Hadley's Last Day of Preschool & Graduation

Last week Hadley had her last day of preschool on Tuesday and a little graduation ceremony on Thursday morning. It was a fun week celebrating the end of her first year of school!

And a look back at her first day! If you look at her head in relation to the doorknob in the first & last day pics, you can see how much taller she is now! Crazy to think she's grown that much from September to May!

Speaking of how much she's grown & changed over the year, Hadley's preschool teachers put together a little portfolio for each of the kiddos. It was so precious! My favorite was seeing the development of her writing her name! {Below are pictures of a couple of the pages in Hadley's portfolio.}

A few pics & videos of Graduation Day!

{We dropped off our graduate in her classroom & then headed to the gym to grab our seats for the ceremony.}

{It was too cute seeing all of the kiddos in their caps & gowns huddled together on their classroom rug!}

{Little brother taking it all in!}

{Hadley posing with her teachers, Ms. Sarah & Ms. Meka}
The first video below is of the students walking in as they played the graduation song. Hadley is the first one to be seated in the second row. I love how she bounced so happily into her seat & how her face lit up when she spotted me in the audience.

This next video is my favorite! During the instrumental parts of this song when there wasn't any lyrics, the microphone was passed from student to student and they each shared what they wanted to be when they grow up. We heard lots of ballerinas, firefighters, & teachers. One of my favorites was a little boy who said he wanted to be a husband! Hadley said she wanted to work at Super Cuts! ;)

And below is the graduate passed out after the ceremony! ;) I seriously couldn't believe this happened! I can probably count on one hand the number of times the girls have fallen asleep in the car. Brady on the other hand consistently falls asleep in the car if it's near his naptime. After graduation, I planned to run two errands on our way home. As were nearing the destination of our first errand, I asked Hadley if Brady was still awake or not b/c he was kinda quiet. Despite asking her a second time, she still didn't answer me. It wasn't until I parked and turned around did I realize it was her who had fallen asleep! I guess preschool graduation is pretty exhausting! ;)

And this last picture is random, but I had to include b/c I feel like it captures Hadley really well at this stage. After getting home from graduation & our errands, I put Brady down for his nap and I was in desperate need of a snack & a few minutes to cool down. {Trying to keep a 10 month old content & relatively quiet during a graduation ceremony while simultaneously trying to take photos/videos and then running errands with two kids in tow in 95 degree heat will do that to you!} While I ate my snack, Hadley gathered up all her materials to "pretend paint." She sat across from me at the table hard at work on her imaginary creation & just talking away non-stop about what she was working on for Bear. At 4 years old, Hadley is incredibly independent & self-sufficient, creative, sensitive {code for she cries/pouts when things don't go her way}, smart, funny, sassy, loves being read to, and is the best big sister and little sister you'll ever meet.

It was a true joy watching Hadley grow & learn over the course of her very first year of school! Up until this year, all of Hadley's friends have been Shelby's friends and all of Hadley's school experiences have been of Shelby's schools. It was so fun getting to witness Hadley navigating this first year of school for herself--this place that was uniquely hers. One of my favorite things about her starting preschool this year was getting to hear her share her school stories with us at dinner every evening when we all share about our days. It's like she's suddenly no longer just our little girl or just Shelby's little sister, she's her own person! And she's amazing! We're so proud of you, Hadley!



This month has been a bit busier for us than usual! Derek has had two short trips out of town {one was a TDY to Edwards AFB in California earlier this month & the other was a trip to Idaho for his cousin's high school graduation}, we started swim lessons three times/week for the girls, we had an end of the year conference & class celebration for Hadley in addition to her graduation ceremony later this week, Shelby's Scout Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, a trip to Tucson this weekend, and Shelby's graduation ceremony on the 31st..whew! It's been busy, but not too busy..it's been a fun change of pace! Here's a few pictures from the past week or so!

