Happy Friday, Friends!! It was certainly a happy Friday for us! Hadley, Brady, and I joined Shelby for lunch at her school today, and it was just SO, SO FUN! It was just so cool to see her in her element at school, and she was just tickled to no end to be showing us off to her friends. She was just so proud that we were there! I loved every second of it. I was also having some serious flashbacks to lunch duty during my days at Bennett. Shelby's classmates alternated between talking my ear off & asking me to open things for them. ;) 

After school today, we walked over to the park with some friends from our neighborhood/school. The girls had a BLAST running around with their new friends, and it felt so good knowing we're finally starting to get plugged in here.

Hadley found a patch of dirt to play in, and then a little boy brought some water over to make mud for them to play in. She was in heaven!!!

And here are a few other random pics from my day with Hadley & Brady at home in between our trips to Shelby's school to drop her off, eat lunch with her, and then back up to school for pick up. ;)

Hard to get a picture with both of them looking b/c Brady only wanted to look at Hadley ;)

Love the look on his face here ;)  What you talkin bout Willis?!

Blurry, but I had to include it! This picture perfectly represents Brady right now...smiley & always with his hands in his mouth like this!

I was trying so hard to get a good picture of his sweet smile while he played on his playmat, but that is no easy feat! ;)  He got distracted by my phone every time I brought it out to snap a pic, ha!

Hadley was teaching Brady all about his baby toys, he was a very attentive student ;)

And one last picture from bedtime....seriously, do you think this boy gets enough love?!?!

Such a fun day! :)  Bring on the weekend!!


Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!! :)  Here's a few tidbits from our neck of the woods...

--First and foremost, Derek took his boards today!! Hooray!! I know he is thrilled to have that over with! We've had a LOT on our plates lately between life with a newborn, adjusting to our new school routine, Derek's clinic moving to a new location in the hospital, Derek getting the hospital ready for flu shots...it's just been a lot! So we're happy to have one thing over & done with!!

--I hate to even mention this next one b/c I don't want to jinx us, but Brady has slept through the night for four out of the past five nights!!!!!!!!!!! His naps are still totally hit and miss (LOTS of misses) unless I'm wearing him, but I'll take him sleeping through the night over naps any day of the week! Who knows if him sleeping through the night is just a fluke or if it will stick, but it sure was considerate of Brady to sleep through the night leading up to boards so Derek was well rested for his test!

--I know we're totally late to the party on this one, but we are LOVING the Wunderlist app!! Life is crazy right now, but this app keeps Derek & me on the same page even on those days where we don't get a chance to have a complete conversation without someone interrupting us! We have a shared grocery list, which has been a huge lifesaver since Derek has been shopping for us lately. And we also have a shared to-do list for projects around the house.

--Prior to moving, we were always go-go-go on the weekends trying to squeeze in as much fun as we possibly could with Daddy before he headed back to work on Mondays. Then came the move, then came a baby, and then came new school routines....all of that to say, we haven't been out exploring as much as we typically did. But I think we're turning a corner!! And life as a family of five in Las Vegas is slowly starting to feel more normal. This past weekend, we visited Bonnie Springs which is like an old western town with shows, shops, & petting zoo. We're hoping to visit Mt. Charleston & a local orchard over the next couple of weekends!! It's so nice to start feeling like "us" again!!!

--My parents are coming next week, and we're all so excited!!

And here's a random hodge podge of pictures for you to enjoy :)

This was the last time we've tried "quiet time" in their bedrooms ;)

They're both doing great on their new bikes!!

Hadley pushing Brady home after dropping Shelby off at school one morning

Shelby is seriously AMAZING with Brady!!

On Wednesdays, Hadley & I go to storytime & check out new books at the library. It's like Christmas morning for Shelby when she comes home from school on Wednesday afternoons to all the new books!

Hadley will sit for a while and read with Shelby & then she moves on to crafting.

Shelby could seriously read all day long if we let her!

More reading after school one afternoon.

Watering the garden with Daddy after dinner one evening! I'll have to get some new pics soon, our garden has really taken off recently!!!

Saturday shenanigans at Target!

Sunday morning tablet time :)


Hope y'all are having a great week! :)


Our New Normal

We are about 2.5 months into life with 3 kids and almost a month into Kindergarten, and I think Kindergarten has been a harder adjustment on all of us than adding a new baby to our family! Whew, Kindergarten is kicking our behinds! Both girls were still napping all summer, and then in the blink of an eye naps were gone & replaced by long school days. For the past six years, our family's life has been dictated by naptimes & it's so weird to not have that cadence to our day anymore. We're still trying to settle into our new rhythm.

