Delivery #2, Due Date Day, & Nine Years!

We finally got the rest of our household goods this past Saturday (HALLELUJAH!!!), which worked out perfectly so my mom could actually have a bed when she arrived late that night into Las Vegas! We are so thankful to have had her here to help us get the house in order & to be here with us in case the baby came while Derek had to take a quick trip back to Lackland for a couple of days.

Hadley's first night in her new big girl bed :)
And waking up the next morning after her first night in the new bed! This girl has been such a trooper! In the past month, she's gone from sleeping in a crib, to sleeping in a toddler bed (just one rail of her crib lowered), to sleeping on an air mattress in our house in San Antonio, to sleeping in a queen size bed with Daddy in 2 different hotels, back to sleeping on an air mattress in our new house in Las Vegas, and then finally to sleeping in a twin size bed in a different room in the new house. That's a lot of changes for a 3 year old, and this girl has slept like a champ through it all. We're so proud of her!

Taking a break from unpacking!

Just to give you an idea of what our house has looked like over the past couple of weeks ;) 

Las Vegas children's museum

Today at Pump It Up..Shelby jumped off the edge several times, but Hadley didn't attempt it.

It feels like the to-do list & projects for this house are never-ending & the unpacking/organizing/settling in is taking significantly longer b/c we have less space in this house than our last house, so we're trying to consolidate things & purge a bit to make room for what we need. But every day we're making huge progress! Little things like getting our gallery wall up & getting Shelby's calendar up on the wall in her room are starting to make it feel a bit more like "home." Today has actually felt the closest to "normal" for us since this whole move process started back on the 6th. I got up and showered before the girls woke up, we had breakfast together, went to Pump It Up, & came home for lunch & naps. While we were getting the girls ready for naps, I had a load of their laundry folded for them to put away. That may not sound like a big deal, but we've finally gotten to the point where the girls' clothes all have a "home" and the girls know where it is...so they could finally put their own laundry away again! It was a big moment!!!

We still have a looooong way to go with this house, and it's so easy to get discouraged and feel like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. But the good news is, we've done this before & we know we can do it again. I can still vividly remember sitting on our couch with Derek in San Antonio shortly after we'd moved there and thinking when would we ever get to the point where we felt like the house was "done" and we could actually relax after the girls went to bed at night instead of working on one project or another....but somehow we got there, and I know we'll get there again. I just wish it could happen a bit faster sometimes. ;) 

It's been a week of milestones for us! Monday marked our due date for Baby #3! And just like with the girls' due dates, this one came & went with no baby. ;)  But of course, we still have PLENTY to do....so it's just fine by us if this baby sits tight for a little while longer. ;)  But I did officially get the crib bedding & all of the baby clothes washed & put away in the nursery on the day of my due date...just in time, huh?! I'll have to take a pic & post it soon, I love how the bedding turned out!

And today marks our nine year anniversary!!! Crazy to think that nine years ago we were dancing the night away with our friends & family at our wedding reception in Athens, and here we are nine years later...Derek is 1300 miles away at Lackland, and I'm in Las Vegas with two kids and #3 on the way hoping and praying this baby doesn't come before he gets back. ;)  The past nine years have been an adventure to say the least, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


Delivery #1

We were overjoyed to learn that our household goods would be arriving today, but just like with our last move...it was only going to be a portion of our stuff. Womp, womp. The movers told us they'd be arriving between 10-2, and much to my delight they showed up at 10:30 this morning!! I can't remember if I mentioned this on the blog or not, but the company that packed us up in San Antonio was about 3-4 HOURS late all 4 days. It was absurd!! So the fact that this company in Las Vegas was punctual was a huge plus for us! But I'll admit I was a bit concerned we saw this roll up in front of our house today...

I mean, is this amateur hour?!?! How is this a legit moving truck?! The most comical part about this was when they showed up, they told us only a teeny bit of the stuff on the truck was ours so they had to go back to the warehouse to get the rest of our stuff. I'd say we maybe got half of our stuff with this delivery. On the bright side, we now have a table & chairs and a mattress/box springs for all 4 of us--HUGE improvement!!!! We got the majority of our kitchen stuff, so priority number one for us after the movers left was to get our kitchen/pantry completely organized & functional...so that feels REALLY good!!! But of course as luck would have it, so many other big things are missing. Most notably, we're missing our couches/living room furniture, guest bed (my parents are arriving soon, so we're bummed they won't have a bed to sleep on), & TV. Just like with our last move, we've got boxes & boxes of toys & books....but no shelving to put them on, which is super fun. ;)  And of course, we got all of our picture frames/wall d├ęcor, but we can't do anything with them b/c it's impossible to know how to decorate without furniture in place.

