Summer Vacay 2017, Part 6 {Last Week in GA}

This is it--the last installment of our vacation blog posts! After one week in GA, two weeks at Ormond Beach, a quick pit-stop to visit the Goins' new home in FL, we spent our last week in GA before heading back to Las Vegas! And our last week was a good one--I didn't get too many pictures for some reason this week, but we visited Grampy at work, spent some time with an old neighbor/dear friend of my mom's, a trip to BooBoo's new house, had playtime with our cousins, my mom & I squeezed in a shopping trip (sans kids thanks to Grampy!!!), a lunch playdate with two of my best friends from high school & their precious kiddos, and a dinner out with several girls I went to high school with (sans kids again thanks to Grammy & Grampy!). Lots & lots of fun was had!

{We always go visit Grampy at work every time we're in GA, but this was Brady's first time!}

{LOVE this picture & those sweet smiles!}

{Shelby & Hadley eating lunch with Lindsey & Niki's kiddos--Brady was crawling around somewhere, ha!}

{And this was Hadley on the drive home from Lindsey's house--she played hard!}

{Not the best pic, but these sweet cousins had the BEST time playing together this summer! We're so thankful for all the time we had with them.}

 {I found my old American Girl chapter book sets, and Shelby was enjoying them!}
{dinner with friends from high school}
And that's a wrap on our summer vacay!! We had a blast spending so much time with our family & friends, and lots of memories were made! Four weeks is a long time to be away from home {and a long time for my parents to put up with us invading their space!}, but it was so worth it! Living far away from home, we don't take this time for granted. And if it weren't for Brady's extreme jet lag after our trip, I'd do the whole thing over again in a heart beat! But for now, I'm very glad we won't be leaving our time zone again any time soon! :)

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