Summer 2017 Vacay, Part 5 {Visiting the Goins Famly}

At the end of our time in Ormond Beach, Derek flew back to Las Vegas while my dad & my sister/Chris/Clayton all drove back to GA. My mom accompanied me & my three crazies as we drove from Ormond over to the Gulf Coast of Florida to go see the Goins Family (!!!!) who had just moved there from San Antonio. We were on complete opposite sides of Florida, but I couldn't be in the same state as Angela and not make the drive over!! It was such a blessing to get to see our dear friends--the kids picked up right where they left off without missing a beat--and to see their new home! And since my mom was with us, she graciously hung back at the hotel with the kids once they were tucked in for the night & I got to sneak out to have some kid-free time with Angela!! It was a whirlwind trip to say the least, but it was so, so, so worth it!

{Leaving Ormond Beach with Chick-fil-a hashbrowns in hand & snuggling with Bear--life doesn't get much better than this for Hadley!} 

 {Although I had my fingers (and toes!) crossed for a Smith/Goins reunion this summer, I never mentioned it to the girls b/c I didn't want to get their hopes up just in case it didn't work out. About 2 hours into our drive, we finally told the girls where we headed. Up until this point, they thought we were headed back to Grammy & Grampy's house. Needless to say, they were quite surprised & excited!!}

Below is a video of the girls' reaction when we told them where we were going. :)

 {sleepy girl on the drive}



{this one is my favorite of these two! they were just babies though!!}

{Baby Shelby & Baby Adam in 2011}

{checking into our hotel for the night} 

{hotel life}

{musical chairs!}

And these last two pictures are my favorites! I cannot put into words how thankful I am for Angela & her friendship. The Goins are friends who have become family. We miss doing life with them in the worst way. I miss our "drop-in" visits in Biloxi & being able to text Angela to ask if they wanted to meet at the playground in five minutes or go for a walk around the back bay. I miss our weekly playdates in San Antonio over Chick-fil-a. I miss figuring out this whole parenting this side-by-side. But I'm so thankful we have the kind of friendship can pick up right where we left off. And I'm glad that no matter how far apart we are, our daily texts keep me sane and remind me that I'm never alone!

And as luck would have it, my aunt & uncle from St. Louis happened to be vacationing just a few miles away from Angela & Ben's new home, so we got to sneak in a quick visit with them, too!! I hadn't seen them since Emily's wedding in 2014, so it was well overdue! The last time we'd seen them, Hadley was just a baby--now she's getting ready to start PreK & we've added another baby to our family!

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