Life Lessons on the Monkey Bars

We have a cute little park right around the corner from our neighborhood that we frequently walk to. We have been going to this park ever since we moved here 10 months ago, and for the past 10 months Shelby has been working on these "kiddie" monkey bars {they are very low to the ground, which is great so the stakes are low...but it also made it harder for Shelby b/c it was so tempting to just put her feet down on the ground when she started to struggle}. When Shelby first started, all she could do was swing back and forth on the very first bar. Over the months, she worked up to transitioning to the 2nd bar. But up until the last time we went to the park, she could still only get to the 4th or 5th bar. When we went to the park on Easter Sunday, Shelby made a huge break-through and could suddenly make it all the way across the bars! It was a HUGE deal for her! This did not come easily for her at all, but she stuck with it for ten months and finally got to relish in her success!

We were so proud of her, but even better was that she was proud of herself! While this may seem like just monkey bars, this has been a really important life lesson for Shelby. Kindergarten has been a bit of an eye-opening experience for Shelby in that she was suddenly very aware of her strengths and weaknesses when compared to other kids her age. What's easy for some kids may not be easy for her {and vice versa}, and that's okay! But if you want to be able to do something, you can work at it! It may not come quickly--it make take ten months of practice {which is a long time by any standards, but especially in the world of a 5-6 year old!}, but you can do hard things!!!!!

And just because...here are two cute other pictures from the park this past week!

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