The girls eating lunch & watching Tangled while the movers brought in our stuff

The girls found some of their toy boxes amidst the chaos ;)

As frustrating as these moving companies have been, we're just so thankful to have some of our stuff back and getting closer to "normal." But I have to admit, the moving industry totally baffles me. I get that it's PCS season & these companies are super busy, but this "busy season" happens every.single.year. Why do they act like they've never done this before?! I don't get why packing, loading, & delivering is so difficult?!

First meal with our table & chairs...HOORAY!!!!

Now fingers crossed we don't have to wait another two weeks for the rest of our stuff to make its way to us b/c we would really love nothing more than to be as settled as possible before Baby Boy makes his debut. I'm officially 39 weeks & 1 day, so the clock is definitely ticking! I'm still feeling great & haven't experienced any symptoms to indicate labor may be imminent, so we'll see! I had a pregnancy "first" the other day. I ran into Bath & Body Works really quickly to grab a new wall plug-in, and after greeting me the sales associate said: "I feel so bad that you're pregnant right now." I'm sure I probably had a weird look on my face b/c no one has ever said anything like that to me before. She quickly followed up & said she just meant she felt bad b/c it's so hot out right now in Las Vegas--highs hitting 115 this week. I assured her I had easy pregnancies, so I was good. ;)  I really wanted to tell her not only was I 39 weeks pregnant in 100 degree weather but that we were also in the midst of a move, but I refrained. ;)  I would have loved to see the look on her face though! ;)

So, delivery #1 is complete. Now we anxiously await delivery #2 of our household goods + the delivery of a sweet baby boy!!!


Thoughts on Moving + Our First Days in Las Vegas

We've officially reached that point in the move where we're just tired of it all. Tired of the lack of normalcy, tired of not having our stuff, tired of eating on the floor, tired of not having bath mats, tired of not having trash cans, tired of not having our routine, just tired of it all. I just went back & re-read my blog posts from June 2014 {like THIS one} when we moved to San Antonio, and I felt like every last word of it rang true for us for this June, too. ;)  The moving out/camping out isn't so bad on the front-end of the move, but by the time we reached San Antonio & this time Las Vegas...we've just been run down from the whole process & are more than ready for the normalcy to return...but that's still quite a ways off. The movers started packing us up in SA on June 6th, and here we are 14 days later still living in complete disarray. Our stuff got held up in MS during our last move, and the same thing happened to us again with this move--our stuff got held up in TX. Our moving truck was supposed to have finally left Austin on Friday, but who knows if it actually did or not. ;)  Fingers crossed, our stuff will be arriving soon!

As it turns out, everything that was an issue for us during our move to San Antonio--the lack of access to a washer/dryer, difficulty acquiring trash service (I never knew what an ordeal that could be!), no mail access--has been a breeze this time around. But of course, we've had a whole new set of struggles here. Our house is super nice, so I hate to complain, but there were a lot of little things that the property manager didn't tend to so we've been putting out one fire after another around the house. It feels like every time we cross one thing off our to-do list, there are 3 more things to add to it. Poor Derek has literally been working round the clock--shampooing carpets, assembling furniture, pruning back overgrown bushes & trees (Derek is itching to get all of his yard tools off the moving truck in the worst way!!), installing towel bars (what house doesn't have towel bars or hand towel rings?!?!), the list just goes on & on. But the one upside to not having our stuff yet is that since we're not devoting our time to unpacking boxes, we have ample time to tackle these projects.

A new Ikea just opened in Las Vegas when Derek & I were here house-hunting back in May...perfect timing for our move!

And this full cart doesn't even include all of our purchases ;)  We left with a new dresser & two nightstands for the master bedroom (Shelby is getting our old bedroom furniture), a wardrobe closet for Shelby (her bedroom is technically the bonus room & doesn't have a closet), and a new twin bed & mattress for Hadley.

And so it begins with all of the assembly :)

Despite the constant work around the house, we've tried to squeeze in some fun for the sake of everyone's sanity!

Reading at the library :)

First storytime in Las Vegas!

Exploring Red Rock Canyon on Father's Day, which is about 15 minutes from our house


We had Dairy Queen for lunch after leaving Red Rock Canyon, not the most glamorous of Father's Day meals...but we didn't want to deal with crowded restaurants. And to be perfectly honest, just being able to eat a meal with a table & chairs was MAGNIFICENT!!!


Even though we're feeling run down & ready to see the end in sight, we really are enjoying our new house & community! Hopefully it'll start feeling more like "home" soon!


Greetings from Las Vegas!

Oh goodness, where do I even begin? So much has happened since I last blogged a mere ten days ago. Since time is scarce right now, here's the reader's digest version of what's been going on in our world: Derek graduated from his fellowship program, we said our goodbyes to San Antonio, and we moved cross-country to Las Vegas! Of course, there's lots of fun stories to share about the move (aka the things that always go wrong!), but for now I'll leave you with these pics!

