Brady's First Haircut!

Our baby doesn't look quite so baby-ish anymore...waaaahhh! Derek & I had both commented to one another over the past couple of weeks how we thought it might be about time to get Brady's hair trimmed. But after we'd gone to dinner at Jason's Deli one evening & were looking back through the pictures we took once the kids were in bed, this picture sealed the deal:


The ragamuffin look and the hair over the ears was just getting to be a bit much, so the very next day {at just shy of 13 months} we headed to a nearby children's salon to remedy the situation. I'm not going to lie, I was a little apprehensive about how the whole process would go! First of all, boy haircuts are all new to me! The stylist was asking me about clippers vs scissors and did I want this or that--I needed a crash course in boy haircut lingo! Secondly, I'd never taken a baby for a hair cut before! Obviously with girls, you want their hair to grow--so Shelby & Hadley were both 2.5yrs old or so before they ever had a hair cut. I had no clue if Brady would sit still or be scared or what. As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about! Brady was his usual self--a total dream baby--and the stylist was so sweet & good with him! Before she started cutting his hair, she asked me what show he would like to watch while she worked. I just laughed and said I had no clue b/c if the TV is ever on in our house {which is rare}, the girls are either watching a show of their choosing on PBS, Trolls, or Moana. So I had no clue what Brady would like! The stylist suggested Mickey, and he was clearly a fan! He sat there watching Mickey, playing with little toys she gave him, or sucking his Dum-Dum and was as still as a mouse & as content as could be. I couldn't believe how easy it was!




First hair cut, check! With each passing day, Brady is seeming less and less babyish. He no longer cries at bath time, he just goes right in like a big boy; he's started attending the nursery at church, and he's even started consistently taking steps this week! Eek!!! I'll try to get it on video soon to share! :)  We seriously couldn't love this baby any more than we do if we tried--he is just the absolute BEST! 

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