Geogia Peaches

I braved my first cross-country solo flight with three kids yesterday!! I'm not gonna lie, I was DREADING the flight! The girls are easy-peasy to fly with--I just bring them some food, books, and a tablet & they are good to go! Brady is just at a super-busy age, and I was sooo worried about how he would do on the long flight & then with the time difference. Going to Atlanta is a little under 4 hours of flight time, and going back to Vegas is about 4.5 hours. Well, our 3.5ish hour flight yesterday turned out to be muuuuch longer b/c we had to circle around the ATL airport for an hour waiting for storms to pass. Then we had to divert to Nashville (!!!!!) b/c the plane was low on fuel & still couldn't land in ATL due to weather. I'm telling you, this had all the makings of a terror story of flying with kids...but all three kiddos were absolute ROCKSTARS! Brady didn't fuss even once! Other passengers from our flight kept coming up to me at baggage claim telling me how awesome they were on the plane. There was one guy who sat diagonally from us on the plane that kept smiling at Brady from time to time throughout the flight. When we landed, he kept going on & on about how Brady was just the best baby he'd ever seen and saying: "He's gonna be such a great person, I can just tell!" ;)

{about to take off from Las Vegas!}


{eating goldfish to pass the time!}

{take-off #2 of the day--Nashville to ATL!}

{We made it!!!}

We got in super late last night, but we were thrilled to be here in Georgia today celebrating Father's Day with our Grampy!! {We sure are missing our Daddy-Boy though!!} Now just crossing our fingers & hoping everyone adjusts to Eastern time quickly...so far, so good! ;)

Let the fun begin!!!


First Days of Summer

For the last month or so of the school year, I had been getting really good about going for a quick run with Hadley & Brady in the jogging stroller after we dropped Shelby off at school for the day. I decided I would try to keep our routine of morning exercise going now that summer is here b/c it does us all good to get out and burn some energy before we have to be cooped up inside for Brady's morning nap. Plus, with the summer heat...if we want to get outside, the morning is the best time! I was a little over-eager for our first day of summer & ran/walked 2.5miles while Shelby rode her scooter alongside me. It about did her in, but she did it!!!! We've stuck to no more than two miles every day since then, ha! ;)

{a bunny we spotted on the trail--everyone was excited by this sighting!}

{This was the look of "Really?! 2.5miles on the first day of summer break?!" Ha!}

{All was right in the world again once she was curled back up on the couch with her book!}
During Brady's morning nap on the first day of summer, we jumped in the pool to cool off and then we headed off to the library once he was up! The library is our happy place!

And nothing says summer like a good fort!! I had gone upstairs to feed Brady after he woke up from his afternoon nap, and when I came out of his room I could hear the girls playing so nicely together downstairs...so I kept Brady upstairs to play with him in his room & let the girls do their own thing downstairs. This is what I found when I went down--it was pretty elaborate!

The first day of summer set the bar pretty high--exercise, pool fun, library, & forts! Here's a few other pics of the start of our summer!

{We're trying hard to get Brady to warm up to the water! That happy face didn't last too long, but he didn't cry the whole time either..so we called it a win!}

We went to Cold Stone after dinner one night, and despite us repeatedly telling the lady who was scooping our ice cream that Brady didn't need anything she insisted on making him his own cone. We planned to just give it to him for a second & snap a quick pic before he made an absolute mess with it. We thought he would stick his hands in it, and the ice cream would end up everywhere but his mouth. But as it turned out, he acted like he's been eating ice cream cones his whole life!

{checking it out & thinking about putting his hand in it!}

{he gave us one last look before he went to town on it...like are you really giving this to me?! ha!}

{he knew exactly how to eat his cone!}

{Happy baby with his ice cream cone! And can you believe that he didn't even get messy?!}

{pool hair, don't care!}
{nobody makes Brady smile like his sisters!}

{first bath in who knows how long that didn't involve non-stop crying..progress!}

{first trip to the park/splashpad for the season!}

{this girl was soooo much braver in the splashpad than she was last summer!}

{all day, every day!}
{Gila Monster @ Springs Preserve}
Summer is off to a great start for us! Hope it's treating you nicely, too!


Field Day & Last Day of Kindergarten!

Last week Shelby had her first ever Field Day on Wednesday & her last day of Kindergarten on Thursday!!

And her official last day of school pic followed by her first day of school pic for comparison!

{walking to school for the last time of the year!} 

{One of the biggest adjustments of Kindergarten was eating lunch without this girl for the first time in almost 6 years! Her last day of school was a half-day, and we were all PUMPED to have her home with us eating her "favorite lunch!"}

{Celebrating the end of Kindergarten with a surprise trip to Menchie's!} 

 {swimming with friends!}
{And to round out the fun on the last day of school/kick-off to summer, we walked home from swimming with friends & jumped into our pool until Daddy got home from work then ate pizza for dinner poolside! It was such a fun day!}
Summer, we're ready for ya!!