Fellowship Graduation!

Last picture in front of our house in San Antonio

Taking a break & enjoying the view at a rest area on Day #1 of our three-day drive to Las Vegas

Hotel shenanigans

We spent two nights in a hotel while we were making the drive to Las Vegas
Moving = Lots & lots & lots of trips to Target ;)

Checking out our pool at the new house!

Eating on the floor is the new normal around these parts, which is suuuuper fun when you're 38.5 weeks pregnant ;)

We got our new library card in Las Vegas...hooray!!!!!

VeggieTales while Daddy shampoos carpets & Mommy puts shelf liner in kitchen cabinets ;)
First time swimming in our new pool!

I'll be back with more once we get a chance to come up for air!


37 Weeks

How far along: 37 weeks as of yesterday :)

Weight Gain: As of my appointment yesterday, I was up 25 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Let's hope that's the end of the weight gain! ;)

Maternity clothes: So thankful for another summer pregnancy where I can live in skirts & maxi dresses :)  I usually have such a hard time narrowing down my clothes to the bare minimum to prepare for the movers to come, but this time around was easy-peasy b/c there's only a few things I can still wear! ;)

Sleep: Sleeping great with the exception of 1-2 bathroom trips per night, but thankfully I always fall right back asleep once I get back in bed. With the other two pregnancies, I got a bit more uncomfortable when trying to sleep as I got closer & closer to my due date. I would usually keep a spare pillow next to the bed to put between my legs to help me get more comfortable in the middle of the night. But this time around, that hasn't been an issue AT ALL! We'll see if I'm singing a different tune tomorrow night when our beds are on the moving truck & I'm sleeping on an air mattress. ;)

Movement: Yes! :)

Food cravings: Nope! Almost to the end of pregnancy #3, and I still have yet to experience any "cravings."

Symptoms: Feeling great, no issues at all! The hip pain that I had a few weeks ago has completely vanished--so weird, but I'll take it! With the girls' pregnancies, I totally took for granted how smooth the pregnancies were. This time around, we are sooooo grateful! With us in the midst of a big move, a complicated pregnancy/early arrival would just not be ideal. It's easy for me to forget I'm pregnant b/c I feel totally fine, so I'll be running around a mile a minute getting stuff ready for the move...and I'll catch myself and make myself stop & rest. I need to do everything I can to make sure this baby stays put until we are in Las Vegas! :)

Gender: BOY! Still trying to wrap our brains around that ;)

What I miss: Maybe being able to get up & down off of the floor without a struggle :)

Best moment this week: This wasn't this week, but at the end of May our sweet friends from Keesler hosted a little baby shower for Baby Boy Smith while my mom was still in town. Angela totally acted like it was going to be a laid-back get-together for our families, but she really outdid herself with all of the little details! It was such a fun afternoon with some of our very favorite people! We felt so loved!!

The invitation :)
Everything was done in a super-cute golf theme, so fun!


Thank you, Goins & Gallimore families for such a special day!! We are going to miss these families oh so very much when we move! It's hard to imagine our military medical journey without them in it b/c they've played such a huge part in our lives for the past 5 years! We'll miss celebrating holidays & birthdays with them, but mostly we'll miss doing our day-to-day life with them. We sure do love our little Air Force life, but the goodbyes are the hardest part!

Memorial Day at the Goins' house :)


Operation Big Girl Bed

Since Hadley has officially outgrown the pack n play, we wanted to transition her out of her crib prior to the move so that way she was comfortable sleeping in a bed while we are staying in hotels.

Last nap in her crib!

Trying out her new big girl bed with Big Sister :)

We thought for sure she was going to take full advantage of her new-found freedom, but Hadley totally surprised us and transitioned to her "big girl bed" much like her big sister did. It was a very seamless transition for both girls, and Hadley stays in her bed in the morning until she wakes up then she calls for me to give her "permission" to get out of bed. ;)  Shelby had probably been sleeping in a big bed for 2 years before she ever tried to get out of bed on her own...fingers crossed Hadley will do the same! ;)

All smiles for the first night in her "big bed!"

Just like we were sure Hadley would take advantage of her new freedom, we were sure the big girl bed would be the end of her sleeping in late in the mornings...we were way off on both counts! She is still sleeping in so late some mornings that we have to go in & wake her up to get our day going. Of course, I love the excuse to snap a sleeping picture of this sweet girl! :)

This picture seriously melts me...could she be any cuter?!?!
Because Hadley is still the baby of our family, she still seems so little to us in so many ways! But seeing how well she has adjusted to her new bed is a bittersweet reminder that she really isn't a baby anymore! We love you, Hadley!!!