Christmas 2017 {Part Three}


Santa left the kiddos' gifts to the left of the tree. He brought Brady a ride-on toy, Shelby got a bigger bike & helmet, and Hadley got a hair stylist dress up set/tools, makeup, and necklace set.

The girls were super eager to open their stockings, so after checking out what Santa left them under the tree they brought their stockings to open in the kitchen while Derek prepped breakfast. The #1 thing Hadley repeatedly asked for this Christmas was lipstick rings that she had seen a friend with a couple months ago. Thankfully, Santa came through and left a set of eight lipstick rings in her stocking. In the picture above, Shelby is showing off her new shampoo/conditioner she got in her stocking. When we stayed in a hotel over Thanksgiving last month, Shelby was totally into using the hair products left in the hotel bathroom as opposed to our regular Johnson & Johnson soap. Shelby was super excited to have her own shampoo & conditioner now! And while the girls were busy tearing into their stockings, Brady was finding all of his toys under the tree and playing with them already. ;)

{Brady playing with his new corn popper toy from Mommy & Daddy, and you can see his little ride-on toy in the background from Santa that he'd already taken for a test drive!}

{Shelby used her own money to shop for Christmas presents for all of us at her school's Holiday Shop. Here she is reading to Hadley about the "Askamoji" (Emoji themed eight ball) she gifted her.}

{Hadley opening her new sunglasses from Shelby. Shelby did an amazing job picking out gifts that were perfect for each of us!}

{Showing off her new sunglasses from Shelby & her new BLUE watch from Auntie Em & Uncle Chris}

{While the girls were busy opening gifts, Brady found the remnants of Santa's cookies & helped himself, ha!}

{This new car ramp toy from Grammy & Grampy was a big hit!}

{The girls were SO excited about this gift from Grammy & Grampy--chocolate coins AND a five dollar bill. You'd have thought they won the lottery!}

{Brady reading his new book Little Blue Truck from Auntie Em & Uncle Chris}

{New watch, new Moana dress-up, new slime--check, check, check! I think it's safe to say it was a good Christmas!}

{putting together their new Moana puzzle from Grammy & Grampy}

{This is the worst picture, but I had to include it anyways--Hadley is sporting her new hair stylist apron & working on her brother's hair despite him not being the most cooperative client, ha!}

{trying out her new bike from Santa!}

{Hadley trying out her new make-up on Shelby}

Our Christmas Day was spent at home all day in our PJ's. We finally got dressed after an early dinner and headed out to go caroling around our neighborhood with my friend Jessica and her family. We went caroling with some of our neighbors both years we lived in San Antonio, and we have decided to make that a little tradition for our family. We were so thankful to have Jessica and her family join us both last year and again this year! The kids have an absolute blast running from house to house together and singing their favorite Christmas songs, and our neighbors are always so genuinely surprised and grateful to hear them caroling. I think caroling is kind of a thing of the past maybe, but we're trying to keep it alive!

{The kids caroling for Ms. Leslie, our sweet neighbor and Shelby's piano teacher}

{Look at all those smiles--Christmas joy!}

It was an absolutely wonderful Christmas! {Except for the part where 3/4 of my family members woke up the next day with a bad cold, boo!}


Christmas 2017 {Part Two}

We kicked off our Christmas Eve Morning by opening up the rest of our Christmas packages from Derek's family. First up was our package from BooBoo (Derek's mom). Hadley's new purse & Shelby's kitchen science kit were the biggest hits from this package, and I think those two gifts tell you a LOT about the girls' personalities! The other big hit of the package was our annual allotment of Mouse Nut cookies--Brady had his first taste this year, and he is a BIG fan!

{Another goodie from BooBoo's box--a real life version of Ring the Gak from Dr. Seuss's One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish}

Next up was our boxes from Aunt Maleah, Uncle Lucas, Elly, and Leland! The biggest hit from this package was the girls' first Hatchimals experience. The girls had never seen/had a Hatchimal before, but they're all in now. We had to go to Target yesterday to make a quick return & pick up some cold medicine and bananas. The girls decided to use some of their own money to buy more Hatchimals.

