids would most likely be older. And even though this tragic event would be devastating for them, I felt a little better thinking that the kids would still have memories of their dad and be able to understand what happened {as much as you can understand a senseless act of violence}. But then on Saturday, when the identity of the officer was released, I soon heard from Shelby's school that the officer was the father of one of Selby's classmates. I completely lost it when I heard the news. Of course we all know in the back of our mind that any one of us could lose our lives at any given time just driving down the road, but for some reason this just hit too close to home. My heart ached for this mama who I see three mornings & three afternoons every week on my way to drop off & pick up Shelby. The tears flowed as I thought what must have gone through her head upon hearing the news. How did she cope in those initial moments & hours without any family around? I think it all just hit me so hard b/c my life so closely mirrored hers up until Friday morning--we're both stay at home moms of two young kids, we both had hubbies working at Lackland without any family nearby, we both live in the same Alamo Ranch community. I just kept thinking, she got the worst possible news in the world, yet she still has to pick her kids up from preschool, feed them lunch, go through the bedtime routine, and somehow explain to her babies what happened to their daddy. I would think about how this event would shape the rest of their lives--the kids growing up without their dad--and then I would think about how this event would change the little minute details of their day-to-day life, and that was got me the most. As Derek was making our usual Sunday breakfast of pancakes, I just kept thinking "What if their Daddy always made breakfast on Sundays?" Thinking about this family was almost paralyzing for me at times this weekend, it was just too much.

I wish I had some eloquent way to wrap up this post, but I just don't. My emotions are too raw at this point. I'm simply heartbroken for this precious mama & her two sweet boys. If you think about it, please keep them in your prayers!


Baby #3!!!!

After sharing our big news, I figured I should go ahead & do a little review of the pregnancy so poor Baby #3 doesn't feel neglected on the blog! ;)

How far along: 29 weeks//SEVEN MONTHS!! My official due date is June 27th. Both of the girls came late, Shelby was almost 41.5 weeks {c-section} and Hadley came at 41 weeks exactly after being induced {VBAC}. But now that my body has actually gone into labor, we're anxious to see if my body will actually know what to do this time around and we might have a punctual baby on our hands! However, the thought of going into labor on my own kind of terrifies me since that would be all new territory for me!

Weight Gain: As of my 28 week appointment last Monday, I was up TWENTY pounds! I don't know even know what to say about this, but it horrifies me!

Maternity clothes: With Shelby, I never wore a single piece of maternity clothing. Since it was my first pregnancy, I didn't show for quite a while so I was able to finish out teaching the school year in all of my regular work clothes. By the time summer hit, I got by living in skirts & dresses. With Hadley, I started showing much earlier & couldn't do the skirts/dresses trick since she was due in March. I purchased two pairs of maternity jeans & a handful of short sleeve maternity tops during Hadley's pregnancy. I pretty much lived in those and cardigans this winter with Baby #3. ;)  Now it's really starting to warm up here, so I'm hoping I'll be able to get by on skirts & dresses again...we'll see!

Sleep: Sleeping great! No issues yet :)

Movement: Yes! :)

Food cravings: Nope! Between all three pregnancies, I don't think I've ever had a single "craving." But maybe that's because I don't really experience nausea/food aversions?

Symptoms: Feeling great! Both of my pregnancies with the girls were super easy, and this one has been the exact same so far! I definitely had exhaustion during the first trimester and fell asleep on the couch almost every single night after putting the girls to bed, but that's been pretty much my only "symptom." I had a little nausea with Hadley and threw up maybe 3 or 4 times, but this time around I haven't had any at all. Oh, I almost forgot! I also totally had the most random intense itchy skin at times this winter! But that's pretty much it for symptoms--I've been blessed with very easy pregnancies!

Gender: BOY! Still trying to wrap our brains around that ;)

What I miss: Nothing!

Best moment this week: Clearly, I haven't been updating weekly...so I'll just go with one of our favorite moments thus far in the pregnancy: surprising my parents with the news at Christmas!

What I'm looking forward to: All of a sudden, I feel like time is moving at warp speed! When we turned our calendars to April, it dawned on me that we only had two full months left here before our big move. I actually had to call our dentist's office this past week to reschedule our appointments b/c I was worried the original date they'd scheduled for us would interfere with the move....for whatever reason, that made things feel crazy real & imminent! All of that to say, I guess we're most looking forward to finally having orders & getting Derek's June schedule at work finalized so we can get an idea for the timeline of the move/baby situation b/c as of now the move and baby's arrival are scheduled for pretty much the exact same time. ;)  Convenient, huh?! We're hoping we'll be able to remedy that once we get more specific dates with orders, etc. Typically, the allergy fellows move over the 4th of July weekend, but with a late June due date that doesn't really work for us. ;)  Derek is pushing hard for them to let us leave immediately following his graduation on June 10th, so we could move & get somewhat settled before birth. Who knows how things will actually play out, but I figure it will be chaotic & exciting no matter what! ;)  Surprisingly, I have been totally calm, cool, and collected about this crazy timing throughout the entire pregnancy...which is soooo not typical of me! ;)