Thanksgiving Week 2016, Part 1: Fun with Family in Las Vegas!

Derek's mom and his sister & her family all came to visit us for the first half of Shelby's Thanksgiving break. We had a full house with the five of us plus BooBoo, Aunt Maleah, Uncle Lucas, Elly, and Leland....it was SO MUCH FUN!! It was such a treat to get to introduce Brady to our family, watch the cousins run around and play with one another, and just enjoy time together! The second half of our Thanksgiving break was spent at Disneyland, and the girls maintain that having BooBoo & the Griffins here was more fun than going to Disneyland! I think that pretty much sums up what a good visit it was!!! Most of the pictures below are courtesy of Uncle Lucas :)

My favorite photo of their trip!! This was taken at the Bellagio. Someone randomly offered to take a group photo of us, and I'm so glad he did!!!! I can't believe every one of us is actually looking at the camera!

Cousins at Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center

Red Rock Canyon

Much to our surprise, Hadley & Elly were thick as thieves while they were here visiting while Shelby & Leland played together more.

BooBoo with all five of her grandbabies :)

Sweet Elly loving on Brady!

I love, love, love all the individual shots Lucas got of the girls at the park!

Love the expression on their faces in these action shots!

My fave!!

Love this one of all the cousins :)

Annual Christmas art project with BooBoo

These two were having SO much fun together on the couch! Just looking at this picture, I can still hear their belly laughs!

It was pretty chilly during their visit, but the girls had fun swimming in the hot tub together!

Brady & BooBoo chatting :)

The long flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas plus the 3 hour time difference is no joke...especially when travelling with two small children! We're so thankful that BooBoo & the Griffins were able to come to Las Vegas to see us!  I hate that our girls don't get to grow up with their cousins (or the rest of our family) living nearby, so we're immensely grateful for the time we do get together. We had so much fun & made precious memories.

Next up, Thanksgiving Week Part Two....in Disneyland!


Tuesay Tidbits!

--We survived our weekend without Derek while he was busy working at the Air Show and managed to have  little fun while we were at it! We went to a new park on Sunday afternoon, and the girls were delighted to spot their first dandelions since leaving San Antonio!

--The girls enjoyed reading in bed with me after they woke up in the mornings over the weekend.

--It was back to business as usual on Monday for Hadley--loving on her Kevin & playing in her patch of dirt.

--The girls sporting their Halloween PJs for one final wear before we put them away to break out the Christmas PJs...how is already almost Christmas?!?!

--Derek is still doing the bulk of our grocery shopping for us. I told him now that life has calmed down a bit, I was ready to take care of the shopping again...but Derek is now in the habit it of it, he knows the commissary really well (knowing your way around a grocery store is something you really take for granted!!! Reason #1274 that moving is hard!!), and he likes the fact that it's significantly cheaper than our local grocery stores. So, all of that to say, he's doing one big commissary run a week or us & then I usually make a small run a week to Target/Smith's/Albertson's to pick up produce or anything else that we might need before Derek's big trip. I'm immensely grateful to him for doing this for us each & every week--it makes my life so much easier! On Derek's last commissary trip, he picked up Lucky Charms. The girls were delighted!!

--Derek & Brady hanging out on our bed one night while I was getting the girls ready for bed.

--Hopefully I'm not biting off more than I can chew, but I'm going to start volunteering in Shelby's class some! I'm super excited about this!! It wasn't a huge deal, but every MWF last year Hadley and I stayed at Shelby's preschool after drop-off for about a half-hour to help distribute artwork into the kids' totes. It was a fun little routine for Hadley and me, and it was a great way to be a part of Shelby's school. I felt like we got to know the teachers & kids so much better and really felt like a part of the school community. I'm hoping volunteering in Shelby's Kindergarten class will be just as enjoyable for all of us!

--I've started reading a bit again and finished my first book since Brady was born! If you haven't already read it, I'd HIGHLY recommend The Things We Keep by Sally Hepworth. The Secrets of Midwives by her is also really good!!

--We're gearing up for a fun couple of weeks! We've got Derek's mom coming into town soon as well as Derek's sister & her family. Then shortly after they leave, we'll be Disney Land bound!! So much fun to be had!!!! I feel like I'm going to blink, and it'll be December!!


A Doozy of a Day

What a day!! Shelby had the day off of school for Veterans Day, but poor Derek had to work today & all weekend due to an Air Show on base and the need for medical personnel present during the show. The girls and I ran up to base with Brady this morning to visit with Derek for a few minutes and get Brady's 4 month shots. After getting shots, we were headed out to lunch when Shelby got carsick and threw up in the car....aaahhh! She's never been carsick before, so as soon as it happened all I could think was: "How am I going to survive the stomach bug with three kids on my own over a three day weekend?!" That just sounds like some sort of cruel punishment!! But thankfully, it was just a bout of carsickness. But let me tell you, it was NOT fun coming home with a fussy baby from shots + a kid covered in vomit + a carseat that needed deep-cleaning in the worst way. Thankfully, all three kids were troopers and made it much easier on me than it could have been! And I'm immensely thankful we're not dealing with a stomach bug...those are the worst!!

We got everything cleaned up, Brady napped great all afternoon, I got the girls out for a bike ride in delightful weather, and Derek managed to get home a teeny bit earlier than we anticipated....so we were able to enjoy pizza together for dinner! It was a nice way to end our crazy day!

This whole week has been kind of out of the ordinary...we had Brady's 4 month checkup on Monday & then Tuesday was Election Day. Shelby had off for Election Day, but Hadley still had preschool. It was a fun change of pace to have Hadley in school & Shelby home. We enjoyed making muffins together & then playing Guess Who & CandyLand while the muffins baked! And Shelby absolutely loved getting a chance to take Hadley to preschool and see her little sister do her thing. It was a fun day!!

Wednesday was our only "normal" day, and then Thursday was like our Friday. We met some friends at the playground after school on Thursday to celebrate Machaon's 3rd birthday!

And here was Brady before bedtime tonight....all smiles even after his shots!! He's the sweetest!!

Happy Veterans Day to my dad, my hubby, all of our dear friends we've met through our Air Force journey, and everyone else who has served our great country!!

Can you believe this next week is the last week before Thanksgiving?! What?!?! Craziness!! Have the best weekend, friends!!