The girls typically wake up in good moods in the mornings, and thankfully they've been waking up on their own in plenty of time for us to get ready for our busy school days..which I'm especially thankful for b/c it's just not right to have wake up sleeping kids!!!! So our mornings go pretty smoothly (as smooth as they can when you're getting two kids + a newborn out the door by 7:40am every day!), and I even feel like I have the hang of getting two kids dropped off/picked up at two different schools with a baby in tow down pat already...but the afternoons are a totally different story. Everyone is just so tired and hungry after we get home from picking up Shelby, it's hard. I've been trying to feed the girls a snack when we get home from school in the afternoons. Shelby usually doesn't want to eat b/c she's so exhausted, but I know she's hungry so I have to make her eat something to hold her over until dinnertime. So we eat a little snack, and then we have "quiet time." Usually I have the girls do quiet time in their rooms just to have a little down time to decompress from the long day, but sometimes I have them stay downstairs to read or color. Then around 4:30, we start our bath/shower routine. If I'm being totally honest, the two hours between when we get home from school at 2:30 & until we start bath/shower is the hardest part of my day. Those two hours feel like an eternity some days. I want so badly for us to go out and do something or find a fun activity to do together, but nobody has the energy or patience to do so. It's so hard mentally. I am constantly watching the clock willing the time to move faster.

So we start our bath/shower routine at 4:30. {Side note: Shelby took her first independent shower the night before the first day of Kindergarten & hasn't looked back. It's so bittersweet to not have the girls bathing together anymore.} It seems crazy to start getting the girls ready for bed so early, but this is what works for us right now. Derek gets home from work around 5:15-5:30, and by the time we're done with dinner there's just not enough time to for bath/bedtime stories after dinner like we've always done in the past. Moving bath/shower before dinner has dramatically changed the atmosphere in our house!!!!! Now after Derek gets home and we eat dinner, the girls have a few minutes to play or go outside to help Derek water the garden. And the biggest thing is WE DON'T HAVE TO RUSH THROUGH BEDTIME! There's nothing I hate more than rushing the girls through their bedtime routine. They want stories to be read and songs to be sung, and I want us to be able to do that and actually enjoy it instead of rushing through it. We try to have lights out between 6:45-7pm. The girls fall asleep almost as soon as their heads hit their pillows every night!!

Ready to walk to school!

Playtime while Big Sister is at school :)

Playing in the back "yard" while Shelby was at school....the girls love the rocks!!!

Hadley playing with HER baby ;)  She covered up Brtady in her old blankie (that she actually gave to Brady on her own accord!!!) and was brushing his hair ;)

Quiet time downstairs after school

This is how Brady does quiet time in the afternoons ;)  I usually feed him and then pop him in the carrier around 1:30-2 before walking over to school for pickup. He will usually stay asleep in the carrier until 4:30ish!!!!

If I let the girls do quiet time in their rooms, this tends to happen ;)
These long days are HARD!!!!!

I'm hoping we'll get our afternoon routine ironed out soon, I know it will do wonders for my sanity!! But for now, I'm ready for the weekend with my people!! Happy Friday, Everyone!!!


Shelby's 6th Birthday!

Shelby's birthday fell on a Saturday this year, so we had a day full of family fun planned for her! We of course started off the day with birthday donuts!

Immediately following breakfast, we opened presents wrapped in none other than donut wrapping paper. Thank you, Target!! :)

We got Shelby a few little presents, but her big present was a new bike! Her old bike was waaay too small for her, so this upgrade was well overdue. Hadley was very happy to be the recipient of Shelby's old bike. The girls had so much fun riding their bikes inside the house.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese for Shelby's birthday lunch & let the girls play games. They had a lot of fun, but I didn't get any pictures while we were there. Shortly after we got home, Shelby got a special delivery--flowers & a birthday balloon from Adam!!!


The girls didn't eat much at Chuck E. Cheese b/c they were too busy playing, so we had an early dinner. Shelby got her favorite meal of all time, which is referred to as "favorite lunch" b/c that's what I made her every.single.day. for lunch for about 2 years. "Favorite lunch" consists of a peanut butter sandwich, banana, & strawberries. Kids are so easy to please. After dinner, we enjoyed cookie cake!!


Derek, Hadley, and Brady stayed home after dinner to watch our beloved Dawgs beat Mizzou while I took Shelby out for a special birthday date to Barnes & Noble. We both have a special place in our hearts for the library & bookstores. She could have stayed there all night.

She picked out two books for Mommy to buy for her, and then she chose to spend some of her birthday money on a new stuffed animal. She was pretty pleased with her new loot!

We just converted Shelby's carseat to a booster seat in the last week or so. It seems so weird to see her with a seatbelt across her chest! It's taking us some getting used to b/c the only time she ever gets in the car is on the weekends now. I always hear other moms at pickup/dropoff talking about their busy after school activities running to Girl Scouts or piano practice or dance, but the ONLY thing on our agenda until at least after Christmas is getting adjusted to our new Kindergarten/preschool routine. Plus we're firm believers in not over scheduling our kids...we all need down time!! We walk Shelby to school in the mornings and then walk her home again in the afternoons. She never sets foot in the car until the weekend rolls around!

We had such a fun day celebrating our big SIX year old! Every night as we're tucking Shelby in bed for bed, I tell her that I'm so thankful for her. And we really are so thankful. We love you, Shelby-girl!!