{I let Shelby write her teacher appreciation letter independently b/c I was busy with Hadley & Brady. I made her go back & change the offending sentence after she showed it to me. ;)  I'm pretty sure she gets her self-confidence from Derek, ha!} 

{Shelby's school was hosting a movie night this past Friday out on the lawn. They were showing Moana starting at 7:30, so there was NO way we would be in attendance since all 3 of our kiddos go to bed around 7pm. So we improvised and had popcorn & Moana viewing in our living room after school on Friday!
 {See all those giant paper flowers in the background on the table behind the couch? I was in charge of making several oversized paper flowers for something at Shelby's school, but since stuff like that completely stressed me out Derek took over the project for me. ;)  He did a pretty awesome job!}

 {Watching Moana!}

{showing off her new goggles!} 

 {These two love playing in the water table together!}

{Watching Hadley & Brady play with the water table was giving me flashbacks to Summer 2014 when we first got it for Hadley!}
{Mac & cheese face!}

And these last two pics are from the beginning of May during Shelby's Scout week, but I forgot to share them! I volunteer in Shelby's class every Friday morning {with Hadley & Brady in tow}, and it's always a bright spot in our week! It's fun for me to have something other than laundry or dishes to do for a change and feel like I'm helping out, AND we get to see our girl in action in action/be a part of her classroom. It's such a win-win situation!  One of the perks of being Scout is leading the class during their morning calendar time. As you can see Hadley is totally comfortable in Kindergarten. ;)

And on a totally unrelated note that will probably make me sound like the worst parent ever, but I really & truly think there is nothing more annoying to me than hearing one my kids cough incessantly after I have put them to bed for the night. My guess is most parents probably feel sorry for their kids when they have a nagging cough? Nope, not me. {Okay, maybe I feel a little bad for them..but for the love!!!} Within the past month, each of the girls have taken turns with a nagging cough but no other symptoms. It is getting on my last nerve! From about 5:45am-7pm every single day, I am on full-time Mommy duty without a break from the talking/whining/arguing/crying. When they are all in bed for the night & I am relishing the quiet house, the last thing I want to hear is coughing! Gah! Okay, rant over! And I promise I really do love my kids! ;)


Tuesday Tidbits

--We started the girls' swim lessons today! We are doing them three afternoons a week for the next couple of weeks.

{Hadley had her lesson first, and while Shelby was waiting for her lesson to start she created her own lesson plan! Future teacher perhaps?!}

And despite all of the fake tears Hadley cried leading up to our first lesson, she did AWESOME & even said she loved it after she was done! We are using a company called Aqua Mobile that sends a swim instructor to your home pool. The thought of driving three kids to swim lessons & then changing the girls in and out of swimsuits & getting kids in and out of car seats made me want to gouge my eyes out. Having swim lessons in your own pool is seriously a dream come true--I had one kid in the water, one reading in the living room, and one upstairs napping. This is totally the way to do swim lessons in my book! Here are the three hooligans after lessons watching Sesame Street while I made dinner. I think it's safe to say Brady is a fan of Sesame Street!

--Brady may like Sesame Street, but he is NOT a fan of the water! He hates bathtime, but we thought we'd try him in the pool with us this weekend just to see how he would do. Here is how he felt about the situation:

--Hadley still loves the dirt as much as ever. She has a little crew that plays with her while they all wait for their big brothers/sisters to be dismissed from Kindergarten.

--I was upstairs one morning finishing up in the shower & came downstairs to find that this girl had set the table for us for breakfast already.

--We sure do miss Shelby while she's at Kindergarten, but I enjoy spending my days with these two crazies! And by the looks of these pictures, we spend a lot of time in the laundry room, ha! ;)

--Hadley was reading to her beloved bear while I was folding laundry in her room.

--Hadley always has to have her "babies" lined up in her bed just so for bedtime. Nevermind the fact that she barely has any room left to sleep! ;)

--Saturday morning selfie in our bed!

--We had a really fun, low-key Mother's Day weekend! We went for a short hike at Red Rock & went bowling and spent a lot of time in the pool!


--It's been a loooong time since the girls have listened to my audio books from my teaching days, but they've rekindled their love for them recently!

--We watched our friend Machaon for a little while on Monday morning. It's so weird to see Brady in the mix playing with them now!!

--And again with the laundry room pictures, but this kid loves the washing machine!!!!

--And one last one of Hadley & me snuggling & reading--this is what we spend most of our time doing while Shelby is at school & Brady is napping.