Grammy's Visit

We were so fortunate to have my mom here for nearly two weeks! We sadly said our goodbyes to her this past Saturday, but thankfully we weren't too sad b/c both my mom AND dad will be here in just a few short weeks!! We're already anxiously awaiting their arrival & our first trip to Zion National Park with them!!

One of my favorite parts about my mom visiting is that she doesn't expect or want us to do touristy stuff with her every day or take her on lots of excursions, she genuinely just wants to jump in & do regular day-to-day life with us! And it's such a treat! My mom & I took turns hanging at home with Brady during his morning nap so the other could volunteer in Shelby's class, we all went up to eat lunch with Shelby one day at school, and she was able to walk with us to school each morning & afternoon for drop-off & pick-up. With family that lives so far away, we don't take these moments for granted!

On my mom's first full day here, all Hadley wanted was for me to keep Brady out of the way so she could have Grammy's undivided attention. While my mom was here, I'm pretty sure she read about 1,378 books to Hadley & let Hadley put make-up on my mom's face! Things that only a Grammy would do!

 {A little blurry, but I had to include it! My mom spent the morning volunteering for Shelby's class & then picked up Hadley from her class and walked her home.}

{My mom, Hadley, Brady, and I went up to eat lunch with Shelby's class on her first Friday here} 

{park fun with Grammy!}

And my mom was so nice to keep our crazies one evening so Derek & I could go to Top Golf for a date night! We'd been to the Top Golf in San Antonio, but this was our first time going in Las Vegas! We went right around 6ish and had dinner while we played. It was the perfect time to go--not crowded, not too hot, and we got to see it get dark & watch as the strip lit up! It was really fun!

For the first 13 months of Brady's life, I nursed him every single night before bed. We are still nursing, but he was never nursing that much before bed anymore. So as my mom's visit got closer, we made it our goal to eliminate Brady's bedtime nursing session so we could have a night out when my mom was here. Brady is now only nursing 3x/day (first thing in the morning, after his morning nap, and after his afternoon nap), and we've been giving him a little straw cup of whole milk to drink at dinner and/or bedtime. It was the smoothest, easiest transition ever! For the first time in Brady's short life, other people were suddenly able to put him to bed--hallelujah!! While it may not seem like it to you, this date night was a huge milestone for us!

Mama--thank you for the countless dishes you washed, the loads of laundry you folded {even Shelby commented on how neat Grammy's folding is, ha! Shelby told me Grammy must have had lots of practice ;) }, the endless sass from Hadley that you put up with, the books you read, the diapers you changed, and most of all for just being here. We love you & can't wait to see you again SOON!!

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  1. I loved every minute of it!!! Counting the days till we visit next month :-)


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