{This picture is one of my favorites! It's a rare genuine smile captured on camera, and you can tell she's finally feeling better too!}

{Brady totally got how to open presents this year! It took him a while to get each one open, but he did it! He was at such a fun age this Christmas!}
After opening gifts, we rode bikes for a bit and then made cookies for Santa during Brady's nap. We made homemade sugar cookies this year and let the girls ice them and put on sprinkles. We ended up with around 40 cookies, and I told Derek he was going to have to take some into work on Wednesday b/c there was just so many..but somehow they all managed to get eaten by the day after Christmas! ;)  They were yummy!!

{I snapped a quick pic of all 3 kiddos before we did our annual advent tradition of unwrapping one Christmas book before bed each night in December & playing with our train. This picture is in front of our "card tree" in the master bedroom.}

{Just like the day before, Brady was attempting to pose for the camera...who does he think he is?!} 

Next up is Christmas Day! :)


Christmas 2017 {Part One}

Hello, hello everyone!! We hope you had a magical Christmas with your people! We had a quiet, low-key Christmas here in Las Vegas just the five of us. Shelby was a little under the weather in the days leading up to Christmas, and then Derek, Hadley, and Brady all came down with a cold the day after Christmas...but thankfully everyone was healthy & happy on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day! Per usual, I have way too many pictures but I'm going to share them all anyways ;)  I'll break it up into a few separate posts, so it's not quite so overwhelming. Here we go!

The girls had a fun week leading up to Christmas at school with a dress-up holiday theme for each day of the week, cookies and hot cocoa in PJ's in Hadley's class, plus an epic all day holiday extravaganza in Shelby's class on Friday. Remember how I mentioned after Halloween how I couldn't get over what a big deal they make of the holiday at school? Well, Christmas is over the top in their school, too! Shelby's class had their own Elf on the Shelf and did Christmas-y stuff all month long. Then on the Thursday before break they had a gingerbread house party, and on Friday Santa visited their class and each kid got to sit on his lap and talk to him, they had a snowball fight courtesy of a Kona Ice truck, they had a student gift exchange, cookies & hot cocoa, and the list goes on!! There was no shortage of fun to be had!

All of the first grade classes put on a holiday show for the parents one morning, too. It was a cute little show, and Shelby was even one of two lead singers selected for the Jingle Bell Rock performance!

{Shelby & Nicholas after the show}

{Shelby and her teachers--you can tell by their dresses that they go ALL OUT for their kiddos!}

{Shelby, a few of her classmates, & their teachers--Shelby has loved every bit of first grade!!}

We decided to let the girls open their gifts from Derek's family the weekend before Christmas. Derek's dad & step-dad sent us four HUGE boxes of gifts, and Hadley had been chomping at the bit to open them. We kept having to delay the gift-opening b/c Shelby just wasn't feeling up to it. After what seemed like forever, Shelby was on the mend and ready to open--Hadley's excitement couldn't be contained!

{We told the girls to pose for a picture in front of all the boxes before we opened them. Then almost as soon we snapped the picture, Brady ran over & sat in his lap like he knew how to pose for a picture?! He had never done this before, and we all got a huge kick out of it!}

{Brady attempting to a pose for a picture, ha!}

{Granddad & Grandma sent the girls little jingle bell bracelets, which Brady is modeling in this photo--he was a big fan of the bracelets! He kept walking around in them shaking his arms to make them jingle!}

{I feel like this picture perfectly represents life with a little brother. Hadley was trying to pose for a picture with her new gift, and Brady couldn't get his hands off of it.}

{Brady test-driving his new lawn mower}

After opening gifts from Granddad and Grandma on Saturday morning, we rode bikes & then decorated gingerbread houses while Brady napped. Maybe next year he can join in the fun, too!

We had planed to go to our church's early Christmas Eve service on Saturday evening, but since Shelby still wasn't feeling 100% and Brady is miserable in the childcare we decided to forgo it at the last minute and went to Glittering Lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (a drive-thru light display). We're so glad we went, we all had the best time! And Derek accidentally forgot Brady's snack at home, which we were banking on to keep him content in the car. But they were selling kettle corn there, so Derek grabbed a bag for us all to share. I'm not sure how or why, but I had managed to go almost 34 years without ever once trying kettle corn. I'm officially obsessed now!
I'll be back soon with the rest of our Christmas posts! Hope you're enjoying the slow pace between Christmas & New Year's...I'd be enjoying it a lot more if we weren't cooped up with sickness! ;) I've got to nurse these kids back to health before the ROSE BOWL...eek!! :)